Dear Friends

After two very good days at In Scena Winter, today is the GRAND day! 

3PM Italy has Arisen
4PM Commedia dell'Arte presentation
8:30PM La KITFesta di Carnevale.

buy your tickets for the shows, the Festa di Carnevale and the Commedia dell'Arte presentation. And tell your friends! And come dressed as your favorite Italian! 

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Hope to see you tonight to dance, play and have a lot of Carnival fun!


Saturday 6th following 
Festa di Carnevale 2016
Michela Musolino and Phil Passantino, Sicilian Music
Danielle Lima, Samba
Commedia dell'Arte Carachters
Photo Exhibition by Joe Zerba
Catering by Jacqueline Greaves
Thanks to our amazing guests and contributors!!!

The Festa will also feature drinks, food, games, dancing, smiling and the award to the best 'Look I am Italian' mask!

The Festa will follow In scena Winter program: 

$20 only entrance
$35 entrance + drinks
$40 entrance + drinks + the show NIUIORC NIUIORC
$80 entrance + drinks + two shows NIUIORC NIUIORC and ITALY HAS ARISEN and Commedia dell'Arte Workshop in between shows.

Francesco Foti

Feb. 6 at 7:30pm
Feb. 7 at 3pm

NIUIORC NIUIORC is a journey across the Big Apple, based on a true travel diary. A 'young' 40-year-old 'boy' finds himself disoriented in the big city. He gets lost in the streets, avenues and parks of Manhattan while meeting a unique collection of characters. A funny, tender and original story about finding yourself in a foreign city. 

According to I-Italy, "Francesco Foti is fascinating, acting out all of the chapters of his journey while involving the audience, which laughs and follows him through it." 

This 75 minute solo show is written, directed and performed by Francesco Foti and in English and Italian.  

L'Italia s'e' desta
by Rosario Mastrota
with Dalila Cozzolino
Produced by Compagnia Ragli (Calabria)

Feb. 6 at 3pm
Feb. 7 at 7:30pm

ITALY HAS ARISEN("L'Italia s'è desta") tells the story of Carletta, a Shakespearean village fool, who witnesses Calabrese mafia kidnap the Italian national soccer team. She's the only person who knows where the team is hidden, but nobody believes her.

Eliza Bent of TDF noted that "Sly word play is never far off in their conversation, and along with heady jokes, L'Italia has a remarkable amount of lightness and heart." 

Titled after a lyric from the Italian national hymn, ITALY HAS ARISEN has been awarded numerous prizes in Italy, including the Teatropia 2012 award, the Restart Award at the Politically Incorrect Festival 2013, and Antimafie Dirittinscena Award 2013. It was also a finalist for the prestigious Hystrio Stage Writing award 2012. 
Written and directed by Rosario Mastrota, it is performed by Dalila Desirée Cozzolino. It is performed in Italian and Calabrese Dialect with English Supertitles. 

Saturday 6th, following the 3pm show, Rosario Mastrota and Dalila
 Cozzolino will offer a lesson-show on Commedia dell'Arte!

In one hour, the two Italian actors will explain and show the most important Commedia dell'Arte characters: Arlecchino, Giangurgolo, Pulcinella, Pantalone, Balanzone and many others. A funny lesson for learning and laughing!

Commedia dell'arte presentation 
at your school?
On the occasion of In Scena Winter, Rosario Mastrota and Dalila Cozzolino have created easy workshops-demonstration on Commedia dell'arte, suitable for students of any age.

If you are interested please contact

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