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Here's a question that has befuddled even the best innovation thinkers, and has led to countless articles, white papers, surveys and other analysis: which is more important to innovation success, leadership or culture?


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How to Build an Innovation Culture 
by Greg Satell

Every manager would like to be Steve Jobs, but very few ever even come close. Many seek out advice, read case studies and go to workshops to help guide them. Yet still, very few companies are able to innovate effectively. Why is that?

by Braden Kelley    

I increasingly cringe every time I see a new article talking about someone's innovator's DNA or innovation personality, or other similar lines of thinking or frameworks that insinuate that people are either innovative or not, or that some people are more innovative than others. It's just not true. I'm a firm believer that it's not personalities that matter so much when it comes to innovation, it's the roles that we play in making innovation happen (or not).

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Presentation of the Week

Innovation, and the skills and activities surrounding this are seen as the holy grail of creating products people love which generate a defensible revenue stream and differentiation from competitors... why is this so hard then? Why do we see companies with significant resources focused on this fail to achieve it?


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Inspiring Creativity in Others
by Jeffrey Baumgartner

If you want to push others - such as colleagues, team members, children, students, sweethearts or friends - to be more creative, there are a few simple things you can do.


Video of the Week

Kauffman Sketchbook - "The Itch" - Paul Kedrosky, Senior Fellow at the Kauffman Foundation, suggests that the best entrepreneurs are people who scratch their own itch.

Avoiding Innovation Debt
by Peter Bell      

By now, most people have heard of Technical Debt; the cost of messy code that grows over time, like interest on an overdue loan. For the last couple of years I've been talking at No Fluff Just Stuff conferences about the concept of "Innovation Debt". I've been planning to blog about this for a while. Thanks to Aaron Frost for persuading me to finally write up the post.

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