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November 2014

It's the season of Thank you!
and KIT wants to thank you... 

Dear Friends, 

In this season of Thank You I want to thank you all for following what KIT has been doing for 14 years now. Only in this past year we:
  • Created two new production (Decameron and The Cloven Viscount)
  • Presented old and new productions in New York, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Rochester, San Francisco
  • Co-produced two theatrical events in Italy
  • Doubled the days and the companies participating at In Scena! 2014
As you can see below, we are already working on the season 2015-2016. There is so much to do, we are thrilled to get requests from educators, theaters, communities and to be commissioned to do new work.

Yet, we do need a lot of support to do everything and to do it well. 

This is why my thank you is a thank you for what you have done and for what you will be able to do to support us. In 2015, beside Boccaccio and Machiavelli, we'll present a work on Pasolini, the third edition of In Scena!, one or two works by new upcoming Italian playwrights, new collaborations between KIT and Italian theater companies in Italy and we'll tour with our new and old productions.

Just to give you an example, your support will contribute to:
  • Create a new website for Kairos Italy Theater (with a big section on education)
  • Hire a part-time worker for our outreach effort
  • Improve the costumes for Decameron and Mandrake Root
  • Have a consultant to better work on grants and corporate giving (in order to be able to produce all the beautiful plays we'd like to produce)
  • Raise the money needed to present the third edition of In Scena! in May 2015.
You can help, even if with little. In the upcoming months KIT is going to have fundraising events, in the meantime, if you'd like to make a tax-exempt donation, follow this link and then the instructions. 

And now... HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO YOU ALL and for the ones in Italy: Grazie anche a voi per essere sempre presenti, anche da oltreoceano. 


From Boccaccio to Shakespeare
YoungKIT at work
The YoungKIT
December 8, 2014 - 6:30PM
Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo' 
at NYU
(24 W 12 street)

Following the productions of The Mandrake Root by Machiavelli and of the three novels that were the base for Machiavelli's work from the Decameron by Boccaccio, KIT is now exploring Shakespeare work to discover how much the great playwright has been influenced by Italian theater and literature as well as what differences there are in the work of these three giants.
Rocco Sisto
Rocco Sisto

Led by Three Time Obie Award actor Rocco Sisto, KIT is working on scenes from Measure from Measure while learning about the relationship between Shakespeare and Italy. KIT will share the result of the workshop presenting scenes from Measure for Measure together with scenes from Mandrake Root and Decameron and an introduction on Shakespeare's Italy by Rocco Sisto. 

In Scena! 2015 MAY 4-20 2015 - IL BANDO E' ONLINE!
Logo Inscena

Ancora fino al 15 dicembre per partecipare al bando per In Scena 2015, che quest'anno si svolger� dal 4 al 20 maggio nei cinque distretti di Manhattan e in altri centri degli Stati Uniti. 

Tre le sezioni:
Letture in traduzione
Premio Mario Fratti (tema del premio: La Madre)

Leggete il bando e partecipate! Vi aspettiamo!

December 15 the deadline to submit shows, plays and to the Mario Fratti Award for In Scena 2015 that will take place May 4-20 in the 5 NYC boroughs and in other cities around the States. 

SAVE THE DATES: April 9-12, 2015 
Decameron+Mandrake Root 
in repertoire
The Decameron and the Mandragola
- according to KIT - are back for 6 shows at the Bernie Wohl Center. 
Machiavelli's "The Mandrake Root" (La Mandragola). YoungKIT at NYU

Thursday April 9 - 7:30PM:
The Decameron
Friday April 10 - 7:30PM:
The Mandrake Root
Saturday April 11:
The Mandrake Root
7:30PM: The Decameron
Sunday April 12:
2PM: The Decameron
7:30PM: The Mandrake Root

Boccaccio's "Decameron". YoungKIT at NYU

Ilaria Ambrogi
Francesco Andolfi
Giulia Bisinella
Carlotta Brentan
Francesco Meola
Jacopo Rampini
Irene Turri
Directed by Laura Caparrotti

The Bernie Wohl Center at Goddard Community Center
647 Columbus Avenue, NY, NY 10025

For info go to our website or write to [email protected]
Not to be missed: Mario Monicelli and Toto' at Film Forum
I Soliti Ignoti



On the occasion of the retrospective of Mario Monicelli in New York, KIT is loaning two panels from the Toto' exhibition related to the two films in the retrospective made by Monicelli with Toto': Big deal on Modonna Street (I soliti Ignoti) and Risate di Gioia. 
Do not miss this wonderful series.
Each film is a real gem of Italian Cinema and of Cinema itself.
Film Forum
from Friday, November 28 
to Thursday, December 11


Our friends at Bedlam are on stage with two new productions:
The Seagull and 
Sense & Sensibility. 

The Wall Street Journal said: "As always with Bedlam, the close physical proximity of players and audience is used to breath-catching effect, above all by Andrus Nichols, the company's producing director, who plays Masha. What she does is as much a matter of reaction as of action, and her serious, sensitive face is so open and expressive that watching her respond to the other actors in the cast-especially if you're sitting a half-dozen feet away from her, as I was during the second act-is like reading a fever chart." read the entire article

Bedlam is offering KIT's friends $20 tickets with the code BEDLAMITE. 
Italy in NY (and beyond)

Albero Natale MET

After introducing Mauro Conti from Prescott Studio at IN SCENA! Italian Theater Festival NY 2014, he's back for a much more extensive conference on Sur-titles organized by our friends at the Inserra Chair at Montclair State University.

Surtitles MSU

The Inserra Chair in Italian and Italian American Studies is pleased to invite you to Reading Foreign Voices: Film, Opera, and Theater Sub- and Sur-titles Across Languages.

The program includes a round table and two workshops with experts from Italy, the U.K., NYC and Montclair State University on the art and techniques of titling 
(Fri Dec. 5  9am-2pm).

RSVP required by Tue Dec. 2

via the appropriate links for the round table and workshops.  For specific information, see flyer above and link:

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