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The Independent Home Study Program for
Certification in Laughter Therapy
With The Premier Course
Recognized for Professional Continuing Education
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Your personality, passion, occupational interests, and experience blend to make you an effective laughter therapist (Certified Laughter Leader). And, you will love doing it.  

  • The Modern Way to Continue to Learn
  • For Personal Growth & Professional Development
  • Convenient, Affordable, Enjoyable
  • Begin immediately
  • Study at your own pace. 
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A Word About Laughter Leaders, Laughter Lovers, Speakers, Trainers, Volunteers, and Others

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Our curriculum and knowledge base is blended from various schools, putting practical applications into your hands with a solid foundation.


Evidence-based classes and step-by-step instruction will develop your practice, extend your reach, and give you new ideas and confidence.


We provide the basic, systematic structure for laughter therapy. There's plenty of room for your personality and creative expression, too.


We are guided and supported by scientists and practitioners who  are among the greatest thinkers in the field  today.

We keep you up-to-date with the most recent science as well as reflections on ancient wisdom.

"WHAT A great!! and I mean GREAT seminar!!! Packed full of information, ideas and concrete re usable material that I can use and present to


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World Laughter Tour Webinars are endorsed by the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor

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Because personal growth and professional development go hand-in-hand, we are pleased to announce our affordable, convenient Home Study program.

Complimentary interventions have gained wide acceptance for many years. Music Therapy, Art Therapy, and others are accepted and respected as adjuncts to health and healing. Now, they are joined by Laughter Therapy that follows the same quality standards and models, and taps the role of pleasant --sometime playful-- activities, attitudes and emotions for a healthy life and better world.


We give you everything you need to start delivering programs under our Level I provisional certification. You get Level II full certification when you attend any of the 2-day workshops where you get group leadership experience and personal coaching.

We also offer entrepreneurial assistance & classes for setting yourself up to generate income, if that suits you.


Everyone who enrolls for Home Study is included in our communications network with more than 1,000 active practitioners. You will share ideas and receive advice, support, encouragement and inspiration for the important work.

Please join me for a very enjoyable, worthwhile learning experience. SW hat 2013

Steve Wilson, Psychologist
Founder of World Laughter Tour


HOME STUDY Features 


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Convenient, comfortable, affordable.

Use this link to get information about our current schedule of upcoming workshops. We include it because it's the fastest way to get your certification.

But, you can enroll immediately in the Independent Home-study Training Program for Certified Laughter Leader training.

Start right away.
Study at your own pace.
Learn "How to Create Therapeutic Laughter".
Attend any one of our live workshops at your convenience.

This cutting-edge, affordably priced course is for health & human service professionals, educators, laughter leaders, recreation & activity therapists, human resources managers, social workers, counselors, volunteers, and others who help people face life's challenges.

For anyone who wants more positive mindsets, feelings and interactions, less stress, greater life satisfaction & well-being, i.e., happiness

The current enrollment tuition of $499.00 per person INCLUDES:
*Our downloadable 150-page Study Guide/Reference Manual.
*The Certification Self-Test (open-book), which is in the Manual.
*An instructional DVD with videos demonstrating the core laughter exercises and warm-up routine.
*A CD-ROM with an extensive library of articles, scientific reports, and other materials to get you started and back you up.
*Relevant lectures are sent to you as recordings with supplemental support materials.
*Individual phone support is available along the way, and you may participate in conference call tutorials.
*One year of membership (renewable) in our private network for exchanging advice and ideas, plus extra resource materials.
*Certificate (upon completion) and Code of Ethics, suitable for framing
*Official Certified Laughter Leader t-shirt
*Discounts on online shopping for resource materials

The content is holistic, multidisciplinary, and evidence-based.  
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You can take notes and organize your materials however suits you.

You can ask questions via e-mail or through The CLL Forum (our private support network), and during touch-base conference calls.


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   sit back - relax
Sit back and relax because all the lectures are recorded and sent to you electronically. Study at your own pace.

Additional topics and materials are available from our catalog of recorded webinars.
Learn More - See All Topics that have been presented to date



"I needed a refresher and I got way more than a refresher!! You sparked my creativity and my enthusiasm for bringing laughter to the workplace in a way that the organization can readily see how it will impact their bottom line!!"


Going Further: Our Program Supports You With
*An Annual Advanced Practice Workshop
*Resource Catalog Online

*Expert-Level Certification

*Entrepreneurial Assistance 


Whether you are a volunteer, deliver stand-alone programs or blend the concepts into other formats -- such as speaking, training, consulting, in any media, our popular, respected program will make you more effective.


Designed to elevate your reputation through high-quality, proven ideas & methods. If you charge fees for your services, you will be worth more.


Some of the Webinars are about getting organized to do business
* Marketing & sales
* Publicity & public relations
* Setting fees
* Building repeat business 


Some of the Webinars are about

* Theory

* Methods

* Applications

* Technical foundations


Whether your interest is in business, healthcare, education, or spiritual realms, or for personal reasons, we support you.
"Fabulous Course! Thank you! I loved it...sign me up for the next one!"

New to Laughter Therapy or Home Study?


There are plenty of Ha-Ha's and Ho-Ho's but nothing Ho-Hum about this celebrated educational program. Our courses provide knowledge & skills including laughter exercises, therapeutic games, and attitudinal healing. Learn to lead programs of systematic mind-body activities and self-care strategies that lift spirits, reduce stress, lower blood pressure, alleviate pain, and improve immune function. A life-changing workshop.

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Activity Therapy: The workshop is pre-approved for 11 clock hours by NCCAP: NCCAP24272-13.
Nursing: This continuing nursing education activity was approved for 12 contact hours by the American Holistic Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's COA. Code 727.
Social Work: This program is approved by the National Association of Social Workers

#886555693-8036, for 11 Social Work continuing education contact hours.  

Case Managers: Approved by CCMC for 12 clock hours. Approval CM7198-A200.


Steve Wilson, Psychologist, Cheerman-of-the-Bored 
World Laughter Tour, Inc. 

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