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What I Like About Making Maps  
by Scott Williams

I think map-making is one of the most important superpowers to have in today's complex world. Complexity threatens to overwhelm and crowd out clarity in every organization I know. At Maga Design we've been making maps for the past decade to help the people in organizations see and define their futures.


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There are a surprising number of blog posts about the characteristics of creative people. However, most of these seem to focus either on an idealised vision of an artist or the blog-writers idealised self image! Here is my take on the characteristics of highly creative people. However, what I have done is look at how creative people think - based on my understanding of the latest research - and applied it behaviour.

by Dimis Michaelides

'Purple Haze' by virtuoso guitarist Jimi Hendrix. A vision for innovative leaders?

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Presentation of the Week

Is social media our new guilty pleasure? An entertaining comparison between sex and social networking courtesy of HubSpot. Everyone's doing "it", are you?


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What latest gadgets and gizmos are going to change your classroom in 2013? It's hard to know exactly what will catch on and what won't, but the following list showcases some of the emerging new technologies, software, and platforms available.


Video of the Week

European Innovation Academy is an unique, international and intense start up program.

Why Managers Fear Innovation
by Gijs van Wulfen   

Innovation is a paradox for management. On the one hand you are well aware that you have to take new roads before you reach the end of the present dead end street. On the other hand it is risky.

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