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The Music of Business  
by Peter Cook

Innovation Excellence's Executive Editor Julie Anixter caught up with Peter Cook about his newest book, The Music of Business.


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Hiring Creative Employees 
by Jeffrey Baumgartner

Are you looking to hire creative employees at your company? If so, allow me to propose some characteristics you can advertise for and look for in order to find true creative thinkers. However, I also have a warning for you. But first, a little background.

by Mike Shipulski 

That's a best practice. Look, there's another one. We need a best practice. What's the best practice? Let's standardize on the best practice. Arrrgh. Enough, already, with best practices.

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Presentation of the Week

What can you learn from Steve Jobs? How could you change your world? ... Peter Fisk explores how to think different about leadership and innovation inspired by Apple and its founder.


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Heat-Seeking Innovation 
by Paul Hobcraft

Heat-seeking innovation relies on piecing together considerable data, rapidly absorbing the individual values to 'react' to the unfamiliar and continue to manage the constant and familiar.


Video of the Week

In 2010 we launched a comprehensive research initiative to explore how companies, globally, were addressing business growth within their organizations. In our data collection, interviews and analysis, we originally sought to identify patterns in growth rates, return on invested capital, and future growth potential. During this process, one thing became very clear...

Yes, anyone can. But now everyone can. Here's why... It is very simple...

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