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November 4, 2015 

 Urban Agriculture's 
Community-Based Job Creation

by K. Rashid Nuri 
Founder & CEO of
Truly Living Well

Employment in America has taken a beating. Keeping track of all the changes and the reasons 'why' is a job in itself. Long story short: some industries and jobs are going down, while others are coming up. The changes are likely to continue over the next decade, driven by high tech manufacturing, mass production overseas.

Did you realized that 'jobs' were actually invented during the Industrial Revolution? Since then, we have come to think of them as a sort of divine and natural pathway to survival, prosperity, self-actualization and fulfillment of civic duty. The truth is, before the printing press, the steam engine and the cotton gin were invented, people managed to survive and thrive off the land where they lived. But today we assume a job means leaving your home and sitting in a building all day until time to go home. At home we eat a dinner laced with chemicals and GMO's that traveled thousands of miles to get to the table.

As the world becomes more industrialized more people move to the city and away from the land. We need a new way to create a new economic engine, better health and stronger communities. Urban agriculture is a pathway back to truly living well. The production of food right where people live is a perfect model for creating jobs while providing the community with fresh, organic GMO-free fruits and vegetables and creating a safe haven for the community to gather.

Over the past decade TLW has done just that. We grow food but that is just the catalyst to create jobs for people who don't want to be a part of the high tech world. We create a space where people can commune with nature while feeding their families and their neighbors. Our urban farming training programs teach the skills need to grow in small spaces and we offer business management courses that build a new generation of urban growers.

We are Truly Living Well and we want you to be also. The solution to rebuilding once thriving communities is in the soil. The new jobs for the city are growing in the open spaces next to our urban dwellings.

Kindergartner Field Trip to Wheat Street Gardens   

Friday, Oct. 16th TLW welcomed 65 kindergartners from the Kindezi School to our Wheat St. garden for a fun morning packed with a tour and sun catcher activity.

The field trip was a great opportunity for young children to see what an urban farm actually looks like! Making sun catchers with natural resources such as leaves and flowers from the garden was a fun hands on activity that connected the children with their environment. The children loved picking, touching, and smelling the flowers! Some of the kindergartners even recognized few of the herbs!  Educating our youth today about the value of natural organic fresh food in our community is a great way to ensure the sustainability and stewardship of tomorrow! 

Everyone is welcome to tour our farms
. We are open Monday through Saturday 9:00am - 5:00pm. Schedule a tour at


Fun at TLW Pop Up Picnic

On Thursday, Oct. 15, Atlanta celebrated Pop Up Picnic, an initiative that invited anyone to host or attend a picnic all over the city. And, of course, TLW was there! Ranging in all sizes, styles, and themes, picnics popped up everywhere. We were pleased to join this unique opportunity by providing picnics at three locations...Wheat St. Garden, Pittman Park Boys and Girls Club, and Yo! Boulevard Co-op. It was a joyous day raising awareness about our need to disconnect from our fast paced world of technology and genuinely connect with others while sharing a fresh local meal.

TLW's Wheat St. Garden is the perfect place for your picnic...whether your gathering is small, large, business or pleasure. Your event can become a special occasion of re-connecting and celebration. For more information, please contact
TLW Creates Jobs
Meet Your Farmer

J. Olu Baiyewu is a graduate of TLW's Urban Grower Training Program. After six months of learning the practical skills and entrepreneurial expertise of being an urban farmer, J. Olu is now the sales manager for the organization. He oversees the farmer's market sales, both on and off site, restaurants and wholesale accounts. "I have sharpened several of my skills working at Truly Living Well. Definitely time management, human resources, management, financial accounting, reporting, and just scheduling in general."

At TLW we believe urban agriculture is a key ingredient to revitalizing communities and creating jobs plays a big role. J. Olu is just one example of how TLW is training a new crop of urban farmers who can translate the training to income and a new life. J. Olu comes to TLW from a career in business consulting but says the farm brings joy to his life. "I have an awesome office. It's very cool to have a nice outdoor, peaceful space to work in. It contributes to a healthy lifestyle to me and my family."

Urban agriculture is an essential engine in growing new communities in Atlanta and other cities across the country. The new urban paradigm has to include locally grown, nutrition-rich food and employment to support the revitalization of once thriving communities.

"We do a lot of beneficial work in the community by distributing and selling good food. All around me are co-workers who come from different walks of life and have the same commitment to serving the city. We have access to a lot of touch points and I get to see them and take those experiences to other avenues and initiatives I will work on in the future. But for now, I am Truly Living Well."

Upcoming Events


Living Well Series:
Eating for Winter Wellness
Saturday, November 7
Location: TLW East Point,
3353 Washington Rd. Cost: $25
Annual Collard Greens Sale
starts Saturday, November 21!
Georgia Gives Day


Support the local food economy, employment and a healthy environment by supporting TLW 
We are proud to announce our participation in Georgia Gives Day, an initiative that supports not just one cause, but includes various organizations in the nonprofit sector
. This opportunity allows everyone to support the causes that make Georgia great.

We are asking that all Georgians support fresh, naturally grown food and urban revitalization. Your gift will help TLW grow food, grow people and grow community.

For more info and to make a contribution to Truly Living Well's Georgia Gives Day campaign, click here:

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