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Microsoft needed a great Christmas season. After years of product stagnation, and a big market shift toward mobile devices from PCsMicrosoft's future relied on the company seeing customers demonstrate they were ready to jump in heavily for Windows8 products - including the new Surface tablet. But that did not happen.


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The traditional perception of intrapreneurship being the domain of a few 'exclusive' individuals is being replaced by the recognition that a pervasive 'intrapreneurial culture', centered on the customer experience and driven by entrepreneurial values, is key to sustained innovation and competitive advantage.

Wrong Way Innovation
by Scott Bowden 

In the study of innovation, the concept of accidental or serendipitous discovery is a well-known phenomenon, as seen in the work of Michael van Hove and Robert F Brands in these pages. One particularly interesting example of accidental innovation is that of Henry Bessemer's converter that was used to increase the speed of steel production.

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Presentation of the Week

Let's be honest: for most content strategists and other people working with online content, SEO is the worst part of the job. It's hugely technical, it's shrouded in mystery, it seems to be focused on robots instead of people, there are unspoken rules, everything can turn on a dime, and it never, ever seems to end.


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GE have just released their latest Global Innovation Barometer survey and they are strongly detecting "Innovation Vertigo" from the survey conducted through more than 3,000 senior business executives in 25 countries. This 'dizziness' for many is being caused by a growing unease with the continuing changing dynamics of today's business landscape and uncertainty over the path forward. 

Video of the Week

This video will Infect you with AWE. A non-commercial shot of philosophical espresso... a mashup of inspiration.

At the beginning of every year, I pick one solid quote to live by for the year. This year, my quote comes from Neil Gaiman. Gaiman himself never graduated from college. He never even enrolled in college. Yet, today, he is one of the most celebrated and prolific writers working today.

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