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Achieving Innovation Resonance 
by Braden Kelley 

I've written in the past about how innovation is all about value and about how innovation veracity is more important than innovation velocity. Now it is time to take the innovation conversations about value and veracity to the next level - to innovation resonance - and how difficult it is to achieve and maintain. Achieving innovation resonance is about...


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50 Ways to Integrate Art into Any Lesson 
by Lisa Chesser

As children, young children, everything meant playing and art. We saw the world as a playground and a canvass. It didn't matter whether or not we could actually draw. What mattered was the thrill of creating something beautiful. We were all artists. We still are.

by Soren Kaplan       

Sustained competitive advantage comes from innovating how we innovate. That's the essence of real innovation.

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Presentation of the Week

The New Oxford American Dictionary tells us that the definition of the word essence is: the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of something, esp. something abstract, that determines its character. So, then, what is the essence of an entrepreneur?


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How Social TV unfolds in France, what are the various strategies of the players, and what show are the most popular on social networks.


Video of the Week

As we move through the world, we have an innate sense of how things feel - the sensations they produce on our skin and how our bodies orient to them. Can technology leverage this? In this fun, fascinating TED-Ed lesson, learn about the field of haptics, and how it could change everything from the way we shop online to how dentists learn the telltale feel of a cavity.

Company Secrets for Disruptive Innovation
by Stefan Lindegaard        

What are the secrets of companies that manage to bring disruptive innovation to market?

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