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IX Marketing Editor, Lou Killeffer interviews Robert Fabricant, VP, Creative, frog design, Inc.


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Why Design Thinking Will Fail 
by Jeffrey Tjendra

Where there is a rise of a dynasty, there will be a fall of a dynasty. Similar concept applies to the most-hyped innovation process; Design Thinking. If a process meets the current needs of the market, it escalates with monumental success. Not living up to the hype will be the cause of failure of Design Thinking as the sought-after innovation process. However there are good reasons why Design Thinking has been prominent in the recent years.

by Jeffrey Phillips

Let's assert that you've become very good at your job. Whether you are in finance, marketing or operations, your proficiency is based on your education and your work history. You know how to anticipate financial needs, or how to manufacture products more efficiently because you love what you do, you do it often and you are rewarded to do it well. You have deep knowledge about your chosen area of specialty and you can demonstrate expertise. Then along comes an innovation need.

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Presentation of the Week

What defines social media today? What is the future of social media?


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Making Time for Innovation 
by Kevin McFarthing

A very good friend of mine works for a large, global company with multiple locations around the world, many of which are run as "hot desks". He is in a position of responsibility, and often finds himself travelling to a different destination on the other side of the world at short notice. It's the kind of business where looking for ways to innovate is very important.


Video of the Week

Five Questions with one of today's most renowned experts on innovation and creativity, Ken Robinson.

Innovation Eats Itself
by Mike Shipulski   

We all want more innovation, though sometimes we're not sure why. Turns out, the why is important.

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