October 16, 2015 

 Teach Someone to
Grow Food 
by K. Rashid Nuri 
Founder & CEO of
Truly Living Well

The greatest power of urban agriculture is in teaching people to grow their own food. Our health begins with what we eat-physically, mentally and spiritually. Growing food feeds us on all levels, and demonstrates our capacity to be productive partners with nature. Being close to where our food is grown means being aware of what is in it, what it looks like and what it takes to get it to the table. Not to mention knowing what food actually tastes like. There is absolutely no comparison between naturally grown, garden-fresh fruits and vegetables and supermarket produce. Check it out. Go out to an urban farm near you and eat some food straight off the plant. Your whole self will thank you, and fast food will seem a little less...well, like food.

But there's more. Fulfilling the fundamental responsibility of growing food for ourselves sets us up to be fully responsible for all that we produce in our lives, in our families, in our communities. We cannot look solely to others to decide what we will eat, wear, watch and do. We can, and we must go to the Earth to create abundance and prosperity. We can, and we must teach our children to do the same. 
Urban farming helps to rebuild local economies.  It creates jobs, businesses and beautiful spaces, protects the environment and helps keep us sane. As technological as our culture has become, we still depend upon the Earth, sun and moon for our sustenance. We are products of Nature and must maintain our connection in order to remain whole. Urban farming is at the center of sustainable urban development.

At TLW we teach children and adults how to grow food right where they live. By doing this we play a key role in sustaining health, or community and the world we live in.
Young Urban Growers Program

TLW staff and volunteers are proud to announce our latest Young Growers Program! Six garden beds are now installed at the Center of Hope at Pittman Park Boys and Girls Club in South East, Atlanta. With the help and expertise of Garden Educators, Lauren Ladov and Suzie Pope, TLW is taking one more step forward to grow a new generation of urban farmers and stewards of the environment.
TLW works with several after school programs within the inner city of Atlanta to teach children how to grow plants and herbs, which will eventually feed the community and give them a skill.

Partnerships with many Boys and Girls Clubs, as well as City of Atlanta's Center of Hope initiative, supports at-risk youth throughout the school year. By providing positive and accessible places to go, trained and supportive staff, and educational, recreational, and age-appropriate activities, TLW is proud to collaborate with Pittman in helping our youth grow and develop into successful and positive leaders within their communities. For more information, call the TLW office at 678-973-0997.

Hands on Atlanta Day
 Thank you to Hands on Atlanta for providing volunteers at our Wheat Street Garden, Saturday, October 3. TLW helped celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Hands on Atlanta Day!  Plenty of devoted volunteers braved the rain to beautify our garden.

 TLW counts on volunteers  to help our gardens grow and flourish.  We appreciate the support we get from Hands on Atlanta.

Become a volunteer. Whether you help in preparing garden beds, removing weeds, or hauling compost, your efforts are very much needed and appreciated!

The next volunteer project is 
Sunday, November 8 from 1-4 PM. You can sign up here Hands On Atlanta Volunteer Opportunity 

We Grow Food. We Grow People.   
We Grow Community.

Truly Living Well Center  
for Natural Urban Agriculture
We want you to experience the joy and convenience of a TLW CSA. Every week you have your choice of our locally grown, GMO free produce. Fill your basket and share your bounty with your family and friends. Bring this coupon to any TLW weekly market and save $5.00 on a full CSA. 
Offer Expires: December 31, 2015

Grow Your Own Food with Truly Living Well

TLW has developed a comprehensive curriculum to teach farming and business skills to people with little or no prior experience. The model has been used to create opportunity for employment and building small agri-businesses to people with limited resources. It's also been used to provide training in sustainable urban agriculture to academia and others interested in learning to grow quality food in urban environments. TLW conducts four sessions per year with 8 to 15 adults in each session. For more information, email us at info@trulylivingwell.com

Starting October 16 
The Grower Boot Camp is an intensive 64 hour program that occurs over 4 consecutive weekends. The program focuses on urban agriculture basic training and introduces business opportunities through urban agriculture.

Next Class Starts Nov 7
Urban Gardening 101
TLW has introduced a monthly Gardening 101 series where anybody is welcome to learn the basics of gardening, composting, eating for wellness, and much more! Our next class will be focused on compost! We will build a compost together at our Wheat St. Garden and learn what makes a healthy soil.   

Upcoming TLW Events  

Urban Growers Boot Camp
starts Friday Oct. 16th 6pm-9pm 

National Food Day

October 24th

Gardening 101: Eating for Winter Wellness
at East Point location, Saturday, Nov. 7th 10am-1pm

What's in Season This Fall at TLW?
Buying local seasonal produce not only reduces our carbon footprint and helps local economies, but it also results in more nutritious produce. Plus, fresh fruit and vegetables taste delicious!
Seasonal produce varies depending where you are, so to help you out we made a list of what usually grows in our TLW gardens during fall:
Arugula, Beets, Broccoli, Cabbage, Eggplant, Green Beans, Beet Greens, Broccoli Greens, Lettuce, Okra, Anaheim Peppers, Banana Peppers, Bell Peppers, Serrano Peppers, Hot Wax Peppers, Jalapeno Peppers, Sweet Potatoes, Sweet Potato Leaves, and Spinach.  
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