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I caught up with Sarah Miller Caldicott to discuss her latest book Midnight Lunch: the 4 phases of team collaboration success from Thomas Edison's Lab. Sarah is keen to talk about how collaboration "powers" innovation.  As the great grandniece of Thomas Edison and a seasoned executive she has a singular perspective.


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The Crowdcomputing Revolution - Part One    by Braden Kelley    

I am proud to bring you the first episode in a three part series culminating in a downloadable PDF of the whole piece on The Crowd Computing Revolution and the redesign of work that is now possible thanks to new technology tools and business architecture thinking that will allow man and machine to work more efficiently together than ever before.


It is my contention that the pace of innovation accelerates when the speed of knowledge sharing accelerates, that knowledge acceleration leads to innovation acceleration. As we have developed more efficient ways of accelerating the pace of knowledge sharing, our pace of innovation has sped up..

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Presentation of the Week

When it comes to design-led innovation, we love the big idea - those breakthrough inventions that signal a disruptive change. But these big ideas are rarely the result of a single moment of genius. Instead, it comes from the culmination of smaller ideas, developed over time, from the minds of many.


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Using smartphones and tablets is a big help for every creative person and here is the collection of apps that can help in unleashing that creative spark everyone has inside. Apps are listed in no particular order and I've choose the ones that I use on my iPhone & iPad:


Video of the Week

Carl Bass is president and chief executive officer of Autodesk, Inc. Autodesk is the leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software. In this video he explains what he believes are The New Rules of Innovation.

While there is no silver bullet, every business needs to answer basic questions about how will they create, deliver, capture and maintain value.

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