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Exciting times here at Innovation Excellence, with a couple of big events and announcements:

On April 2nd we hosted our latest Insider Web Chat with Dartmouth Professor Chris Trimble on Why I wish there were no 'I' in innovate.

On March 27th we announced a new partnership with Kevin Riley & Associates and Batterii to collaborate on the formation of modelH, the Health Model Co-Creation Forum, a yearlong project focused on systematically engaging with the healthcare community on a shared platform to co-create dynamic new business models, powered by Batterii. The solutions will ultimately be compiled in a book to be released in 2014.

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Do your innovation capabilities rely on single product or you are delivering continuous improvements or innovations? Well, here is an example from the music industry, I will try to make a point by using the examples of my three favorite bands: Radiohead, Suede and U2.


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You Say Second Screen. I Say First! 
by Nicolas Bry

Listening to experts, paying attention to weak signals, it all connverges to the forecast that mobile, not TV, will become the 'first screen'. Smart phones being at the center of our media use, how can we turn mobile into a pivotal presence for the viewer, shifting to 'experience roaming' over any screen?

by Tim Kastelle     

I was working with a group of future leaders that had been identified by the management of their company. The firm is in a pretty conservative industry, but they are starting to try to differentiate themselves through innovation.

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Drum roll please... At the beginning of each month we will profile the twenty posts from the previous month that generated the most traffic to Innovation Excellence. We also publish a weekly Top 10 as part of our free Innovation Excellence Weekly magazine and email newsletter. Did your favorite make the cut?


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Where Do You Put the Creativity?
by Jeffrey Baumgartner

One of the principle differences between anticonventional thinking (ACT) and most other forms of idea generation, such as brainstorming, creative problem solving (CPS) and scamper, is in where you should focus your creative thinking. Almost every creative thinking tool or process encourages you to be creative with ideas. It seems logical, doesn't it?


Video of the Week

Watch this face-off between Robert Scoble, Vala Afshar, and Michael Krigsman on the direction of cloud, social, and mobile computing in the enterprise.

Step One in Cultivating an Innovation Culture
by Matthew E May       

When I speak to groups or meet with prospective new clients, one of the most frequently asked questions I field is: What's my first step in creating a culture of company wide innovation?

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