To all our friends who contributed to our Festa di Natale and to our Online Auction: Unemployed Philosophers Guild,  Buoni propositi, Antonio Petracca, GustiamoTodd Carroll PhotographyPalermo Street FoodRegina Pierallini DesignKIT ItaliaKairos Italy TheaterIn Scena! Italian Theater Festival NYLa Mama... and everyone who came! It was a success and a lot of fun! 
Festa di Natale la tavola Festa di Natale 2015

To all the donors
, who are giving oxygen to KIT for 2016, and to the ones who will donate and/or contributed to KIT programs.

As most (or all) of you, we all are about to take a break to be with our loved ones. We hope that all of you will have a serene and happy and full of delicious food time these upcoming days. 

Be aware that our auction online must end Sunday December 20, in order to try to get the items on time to the ones who won the bids. 
So go and BID! Few more hours to get great gifts. 

I am receiving many requests of donation and I am sure you do as well. So many companies, institutions, Not-for-profit deserve support. I hope that you will find a way to support KIT while supporting other groups. Below there are some donations suggestions. If 100 of you will send us $10, we'll receive $1000! or if those 100 donate $20, we get $2000... and if 100 of you donate $100, we get... a beautiful gift from all of you. 

I hope that my dream will become true... Happy Holidays, my dear friends, and again, thank you. 

Laura and everyone else at KIT

How to support KIT while still doing Christmas Shopping
(must end December 20)

Do you see something you like? Do you want some of these items? 
Are you curious what else is in our Bid? 
To have an answer to all these questions and to BID, go to our 

Just few save the dates for our friends to look forward to a 2016 together in theater, love and fun...
a lot of fun!

In Scena Winter February 4-7

Festa di Carnevale February 6

In Scena! 2016 - 4th edition May 2-16