KITNEWS Summer 2015
Thank you! Grazie!
For coming to In Scena! 2015, for supporting our programs, for being our friends and believing on what we do, on a daily basis: making Italian culture in the States... and abroad!

While we all at KIT are taking time to follow our personal dreams (and duties...), we are already cooking for the Fall. Check In Scena! 2016, get ready for our pre-holidays party and look for more news after August. 

In the meantime, dear KIT friends, please enjoy our KITnewsletter while enjoying the summer! 

Happy vacation and relax to everyone!
Margherita summer Cuny
Upcoming events Fall 2015:
October 28 two novels of the Decameron at Vassar College
November 2 Requiem for Pasolini on the day of his death, 40 years ago.

SAVE THE (about) DATE: December 2015 (date TBA)
BUONE FESTE with KIT - a special night for all our new and old friends. 

and more it is to come in the next few weeks...
IN SCENA! 2016 - MAY 2-16, 2016
The dates are set, the submission season is open and the Mario fratti Award theme has been chosen. The organization of In Scena! 2016 has officially started!

The guidelines are online together with the submission forms to be filled. The deadline for shows and readings is October 1st, for the Mario Fratti Award is December 15th. 

Some news for the 2016 edition:
1. We have added the category Teatro Ragazzi (Theater for a young audience) to the shows we are going to present;
2. The theme of the Mario Fratti Award 2016 is  THE MASK - LA MASCHERA, honoring Pirandello use of the idea of the mask in society;
3. We are still NOT charging a submission fee for shows and readings;
4. We are STILL giving the location, the technical support, press representative services, photos and when possible videos to the companies participating PLUS In Scena with Irene, parties, friendship and opportunities of networking in New York and in Italy. 


In 2016, the Festival will be dedicated to 
 on the 80th anniversary of his death. 
...missed the In Scena! 2015 photos taken by our great photographers? Check them in the In Scena! FLICKR page.

...checked KIT New website?
It is still in progress, but we hope you can already enjoy the ride!
and most important... 
...missed the episodes (or just even one) of 
Now you can see all 32 episodes,  the artists, the amazing host and NY when and where you like!
Irene Turri
Check the shows on KIT's YouTube Page, on ROKU (look for In Scena Channel on Italy on Demand) and on Irene Turri's Vimeo page.
What else?
After Rome 2014, the
World Wide Lab is going to Syros, Greece and so do Laura! 
For two weeks Laura will direct greek actors in collaboration with Vidhu Singh and Esther Jun (among others) on excerpts of
Fallaci: una donna contro 
by Emilia Constantini, presented as a reading in translation at In Scena! 2014. Photos will follow...
Farfariello - Poesia
His name was Farfariello 
and he was a great entertainer at the beginning of 1900. KIT is working on a show that is bringing back some of his skits together with the Italians who lived in NY in 1910-20 and so on... Stay tuned for the debut in the Fall!

(In the meantime enjoy the picture taken during the shoot made for the
Italian-Americans PBS documentary)

Kuafu - CollaborAZIONI
born during CollaborAZIONI Roma 2014, is going to Taiwan to continue his journey. We at KIT are very excited and cannot wait to see more of it. 

Laura Tesman, Jocelyn Yuchia Chang and Francesco Meola: Congratulations!
Kuafu - prove
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Kairos Italy Theater | 
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