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TLW's Wednesday market in East Point has a new location. We have joined other community members at the Fire Station #1, 2757 East Point Road. Same times, 2pm to Dusk and the same quality locally grown, GMO free totally organic produce. See you next Wednesday!!!


Jenine Lemons and the Urban Grower Program



The Circle of Success


We have 9 candidates celebrating Urban Grower training this weekend at Truly Living Well's Wheat Street Garden farm. Jenine Lemons is the perfect example of the success of such a valued program. Truly Living Well's intensive grower training boot camp provides a unique format that trains and educates working adults and students with skills to grow abundant food in urban gardens, farms or community projects. Significant interaction with master urban farmers, on the farm and in the classroom, provides the students with basic skills to grow large quantities of natural and organic food in small urban spaces.                  



So why is Jenine Lemons' participation and completion of this program such a success story? Jenine now shares her expertise with children at Truly Living Well's summer camp. As community gardener and friend of Truly Living Well, Jenine has led workshops, mentors campers about how she got started, and continues to share her powerful gift of knowledge to the next generation. She has successfully launched her own business, Jenine's Hand Made Soap, and has established herself as an added valued business partner at Truly Living Well's market. As a way of giving to the community, she has also taught some of her classes at a shelter for women. Jenine continues to encourage children to think of others when they are successful in business ventures and strive for a kinder world.


So the success story is about how Jenine evolved from educator, and this is living proof that generation after generation benefit from the Urban Grower program. By supporting and providing these great opportunities to just one student, like Jenine, we can continue to recruit bright young people proving that agricultural education is more important than ever in securing and sustaining a healthier community and, ultimately, a better planet. May the circle be unbroken!


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Why not serve your community, learn about healthy eating and have fun playing in the dirt?  Be a TLW volunteer!   


We have volunteer training every Saturday at our Wheat Street Garden farm site from 10am -1:00pm. Feel free to stay and start digging or choose volunteer hours that fit your schedule.  

See you on Saturday at 75 Hilliard Road in the Old Fourth Ward. 

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Splattered Paint, the Traveling Musician, Body Scrubs,

BYO Pizza and Butterfly Symmetry

by Amakiasu Howze, Garden Educator

Director,Truly Living Well
Summer Camp


There are days like this, at Truly Living Well Summer Camp, when spontaneity meets curiosity, meets hands-on building, hard work, good food, and art, in this case, painting the threatened Monarch Butterfly. Yes, all in one day!  The story begins when I was in search of old discarded bed frames (to use as raised beds). I found them all in one place two days apart; curbside throwaways in mint condition and just block from our camp site! The day began with an inspection of drills charging, bits, screws and a call out from our lead counselor. Determined to get our bed to its home in the garden, I set out to put the side boards on and leg extensions. Campers naturally came around to assist and their help was genuinely needed. On site for a small installation, (a free library for our camp!), our resident builder saved the day and pressed those screws right through!


Our standard mixed age groups had morphed into something else today, so we went with the flow. It was a sight: seven or eight of our younger campers transporting the crib sized bed across the parking lot to its designated location. They were well supervised by seasoned counselor, Noah White, and yours truly, with all of us jockeying for the best position for hands and body to negotiate this task. Not one child dropped out, nor complained, in earnest, anyway! The bed was complete and quite beautiful, since campers had painted it, splattered it actually, the day before: royal blue and magenta on soft yellow. Next week the bed will be filled with soil and planted up by the campers!


Just a wee bit later, while transitioning to our next activity, the strumming of a guitar caught everyone's attention. In no time, under a large tree, all campers stood before this traveling musician, enthralled by the beauty of the sounds such an instrument makes. He asked if there were any requests after playing one tune and several children shouted, Michael Jackson! After a few notes we all caught the familiar song, Billie Jean, and campers crooned along. What an unexpected treat!


At this time of year, the garden is at full tilt, with all things growing like crazy, including the undesirables. This holds true in our herb garden too, where rosemary, mint, lemon, balm, thyme, oregano and lavender also jockey for position. Campers sampled some of these aromatic herbs right in the garden and then made salt body scrubs with essential oils, dried herbs and flowers. They sniffed and stirred and placed the ingredients of their choice in bags to take home. Happily, the campers tucked away their scrubs for a comfy bath or shower at home.


Hunger had set upon us by now, and lunch was being laid by our chef and her crew. It was the highlight of the week, the piece de resistance! Starting with pita bread and homemade tomato sauce, campers walked around the table adding ingredients of their choice, including sliced cherry tomatoes, red and yellow peppers in a vinaigrette sauce, TLW arugula, cheese and a green salad made from TLW's Romaine lettuce. At least half of the campers returned for seconds. So did I!  


Planning the menu for next week. In groups, campers searched for recipes, given a food item currently available at Truly Living Well. They did spectacularly well. Possible menu items included candied carrots, apricot ginger carrots and an apple cabbage salad. This was both a refresher in the academics of research (how to use an index and table of contents and what's the difference between the two?) and an introduction to meal planning and having a voice in what one eats. Boy oh boy! What a camp!


Finally, for chill down time in our club house, campers made a Monarch butterfly with black and orange paint. They started by painting a half butterfly first on a folded paper, then folded it over to duplicate the side already completed. Orange was added next and antennae. Each butterfly is distinctly different and truly beautiful! This activity was intended to reinforce this summer's theme: Increasing biodiversity through habitat preservation and restoration. Our emphasis is on building a certified Monarch Way Station at Wheat Street Garden.


Parents will be able to see most of these projects at our closing programs which take place on the last Friday of each camp session.   Is this magic or just a wonderful hodgepodge of things that happen when gardens and the people who work and play in them get together..........or both?!


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Truly Living Well was awarded an incredible opportunity to participate in the Mount Vernon Fuse 15 design thinking conference on June 3-5.  The conference was hosted and facilitated by the Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation and Mont Vernon Presbyterian School.  Based on a model developed by Stanford University's Institute of Design, design thinking is defined as human-centered problem solving with an emphasis on collaboration, creativity, and empathy. Now in its 4th year the conference empowers private and public school teachers and leaders together to build capacity in design thinking by engaging in design challenges with expert guidance and coaching. FUSE 15 partnered with the Georgia Center for Nonprofits to take on actual challenges nonprofits like Truly Living Well are currently engaged in solving.


TLW and its partners, the Frazer Center and MLK, Sr. Community Resource Center shared its desire to use urban agriculture as a tool to provide job opportunities for persons with cognitive and physical disabilities as the theme for a design challenge.  Adults with disabilities face poverty and unemployment in disproportionate numbers. At TLW we consider ability instead of disability, all people with cognitive and physical disabilities have unique gifts that empower them to accomplish many tasks and to make a valuable contribution to the workforce. This is especially true in innovative and open fields like urban agriculture.  We are honored to serve.

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