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 St. Patrick's Day is an enchanted time - a day to begin transforming winter's dreams into summer's magic.  
 -Adrienne Cook 




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On St. Patrick's Day, Jessica French would like to buy YOU a pint of Guinness. What's the catch? It is simple: If YOU come down to Sidetrack on St. Pats AND you have a last name that begins with Mc, Mac or O' ... then JESSICA WILL BUY YOU A PINT! Please note, you must have this coupon to get your free pint! 

(limit ONE per customer. 21 +, Valid ID required)


Don't forget to check out the rest of the holiday festivities: 

- Irish Stew!


-Shepherd's Pie!


- Traditional Irish soda bread!


-Bagpipers & fiddlers!


-Our Famous Corned Beef and Cabbage!


-Potato Leek Soup!


-Homemade Chocolate Guinness Floats!

Oh Boy, It's Almost OBERON DAY!

Join us on the 25th of March at the stroke of midnight to welcome back this seasonal brew !


For any of you who have not experienced Oberon Day at The Sidetrack Bar and Grill, it is quite the event.With free schwag giveaways and $3.00 pints all day long, Oberon Day is a party... to say the least! Head on out to The Sidetrack  at the end of the month to have your first pint of this delicious Michigan Beer. Stay tuned to our facebook for more details!

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Get Ready to Graduate! 
Commencement Season Has Arrived

With the end of the school year in sight, we  are gearing up for graduation! Now boasting TWO events spaces, as well as FULL off-site catering services, The Sidetrack is the perfect place to celebrate! Keep in mind that we get incredibly busy for both U of M and EMU graduations, so make your reservations before we fill up- Just call Jessica at 734.483.5230 and she will take care of all your reservation and catering needs.

     We are The Party People!


Upcoming nuptials? Frenchie's can handle all your wedding needs!


Rehearsal Dinners: Our back patio is the perfect place to hold a mid-summer's night rehearsal dinner. We offer several food service options including an abbreviated Sidetrack menu and catered buffet!


Receptions: Frenchie's can hold a catered reception for  any group from 30 guests up to 150 guests! With amazing food, a great location and no rental cost why would you go anywhere else? Let our talented staff take care of everything from the food to the music- at Frenchie's, anything is a possibility!


Catered Meals: Having an off-site event? Hosting friends and family at your home? Frenchie's will bring the food to you! Check out our Food-on-the-Run Menu (for off-site events) or or Frenchie's Catering Menu! Or simply call Jessica @ 734.483.5230 for all your wedding needs!


 Random Sidetrack Stuff: Meet Igor 
Although many unique things may adorn the nooks and crannies of The Sidetrack, one particular fixture seems to elicit  more inquiries than others. One of the decorations most frequently inquired about is the small gargoyle that sits atop the mantle of our fireplace. While Igor has a pretty entertaining personality, it is his story that makes him invaluable to The Sidetrack.

Igor came to Ypsilanti in 1958 with a couple named Viktor and Rika Konchalovski. Viktor and Rika immigrated from Lipetsk, Russia in order to be closer to the music of Elvis Presley or, as they called him "The King". They would travel for weeks on end to see Elvis  shake his hips in smokey bars. No matter where their travels took them, they would  always return to Ypsilanti, back to The Sidetrack for a beer and a hamburger. Over the years, Viktor and Rika became some of our best, and most entertaining, customers.

It was August 16th, 1977 that would forever change Igor's life. After the death of their obsession, Viktor and Rika felt they had no choice but to return to Russia to continue thier work as nesting doll craftsmen. The day they left was difficult and we knew The Sidetrack was going to miss the flamboyant outfits of our favorite Russian Elvis fans. Following their last hamburger before the airport, Igor and Rika gave us a gift that has stayed with us throughout the years- Igor Konchalovski, the contemplative stone figure that has become part of our family. 


What do you call a tester of Irish beers? 
- A Guinness Pig
How do you find an Irishman in a jewelry store ?
- Check the Emerald Isle
Why do waiters dread a table of leprechauns?
-They are always a little short
Tasting Event



March sings with the smolder and spice that ushers in the spring, and to cleverly pair our tastings with the seasons we have chosen the spirit that owes its origins to American culture... BOURBON!


Join us as we sample and discuss (at least) 6 bourbons. From local to craft, iconic to rare, we will be tasting an array of bourbons sure to impress any bourbon lover. 


WHEN: Wednesday March 13th, 7pm-10pm 

WHAT: Bourbon, bourbon-friendly snacks**, bourbon geek commentary, distillery reps & bourbon tasting notes.

Basically, bourbon HEAVEN!   

WHERE: Our new space (Next to Frenchie's)

WHO: Bourbon lovers and those looking to explore the delicious nuances of this fine spirit. 

WHY: For the LOVE of Bourbon!

HOW: Tickets are $25 and can be purchased on the Merch page of our website (HERE) beginning on Wednesday March 6th, or you can call Jessica at 733.483.5230 to book your tickets over the phone.

Please note, because space is limited, this event will sell out so DON'T wait until the last minute to get your ticket!
Also, Keep an eye on our Facebook page to find out more about the bourbons we will be featuring!
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**BONUS: Bourbon-friendly snacks? BOURBON- FRIENDLY SNACKS! Word has it that Jessica's famous Bourbon Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies may be making an appearance too!

The TRUTH Behind the Sidetrack Burger



Every so often, a customer will email me with a question about the building, the menu or their love life.  While I may not know a whole lot about love, I DO know The Sidetrack pretty well. Given this, I thought I would take a chance to address some of the most frequently asked questions.


This MonthWhere does a Sidetrack Burger come from?


This is a question that I get on a daily basis. Our traditionalanswer is "No one knows. Only Linda and the butcher know the secret recipe!" Although that may be our stock answer, it could not be father from the truth. See, I'm about to pull the blanket off the whole mystery. (Please don't let Linda know that you heard it from me!)


A Sidetrack burger begins it's journey right here in Ypsilanti. On the outskirts of town, Walter Love (our beloved cook) has his very own urban farm. It is there that he raises the pampered cows that will one day be our delicious Sidetrack burgers (he grows the beer battered pickles too!). 


Each cow is treated to daily massages from Walter himself, a sweating to the oldies session, and a soothing mud bath. Each night,Walter grabs the mic to serenade the cows to sleep with one of his famous smooth R&B jams (his name is Love for a reason). He then tucks them in to their individual California King size beds and kisses them gently on the forehead before they drift into dreams of greener pastures and softer cud.


So that's our secret. Walter Love's forehead kisses and smooth R&B jams in every bite.


Marching Out of Winter With New Beers


Looking for a great way to get through this last bit of winter? Stop on in for a pint of one of our 24 draft beers to kick those winter blues! Some new additions to our tap line-up include-
+Vander Mill,  Ginger Peach Cider

+ Dark Horse Brewing, DOUBLE Crooked Tree    IPA

+Left Hand Brewing, Smoke Jumper Imperial Porter

In the spirit of Mr. Winslow's visit to Ypsilanti, we present to you...

The Stand-Up Comedy of General Demetrius Ypsilanti

"Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, how about a big hand for our warm up acts, but now it's time for our headliner. You've seen him on the old Magic Johnson Show and he does the voice of Constantine, a Moldavian officer in the Imperial Russian Army on Cartoon Network's "Mongolian Chop Squad", please give a warm welcome to the commander of Troops in the Greek War of Independence and generally a very funny man, General Demetrius Ypsilanti !"


"Hey! How's everybody doing tonight? My name's Demetrius, a Greek word meaning 'Family Dollar'. As most of you know, I'm a General in the Greek Army and spent all day yesterday battling the Turks where our ammunition was completely exhausted. Well, I just got in this morning, and boy, are my arms tired.


Hello? Is this on?


It's an honor to be here tonight in the City that took my name, with a marble bust of myself right across the street from one of the country's great Universities and in the shadow of the world's largest architectural phallic symbol. Kind of humbles a guy, you know?


Any married people here tonight? My fiance' Manto is mad at me. She was complaining that I never take her out to eat - I call it 'whining and dining' - so we went to the biggest steak house in Viron. I ordered an 18 oz. steak very rare. The waiter asked if I wasn't worried about the mad cow. I told him "Nah, she can order whatever she wants for herself".

For her birthday, Manto hinted that she wanted something sleek that would go from 0 - 150 in three seconds. So I bought her a scale.

Actually, I bought Manto a beautiful coat made from skunk hide. She asked "How could something this stunning come from such a foul smelling disgusting animal?" I said, "Look, you don't even need to say thanks, but it's not necessary to insult me."

The last time I was deployed, I called Manto and said, "Sweetheart, I'm getting excited just thinking about you." She said, "Who is this?"


What a crowd. What a crowd.


So a guy is in divorce court. The judge says, "...and I'm giving your ex wife $800 a month in alimony." The guy says, "That's very generous Your Honor. I'll try to help a little myself every now and then."

A guy walks into a bar where they have a piano player during happy hours with a monkey who collects tips. A customer goes up to the piano player and says, "Hey! Do you know your monkey just spit in my beer?" Without looking up, the piano player asks, "What key is it in?"


What? No rim shot?!?


But what about those privates of mine? Hey! What kind of crowd is this? I mean the enlisted men!

I have one private who thinks he's a goat. I asked him how long he's felt like this and he told me since he was a kid.

I walked into the barracks one day and asked this private why he wasn't working. He said it's because he didn't see me coming.

I asked a private to stand behind my vehicle and make sure that the turn indicators were working. He was yelling, "Yes, Sir. No, Sir.Yes, Sir. No, Sir.

One of my privates was being court marshaled. The Corporal said, "You've been brought in for excessive drinking." My private answered, "Great! Let's get started!"


Hi - Yo!


Ya know, it's not easy being a General. It's so rough, that on one assignment, we had nothing to eat but dehydrated food. We got caught in a rainstorm and everybody gained 50 pounds.

It's so rough that my 2nd Lieutenant came to me and said, "General, there's little to eat and little to drink. The troops are revolting." I said, "Well, you're pretty repulsive yourself."

Last week, the toilets were stolen from the Officer's Quarters. The M.P.'s have nothing to go on.


But seriously, I come from a rough town.

The most common form of transportation is a stretcher. Our local bank keeps its money in another bank. The candy store has a bouncer. I once got mugged by an elderly Asian man. He broke my arm in 3 places. Athens, Viron, and Crete. Then he stabbed me about 40 times. He didn't get much money, but my bad back pain went away.


So are you having fun, Sir? Good. Are you in show biz? No? Then how about getting your feet off the stage?


So a soldier accidentally hits a pig with his jeep and speeds away. The M.P.'s bring him in for questioning. "How'd you know it was me?" The M.P. answers, "The pig squealed."

Two guys are about to be executed. Each is granted a last wish. The first guy says, "I'd like to hear Celine Dion sing the theme song from "Titanic". For his wish, the second guy says, "Kill me first."

What's the difference between a wounded rhino and Carlita Kilpatrick? Jewelry.


And how about my doctor? You know my doctor, Dr. Larry Larue? Now I get why he wears a mask. He gave me a year to live and a bill for $10,000. I told him I'm in the Military and couldn't possibly pay his bill within one year. So he gave me two years to live. He told me I could make monthly payments. I said that it's kind of similar to buying a car. Dr. Larue said, "Well, more like a new boat

I told him my leg hurts and he said it was due to getting older. I told him my other leg's the same age and it doesn't hurt.

He called me and told me my check came back. I told him, "So did my arthritis."


But seriously, folks. What an honor it is to have this great city named after me. Interestingly, Ypsilanti was almost named for one of my contemporaries, General Rudolph Watterstreit.

You know, our Greek sister city Naphalia has many things in common with Ypsilanti. Beautiful historic buildings, great people, first class educational facilities, and an inordinate amount of tax preparation offices.


Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, I had a great time tonight, thanks a lot for coming out. I'll be here all week, don't forget to tip your waitstaff, I'll have "D. Ypsi - Water Street, Water Tower, Water you thinking?!?" tee shirts available in the lobby, and please drive safely.



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The Dictionary defines FREE as:... ah, who really cares? Come in on Mondays in March, with this coupon, and get a free burger with a purchase of another. Yes, you need this coupon. Batteries, free will and fries not included. 
Offer Valid WITH COUPON on Mondays in MARCH. Dine in only.