KITNews Fall 2015: KIT-START (again)
Dear KIT Friends,
Ifigenya Griva
WWL in Syros, Greece

Welcome back to our newsletter and to KIT world. 
hope you had great summer. I certainly did. The 2015 World Wide Lab in Syros,Greece was very successful and our Fallaci was a success together with all the other shows. Check the photos and see yourself.

For the Fall, we are presenting new and old shows while preparing the entire KIT season. I have many news to share and I will... soon.

In the meantime, let me introduce you Jean Paul Del Monte who will replace Francesco Meola in the Decameron. Jean Paul is a very talented actor from Val D'Aosta who has joined the cast for our tour. 

and now...

Un pensiero per la Baroness Mariuccia Zerilli-Marimo', the founder of Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo' at NYU and the true mecenate (patron) of the Italian culture in the United States. The Baroness was a smiling, passionate friend who believed in KIT and encouraged all of us to keep going and do better. She will be surely missed... and surely won't be forgot. 

From all of us, Arrivederci Baronessa e Grazie. Laura&KIT
Coming up...
My name is Farfariello
Margherita summer Cuny
Professor Margherita
Decameron at Vassar College

IN SCENA! Italian Theater festival NY
In Scena 2016
My Name is Farfariello: A collection of stories and characters written by Eduardo Migliaccio known as Farfariello to tell the story of Italian immigration in the States. By&With Laura Caparrotti.
October 20, College of Staten Island
October 21, Suffolk County Community College

Boccaccio and Bologna: Decameron VII, 7 and VIII, 9. 
With Francesco Andolfi, Giulia Bisinella, Carlotta Brentan, Jean Paul Del Monte, Jacopo Rampini and Irene Turri.

more to come:
Professor Margherita teaches again;
a new production from In Scena 2013;
In Scena 2016 exciting news!
November 2 - Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo' at NYU
One night dedicated to Pasolini and his relationship with New York. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of his death. Details to be announced soon.
December 16
La Festa di Natale di KIT
Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo'

Least but not last...
The World Wide Lab 2015 was a great experience and Syros, in Greece, proved to be a place where theater should be done over and over. As we are working to go back, enjoy our gallery... jealousy is allowed. 

Poster of WWL in Syros, Greece

Francesco Meola in Taiwan

Francesco has landed few days ago in Taipei to continue his work on Kaufu directed by Laura Tesmann Gillette and Jocelyn Yuchia Chang and he's already performing! Have a blast everyone, we cannot wait to see the show, in NY or in Rome. 
Remember In Scena 2013? Dealers of Souls was presented as one of the reading in translation. Following its mission of bringing more Italian theater on stage, KIT in collaboration with Theater for the New City is about to present the full stage version of Dealers of Souls... coming up in November!
Alberto Bassetti, author of Dealers of Souls

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