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Join us in welcoming fine woodworker
David A. Wade  
September 19th 5-9 pm
Meet the artist and his wood creations
and enjoy the music of Ricardo Valenzuela & Friends

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Fine Wood Craft by David A. Wade
Tribute to Sam Maloof 

Walnut Table
Cocobolo Stool
Chemers Gallery owner, Karen, never knows when or where she will meet the next great addition to our collective artists. Karen and David met during months of hard therapy to overcome their hand/arm injuries. They got to talking and realized that David crafted Sam Maloof designs, and lo & behold Karen owned a gallery. A couple of years later they are mostly recovered and David has created his own label, WadeMade, and is ready to exhibit his eclectic designs as well as Maloof tributes.

Creating fine woodwork for over 25 years, David takes pride in creating furniture pieces that can be shared and enjoyed for generations. In his EnoCraft displays David combines beautiful warm woods with found factory-made aircraft parts creating an unparalleled harmonious tension. David's voice comes to life through mixed media, playing the role of architect, engineer, and mechanic to give found objects a secondary life.   

David's main artistic influence was his teacher and mentor Sam Maloof. A world-renowned woodworker, Sam is often labeled as the greatest designer-craftsman of our era and was the first craftsman awarded the prestigious MacArthur Foundation "Genius" Fellowship.  
Yellow Hart EnoCraft with Zircote Feet and Stainless Steel
Stripe Maple Cutting Board with Aircraft Surplus Feet


David first began working for Sam at age 19, sweeping up the shop and raking leaves outside - "a true Karate Kid story," as David puts it. Slowly but surely he worked up to creating and assembling orders. Over the next 20 years Sam taught David everything he knew to maintain extraordinary craftsmanship. "The shop was like an Olympic training center, it was challenging and stressful. However, it was pretty incredible. In my mind we made the world's best furniture."  

Although David was honored to work beside Sam, he always felt the need to expand his creations beyond the Maloof design. WadeMade designs are new and unique, while keeping the Sam Maloof legacy, style and craftsmanship alive. See David in action and learn more about the Sam Maloof tradition in

Goncala Alves Square Round top table,
kiddie '69 air compressor tank
Essex Table w/ Padauk Wood, liquid oxygen converter by Essex Cryogenics '82

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Meet & Greet WadeMade & Concert Series 5-8 pm
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