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Internet giants are not only shaping creative business models, they are reinventing the way to manage computer science, software applications, and moreover, their human capital. As their new products are intrinsically linked to computing, their re-engineering unfolds new tremendous paths for innovation.


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Visualizing World Economic Forum Outcomes    by Braden Kelley    

Sailing Towards a Circular Economy - The Values Context

As the World Economic Forum 2013 comes to a close I came across a BusinessWeek article that had the graphic below that made me laugh.


When the economic barometer is pointing upward, all the talk in company boardrooms is about growth, innovation and value creation. When the global economy lingers in the doldrums, corporate strategy shifts inexorably back to the safe haven of operational efficiency.

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Presentation of the Week

Apple is known for its top-notch design and its webpage is no exception. Charlie Hoehn took an interest in and used the Internet Archive Wayback Machine to examine how Apple's website has evolved over the past 15 years.


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Broken Windows Innovation
by Scott Bowden 

One of the best-known concepts in the study of criminology is the Broken Windows Theory. This approach to fighting crime, first articulated by George L. Kelling and James Q. Wilson in a 1982 article in The Atlantic Monthly, asserts that there is a linkage between social order and crime that can be explained by the parable of the broken window. 

Video of the Week

The "Connecting" documentary is an exploration of the future of Interaction Design and User Experience from some of the industry's thought leaders. As the role of software is catapulting forward, Interaction Design is seen to be not only increasing in importance dramatically, but also expected to play a leading role in shaping the coming "Internet of things."

John F. Kennedy's quote about the goal of education could very well be applied to a discussion of crowdfunding today. Crowdfunding has emerged in education as a means to make private dreams a reality through collective microfinancing. Crowdfunding spread as an idea as artists, idealists, and entrepreneurs looked for ways to harness the power of the technology to finance their ideas.

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