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"Put away your corset, put away your shoe, put away the old september blues"
- My Morning Jacket
October Tasting Event: A Little Bit of Local!

We all know that Bell's Brewery makes great beer, but have you tried their wine? 


Could New Holland's spirits be as tasty as their brews?

What's up with Two James, the new distillery out of Detroit?



Grass Widow Bourbon and 28 Island Vodka from Two James Distillery, straight out of Detroit!
Great Northern White Wine from Bell's Brewery in Kalamazoo MI
Zeppelin Bend  double distilled straight-malt whiskey and Knickerbocker gin from New Holland Brewing in Marshall MI
Light Appetizer Pairings
             THURSDAY OCT 10th
Tickets $16
                           21+ only

Come enjoy some spirits, some wine ...and maybe even a surprise beer! There will be appetizers served, schwag handed out, booze hounds to chat with and tons of fun to be had! Tickets go on sale Tuesday, September 10th and can be 
purchased on the MERCH PAGE of our website or by calling Jessica at 734.483.5230 
Keep an eye on our Facebook for more details as we get closer to the date!
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In the Mood for Fall Food?

Be sure to keep your eye on The Sidetrack menu (or facebook!) for the return of your favorite fall dishes. From our homemade Shepherd's Pie and our Amish Chicken N' Dumplings to our slow-roasted pot roast, the change in season means big changes to the menu! We will also be featuring a whole new line-up of homemade soups to usher in the autumn!
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The Right Time for White Wine

Famous beer maker Bell's Brewery has teamed up with Michigan's own Circa Estate winery  to make a trio of wines that are taking the state by storm. Circa Estate is owned by Larry's brother, David Bell, and the two powers combined have come up with some pretty tasty vino!

The Sidetrack is excited to introduce Great Northern White to our fall wine line-up.  Great Northern White  has fresh fruit and early flowers at the nose, crisp antique apples on the first taste, moves to a nice round fruits mid-palate, and has a beautiful long finish with lingering layers of seed fruits. If you like a white that is not too sweet yet not too dry, this is the perfect wine for you. A truly drinkable white wine, Great Northern is best enjoyed on a patio. 
What The @%#!?  
Double Header Edition

#1. As patriotism swept the country during World War Two, hamburgers were renamed "Liberty Steaks" to avoid the German sounding name. Restaurants and citizens everywhere embraced the change through the end of the war. In 2003, to protest France refusing to back the U.S. In it's proposed invasion of Iraq, Congress tried again to stir up patriotism by renaming French Fries as "Freedom Fries". Not only did this receive less support then Ben Affleck as Batman, but the Saturn Cafe in Santa Cruz, California instead renamed their French Fries as, "Impeach George Bush Fries".

#2. Why do Japanese grandmothers always look so young ? Bird poop. No sh..., uhh, no kidding. Hundreds of men and women visit the Shizuka Skin Care Salon in New York once a month for the $180 Japanese treatment which is said to keep the face soft and smooth using an enzyme in the bird poop to exfoliate the skin. And not just any bird poop will do, only that from Nightingales. Everybody's a specialist.

  Birthday Bites

Dr. Phil, Charlie Sheen And Prince Harry.

Andrew Dice Clay and Drew Carrey.

Oprah, Bill Murray

Tom Cruise's daughter, Suri

Not Moe and not Curly, but Larry.

All these fine folks gets a free dessert on their birthday at the Sidetrack because they were born in September!

Maybe they'll come in, maybe they won't.

At the Sidetrack, we don't have the waitstaff sing a bouncy, clappy happy birthday at your table but we will give you a slice of pie on your birthday with your meal.

While it may not be a surprise party with limos and chilled bottles of Stoli Elite, it is a great way to cap off your lunch or dinner.
A Tale of  Two James:
The Young Detroit Distillery Steeped in Tradition

INTRODUCING: DETROIT'S FIRST DISTILLERY SINCE PROHIBITION! Did you know that Detroit has a new distillery? Yep, and The Sidetrack is proud to be among the first to carry their spirits. Here are some other things to know about Two James Distillery. 
1. Two James was named after the fathers of the distillery's founders, both named James. 
2. Two James is making some awesome spirits right now. From their incredibly smooth 28 Island Vodka to their Grass Widow Bourbon, these guys are knocking it out of the park!

According to their website, "born out of the belief that family, friends and community are essential parts of life, Two James is far more than just an extraordinary product. Two James commemorates the exceptional lives of two great men who through hard work, perseverance and passion for life, were able to leave lasting impressions on the people they loved and the communities in which they lived.


Two James is located in Corktown, Detroit's oldest neighborhood, and is the first licensed distillery in Detroit since Prohibition. Two James is committed to producing only the highest quality environmentally conscious handmade spirits utilizing locally sourced agricultural products with the aim of revitalizing the community and reinforcing the craft product movement."


Don't forget- you can experience Two James for yourself at our Little Bit Of Local tasting on October 1oth!

 Ypsi Panhandler Hall of Fame

Name: John S.
Category: Most Effective.
"I approach my clients looking sad and worried. I explain that my wife is waiting alone in our car that ran out of gas a couple of blocks from here, and we're trying to get home to Grand Rapids. Most people will give me a buck or two. One lady, a little drunk and about 21 years old, gave me a twenty. I invented this line, and now others are using it. Oh well. Whaddya gonna do?"

Name: Richard W.
Category: Most Ambitious.
"I try to approach groups of well dressed people who are having a good time and look like they might have a few extra scooties. I tell them I'm hungry, and ask for $50 for a meal. One of the group will always say, "Your crazy! You can get something to eat for a couple of dollars". I tell them that's true, but I've always wanted to try the Chop House in Ann Arbor. If they laugh, I'll sometimes get something from everybody in the group. Cha - ching!"

Name: Marquis (pronounced Marcus).
Category: Most Creative.
"I'll see two or more people walking to or from their car. I prefer "to" their car, because then they've usually had a couple of drinks somewhere. I get real animated with a big smile. I go right up to them and ask, "What is the greatest nation in the world?" They always act a little confused, until somebody says, "America...?"
Then I put out my hand and say, "No. It's the DO-NATION!"
I've never been told no.



-There was a prison break and I saw a midget climb up the fence, and as he jumped down he sneered at me and I thought, well that's a little con descending!

-It's hard to share puns with kleptomaniacs because they're always taking things literally.

Q.Did you hear about the jurisprudence fetishist?
A.He got off on a technicality.


-Yo mamma's so classless she could be a marxist utopia.

-Traveling salesman always wanted to go to Boston so he could eat fresh scrod. Finally he gets sent there, so when he gets in the cab at Logan, he asks the cabbie "Do you know where a guy can get scrod around here?"
The cabbie replies, "You know pal, I get asked that question a lot...but never in the past pluperfect subjunctive." 

Back to School: Beer 101  

Good morning, Students. I am Professor Porter and I will be your professor for this semester of BEER 101: Stuff You Probably Don't Need to Know. For our first class, we will be covering Random Facts About Beer. (and yes, this will be on the mid-term).

1. In Sierra Leone, jewellers immerse diamonds in beer to study the way they reflect light and prove their authenticity.

2. Clay tablets from Mesopotamia indicate that the majority of brewing during that time was done by women, and that it was a fairly well-respected occupation. History shows that beer making was part of the household chores, women were the main "brewers". Lekker. So why are they so upset these days if men drink beer?

3. Ancient Babylonians were the first to brew beer. They took their beer-making so seriously, that if one brewed a bad batch, they were to be drowned in it. If this was to be true today, anybody brewing PBR would be drowned years ago. Viva Blue Ribbon!

4. Vikings believed that a giant goat whose udders provided an endless supply of beer was waiting for them in Valhalla (Viking Heaven). Way to go, Norsemen!

5. The most expensive bottle of beer ever sold was a bottle of Lowebrau that was rescued from the wreckage of the Hindenburg, an ill-fated air-balloon that burst into flames and crashed dramatically in 1937. The bottle was sold on auction for 10,000 (about R130,000 and counting as the value of the rand drops).

6. There are currently only about 20 microbreweries listed in South Africa as SA Breweries makes it very difficult for anybody else to even get a small slice of the beer "pie".

7. Most beer drunk in South Africa is lager, as the hot climate favours cold drinks and this is how lager is best enjoyed. Ales are very rare and are only made by small breweries or imported. In England of course, the Pommies like ther warm flat ales.

8. Beer is the world's most widely consumed and probably the oldest of alcoholic beverages; it is the third most popular drink overall, after water and tea.

9. A 2005 Japanese study found that low alcohol beer may possess strong anti-cancer properties.

Now go out there and enjoy a pint ...or three! 
Welcome Orphan Car Fans! 

Sunday September September 22nd, 
9:30 am- 4pm. Riverside Park- 
"Riverside Park fills with the sounds and smells of 300 automotive oddballs and eccentricities for this festival. Brands that have fallen by the wayside for myriad reasons are celebrated here, and several of the best automotive historians spend the day sharing their knowledge of these forgotten flivvers, which hail from around the globe and span most of the first automotive century." Come down to see the interesting cars and stop in for a brew and a burger !
Never Fail with Autumn Ale  

 While autumn beers usually tend to rely heavily on pumpkin and nutmeg to convey the taste of fall, The Bruery's Autumn Maple is all about the sweet potatoes! You can expect to see this DELICIOUS beer on draft super soon, we are just waiting until the leaves start turning the faintest hint of red. 
ALSO- On tap from The Bruery RIGHT 
NOW is The Tart of Darkness, a Wild/Tart ale that must be tasted to be believed! 


Ypsi Goes Crazy for QVC
photo credit:
Competing with four other restaurant finalists from around the country, Ypsilanti's Haab's Restaurant was QVC's winner of America's Must See Foodie Destination! In July, a crew from In The Kitchen With David, QVC's most popular show, spent time at Haab's filming segments for a broadcast. Pretty remarkable, but it gets better!

Host David Venable and the crew loved their tours and time in Ypsi so much, they made the decision to broadcast "In The Kitchen With David" live from Riverside Park. Four 60' semi trucks and a crew of about 100 people set everything up and, on Sunday August 25th, approximately 6000 people from as far away as Cincinnati showed to watch the 3 hour live cooking show and sales extravaganza.

Mostly broadcast from the dock with the Huron River in the background, Riverside Park has never looked better. The hosts wore I 'Heart' Ypsi tee shirts and, in addition to Haab's - the Firehouse Museum, E.M.U., Depot Town and Downtown were also featured.

Our good friend and Haab's co owner Mike Kabot said, This is obviously great for Haab's, but it's tremendous for all of Ypsilanti". Good show, Haab's!

 Welcome to Depot Town!



If you are looking for some top-of-the-line web services, look no further than Depot Town! VC Web just relocated to Cross Street and with design, IT and multimedia services, VC Web can take care of all your personal or business web needs.


As they put it, "From multimedia content creation to business branding, VC Web offers a full suite of creative services including HD Videography, Photography and Podcasting. Do not miss those special moments that your clients will want to experience." Be sure to check out their website for more information about all the services they offer!


Bell's vs. Enbridge 2013 
MI Beer -1, Big Oil -0

As if you needed another reason to love Bell's Brewery, the lastest news out of Kalamazoo puts the beloved brewery in the ring on Enbridge Oil Company, with the creators of Oberon coming out victorious. 


As Mother Jones reports

"Michigan's Bell's Brewery won a decision against Enbridge Oil Thursday night that nixed a proposal the brewery claims would have shut it down for what could have been months. After almost five hours of deliberation, Comstock Township Planning Commission rejected Enbridge Oil's plan to drop an oil cleanup dredge pad in the lot next to the brewery-and practically in the back yards of some 40 homeowners-and proved that there is still some lingering good in the world."


See, it all began in July 2010, when an oil pipeline, owned by Enbridge,  ruptured ousode of Kalamazoo and spilled nearly 850,000 gallons of heavy crude into the Kalamazoo River. That was THREE YEARS AGO and the EPA estimates that 180,000 if iluted bitumen may still sit at the bottom of the river. Due to the fact that a pretty freaking huge amount of oil is still pollutiong the river systems in Kalamazoo, the EPA ordered the oil company to complete some additional clean-up. This is where Bell's comes in. 


Mother Jones explains, 

"In July, when Enbridge plotted a holding site for the oil-contaminated muck, called a dredge pad, it stuck one next door to Bell's main brewery-and that was something that Larry Bell, the brewery's owner, wasn't going to stand for.  "We were going to be downwind," says Bell. "It was going to contaminate our ingredients. It was going to contaminate our employees-it would have put us out of production." He filed a lawsuit in late July after work had already begun on the site and says he's spent roughly $50,000 fighting for the site to be moved. According to a complaint filed by Township Supervisor Ann Nieuwenhuis in early July, "substantial work...occurred without Enbridge applying for and obtaining the necessary Township permits," squelching locals' chance to air their concerns. "Their M.O. is to set up next to people who can't fight 'em," says Bell. "They never bargained for setting up next to me." "


On Thursday night, the township's attorney Ken Sparks ruled that Enbridge failed to provide the "burden of proof that health and traffic concerns would be properly addressed." So it looks as though Big Beer may have just beat Big Oil... at least for now and if that is not another reason to love Bell's Brewery we don't know what is!

From The Stockbroker to The Pawnbroker

So what we're hearing is that the entire collection of the Detroit Institute of Arts is to be sold by Christie's Auctions of New York to pay down Detroit's staggering debts. There will be a total of six different auction sales, the first scheduled for Saturday, November 16th, and buyers worldwide are at the ready. The first four sales will be held at Christie's New York Rockefeller Center showrooms, the final two sales will be held in the D.I.A.'s by then empty Grand Hall.

Okay, that is not *entirely* true. We made it up. But the truth is that Christie's has been at the D.I.A. twice now and it's understood that they're appraising the artwork, and not here to set up an Antiques Roadshow.

We get it. Selling the city owned assets of the D.I.A. can go a long way to settle Detroit's debt caused by years of careless spending, a shrinking tax base, and corruption at what seems to be almost every level of government. The D.I.A. has a phenomenal collection of exhibits and individual pieces; from the original 1950's Howdy Doody marionette to Rembrandt's "Visitation" - two pieces alone that are valued at just under two million dollars.

Everybody gets it - but nobody likes it. The collection at the D.I.A. is on par with any art museum in the world. Repeated one hundred times (now 101) is the idea that if Detroit is to again become a world class city,  a world class art museum is essential.

As we seem to do our best thinking while relaxing in the opulence of the Sidetrack employee hot tub while pool boys and a couple of girls from the Vu keep the Bloody Mary bar stocked, and - based on nothing but the influence of a perfectly sunny day, good conversation and a couple of cocktails, we have a theory.

Every major museum, and most of the smaller museums, have "really good stuff" in storage. "Really good stuff" that has been donated, purchased or willed that due to a lack of continuity with other pieces, not enough exhibit space, changing styles and trends, or simply "out of sight, out of mind", good stuff that will likely forever reside in a museum basement or other off site storage areas. What might be in D.I.A. storage areas? Undiscovered paintings from Old Masters? Marshall Frederick bronze sculptures? Original Alexander Calders or Paul Klee's? A previously unknown Van Gogh self portrait entitled, "The Good Ear", or, maybe one or both of the lost and never found arms from the Venus de Milo or other ancient Greek sculptures?

Our theory is that it is the "really good stuff" in storage - the hidden treasures - that Christie's is examining and appraising. Perhaps there is hidden treasure that could be sold for substantial amounts to pay down Detroit's debts, while maintaining the integrity and the world class exhibits of the Detroit Institute of Arts.

And if Christie's visited Ypsilanti? Our museums boast quality items from a monumental 7' x 4' stain glass window from Tiffany Studios, 10,000 BC Indian artifacts, early 1800's horse drawn firefighting wagons, to a full size prop Tucker automobile used in the Tucker movie with Jeff Bridges and a rare 1954 Hudson Jetliner automobile. Public art includes "The Hiker", a bronze sculpture by Allen George Newman at the intersection of W.Cross and Washtenaw which pays tribute to the soldiers of the Spanish American War, the marble bust of Demitrius Ypsilanti in front of the Water Tower, the concrete and plaster Mother Mary at W. Cross and Hamilton, and - rivaling some of what would be seen at the Henry Ford Museum - the ten ton 19th century cast iron cannon in Prospect Park, originally used as a coastal defense gun at Fort McCary, Maine.

Christie's of New York is welcome to visit Ypsilanti anytime. In fact, we'll buy you lunch and give you the tour. can't touch "our good stuff"! 

On Mondays in September, with this coupon, growler 1 YOU can get a FREE GROWLER. All you have to do is purchase the beer and you get the growler for free!  
Offer Valid Mondays in September. 21+ in ONLY.