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Our hearts go out to those in Boston or who were there this past week for the Boston Marathon and were affected by the tragic events that unfolded there. If we all pray for peace and work for peace, maybe someday we can manifest it. 

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What is Innovation?  
by Greg Satell 

Everywhere you look, people are talking about innovation. There are conferences and gurus, workshops and webinars, apostles and practitioners. But what is it, really?


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Building an Agile Organization 
by Shoaib Shaukat

As more and more companies adapt lean and agile practices and continue the journey to become more agile, the traditional functional structures become a bottleneck. As the agile spreads across the teams, so does the activities of the team members and their managers requires rethink.

by Stefan Lindegaard       

Here's a big reason why open innovation efforts can fail: they are often killed by corporate antibodies resisting the changes brought by opening up to external partners. These antibodies can exist in both large and small companies. If you're hearing statements such as these, corporate antibodies may be at hard at work, resisting change.

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Presentation of the Week

What is Innovation? It's about looking at your customers & seeing things from their viewpoint. Not your own.


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Innovation versus Product Development 
by Simmons and Crawford

Since the inception of the automobile industry, product features and functions were thought to be the primary determinants for customer buying decisions. Product-centric thinking has driven entire marketing and branding campaigns and determined where most of that industry's innovation resources are invested.


Video of the Week

Entrepreneur Elon Musk is a man with many plans. The founder of PayPal, Tesla Motors and SpaceX sits down with TED curator Chris Anderson to share details about his visionary projects, which include a mass-marketed electric car, a solar energy leasing company and a fully reusable rocket.

Innovation Litmus Test - Taking Ownership
by Paul Hobcraft        

There is always a healthy debate on who "owns" innovation within any organization. Often it can boil down to where the innovation concept is along the pipeline is or who has been designated with maneuvering or piloting the innovation through its different stages.

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