July 12, 2016
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 TLW Takes Root in Collegetown

TLW has officially planted new roots in Collegetown in the Ashview Heights community on Atlanta's West Side. On June 30th, we celebrated the grand opening of our new farm by welcoming community members and elected officials to participate in a ribbon cutting ceremony. A pop-up farmers market took place along with live music, a farm-to-table meal, and words of wisdom from community leaders.

The event was blessed by TLW Board Member Imam Plemon T. El-Amin, who shared with us this poetic commentary on the event:

"What a beautiful day it is in The Garden. Scripture says we all started in the Garden and that our life pursuit and hope is to return to the Garden. Christians pray as Jesus did, "Thy Kingdom com, Thy will be done in/on Earth as it is in Heaven'. He prayed as so many of us do for two Heavens, heaven on Earth and heaven in Heaven. We seek a heavenly garden, but we also seek and are naturally inclined to create an earthly garden, as well.

And this is the work of Truly Living Well, and it is manifesting clearly here in Collegetown. It is about creating an oasis of organic food that transforms food deserts into healthier communities. In doing so, TLW re-connects people with the land, its productivity, their health, their resourcefulness, and to each other.

The Qur'an says 'he or she who invests in their soul will be successful and he or she who neglects their soul will fail'. TLW is investing in human souls as it invests in the soil, and is witnessing success after success as it inspires and develops healthier bodies, minds, spirits, and communities through education, environmental consciousness, economic development, and human cultivation. As our founder and organic guru, Rashid Nuri, often says and emulates, 'TLW is engaged in the transference of the Pedagogy of Transformation, we are cultivating patience, efficacy, adaptability, sustainability, innovation, sharing caring, and much more. We are investing in the land, the people, the neighborhood, and our future on this earth and beyond.

May the God of all of us and each of us, bless this special place and work. May God help us to turn poverty into well-being, greed into compassion, sickness into health, ignorance into enlightenment, and deserts into gardens. Turn this space into a lighthouse of hope and fulfillment for all to see and embrace, and may we all be blessed to Truly Live Well."

Farm to Fork: Camp TLW Recap

Camp TLW at our new Collegetown Farm has been a great success! Camp director Amakiasu and counselors lead garden based activities while Chef Lara From Centered Table works with the children and teaches them how to create delicious and nutritious meals using local ingredients from the garden! "While we started with absolutely nothing but earth, we have built a fabulous space for the children to learn and have fun. It's wonderful to see a few children returning from last year," says Lara. 

Although hesitant at first, many children have come to appreciate locally grown food and have learned the benefits of eating fresh fruits and vegetables.
"Most of the children had never seen the type of food that was being served or tasted the flavor combinations of those items. The food looked and felt very foreign to them and some were hesitant to eat it. We established the rules of the farm to fork program, such as, "the 2 bite rule." Which was that each child would at least take 2 bites of the food before discarding," says Lara.

From being able to identify vegetables in the garden, understand the basics of gardening, discuss how food gets from the farm to the store, taste a variety of fruits and vegetables, and develop their own recipes, the campers have gained an understanding of how fresh, organic produce makes us truly feel and live well! 

We Grow Food. We Grow People.   
We Grow Community.

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Serve With Us!  
Dedicated to volunteering and serving others in the community? Apply now for our AmeriCorps VISTA program! TLW is looking for 5 dedicated individuals to commit to a one year of service starting this August. At TLW, members will focus efforts to build organizational, administrative, and financial capacity to increase food access and otherwise assist low-income communities. To learn more about available positions and how to apply click here.
Learn to Grow!
Our urban growers boot camp starts this Friday, July 15th! This 4 week intensive program equips participants with the tools to start their own urban agricultural projects.

For more information about the program and to register click here and email us at urbangrower@trulylivingwell.com
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