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Greg Satell and Tim Kastelle have been talking about whether or not innovation needs a purpose. While they agree on many points, today's articles offer two differing views on this question. We welcome all of your comments regarding "Does Innovation Need a Purpose?"


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The Usefulness of Useless Things 
by Greg Satell

I'd like to respond to Tim Kastelle through the eyes of Marie Curie, the only person to win Nobel prizes in two separate sciences. Curie once said this about the importance of dreamers:...

by Tim Kastelle 

Greg Satell and I have been talking about whether or not innovation needs a purpose. While we agree on many points, we can see two differing views on the question. I will argue that within an organisation, innovation does need a purpose.

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Presentation of the Week

The world's most respected and proven marketers share what changes they believe are in store for social media in the new year.


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Sustainable Innovation Metrics
by Robert F Brands

Innovation is ultimately about Return on Investment. A system of metrics will objectively show your progress and success each step of the way. It's essential to follow a course of action that produces ongoing improvement, and sustainable and repeatable innovation. Innovation is meaningless without attaching measurable goals to an initiative.


Video of the Week

Kicking off the TED2013 conference, Jennifer Granholm asks a very American question with worldwide implications: How do we make more jobs? Her big idea: Invest in new alternative energy sources. And her big challenge: Can it be done with or without our broken Congress?

Gamification impacts engagement in open innovation the digital tune of $242 million annually.

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