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December 10, 2015

Thank You from Truly Living Well   

Dear TLW Family,

As we close 2015 I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your support in making Truly Living Well one of the premier urban agriculture education centers in the country. We have been recognized by community leaders and national media for the work we do for and with the city of Atlanta. None of this is possible without you.
Over the past decade your contributions have helped TLW grow from backyard gardens to more than 8 acres of land throughout metropolitan Atlanta. We have become an education center utilizing food production as a means to create jobs, entrepreneurial training, summer camps and after school programs which are growing a new generation of environmental stewards and urban growers.
Please take a moment to visit our updated website. Truly Living Well on-line takes you on a tour of our new programs from Urban Grower Boot Camps to our Young Grower Initiative. You will also see new services, such as garden installations to an invitation to rent our urban oasis as the perfect venue for your next event. Through our growth we have maintained our high standards of naturally grown, GMO-free food production. Our farmer's markets are available to you every week, 52 weeks a year.
TLW is growing. We thank you for your support over the past decade and today ask that you make Truly Living Well the place where you make your year ending, tax-deductible  donation. Your support will help us continue to create jobs, provide scholarships, create training programs and provide fresh produce to your communities with discounts for senior citizen and families on food support programs.
For the next decade Truly Living Well is committed to growing food, growing people and community. We are dedicated to making sure we are all Truly Living Well regardless of income or neighborhood.

Thank you,

K. Rashid Nuri 
Founder & CEO of
Truly Living Well
TLW-ArkFab Aquaponics Partnership
Growing Good Food with Fish
Come eat with us Saturday, Dec 12 
 Aquaponics is a food production system where fish waste is recycled and fed to the plants. The live fish are carefully raised in a tank. The tank water is pumped into the growing beds.  Plants consume the fish compost and we grow nutrition-rich organic fruits and vegetables in an environmentally safe and efficient way!

TLW's partner in this effort is Arkfab, a Georgia Tech program focused on developing sustainable greenhouse projects for research.

As the weather gets colder, it is time to harvest the fish, so Saturday, December 12 TLW and Arkfab are hosting an Aquaponics Fish Fry at the TLW Wheat Street Garden site.

For a donation of $20, you can enjoy a great meal, spend an afternoon in our garden oasis and support the work of this partnership.

For event details and to RSVP go to Eventbrite

To learn more about aquaponics check out Backyard Aquaponics 
Young Urban Growers Program

This fall, TLW announced it's new Young Growers Initiative, an after school program designed to teach inner-city youth about gardening and urban agriculture. This week, we want to give you a recap of what our Young Growers are up to! We spoke with Suzie Pope and Lauren Ladov, TLW's garden educators, to see what the kids have learned so far.

From separating leaves from stems, identifying herbs, chopping greens, and preparing fresh meals from the garden, and other hands-on activities, the children have developed an appreciation and new respect for the environment. In the beginning, some of the participants were hesitant about digging in the dirt without gloves, but now they embrace the joy of digging in the dirt! They are fascinated by the soil, worms and insects and importance of the eco-system they create to  grow healthy plants.

TLW's Young Growers Programs provide a safe haven for students after school. "The students learn how to be gentle, care for plants, nurture other things, which in turn nurtures themselves," said Suzie.

So far, our program reaches a new generation of potential urban farmers at the Kindezi school in the Old Fourth Ward, the Frazer Center, Boys and Girls club in Pittman Park, Thomasville, and Harland.
What's at TLW Markets This Week?
Kale, Collard Greens, Turnips, Hot Peppers, Sweet Peppers, Winter Squash, Cilantro, Parsley, and more! 
Ten Reasons to Invest in TLW this Giving Season
  1. You want to be a partner in improving our cities and lives of inner city citizens
  2. You want to play a role in groundbreaking innovation in Atlanta
  3. You want to help provide fresh, locally grown produce to people living in areas where there is little access to healthy food
  4. You want to see an integrated local food system that spurs economic growth and fills vacant inner city lots with lush green gardens prosper
  5. You want to assure that scholarships are provided to young people to attend healthy food summer camps which are designed to fight childhood obesity and disease
  6. You want to guarantee the growth of the job market in the city
  7. You want to make sure senior adults and others on fixed incomes have access to affordable fresh produce and nutrition education
  8. You want to see a new generation of organic farmers get the best training to bring more organic, GMO-free food to our tables
  9. You want to be a part of a new paradigm for the environment
  10. You believe fresh healthy food on the table is a right for all and not a privilege for a few 

Make your
tax-deductible donation

Market Times

Every Wednesday
4p - 7p 
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Fire Station #1

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Every Saturday
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Friday 9AM-2PM
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We Grow Food. We Grow People.   
We Grow Community.

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We want you to experience the joy and convenience of a TLW CSA. Every week you have your choice of our locally grown, GMO free produce. Fill your basket and share your bounty with your family and friends. Bring this coupon to any TLW weekly market and save $5.00 on a full CSA. 
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