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Dear KIT Friends,
again a lot of information for the upcoming In Scena! 2014 (only three weeks!!!).
We have a great Opening Night. Remember to buy your tickets before May 20 for a chance to win two tickets for RUGANTINO at City Center.
We have made some changes:
- On June 13, at 1PM, In Scena! offers a Seminar on Making Theater International: The Art of the Supetitles dedicated to an art that we all International artists need to know more and more to make our original language theater understood at its best;
- On June 14, at Noon, the YoungKIT will Homage Eduardo De Filippo with a reading of his work at the Belmont Library and Enrico Fermi Cultural Center
- On June 19, at Noon, at the NeON PROBATION CENTER, 198 East 161st St, BRONX In Scena! artists will be reading: Love and Soccer part of "Free Verse," led by Dave Johnson

in the next upcoming days we'll be announcing the winner of the Mario Fratti Award. Check our Facebook Page to know the name and the title of the first winner of the Award. The reading will take place June 23 at the Theater for the New City, while the Award Ceremony will be at the Italian Cultural Institute in NY on the Closing Night on June 24 (more details to come, let us surprise you).
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Last but not least, Uomo Moderno is having a party on June 8th at the Gansevoort Park Hotel celebrating In Scena! Italian Theater Festival NY and the Tony Awards in NY. Come starting from 7pm and say hi! We'll be there!

The 2014 Edition of In Scena! is presented by KIT-Kairos Italy Theater in collaboration with The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Embassy of Italy in Washington DC, The Italian Cultural Institute in New York, Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo', Bernie Wohl Community Center at Goddard Riverside, Calandra Institute for Italian American Studies, Dicapo Opera, the Belmont Business District Development, the National Italian American Foundation,  the Arthur Avenue Market Association, The Secret Theater, The Italian Cultural Foundation at Casa Belvedere, Manducatis Rustica and KIT Italia.

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 Kairos Italy Theater in association with the National Italian American Foundation, Belmont Business Improvement District, and the Arthur Avenue Market


Invite you to the 

Opening Night

IN SCENA! Italian Theater festival NY

June 9, 2014 - 7PM
Arthur Avenue Market 
Arthur Avenue, Bronx, NY 
An evening  dedicated to
Toto' e Eduardo Napoli Milionaria
Eduardo de Filippo 
on the 30th Anniversary of his death.     

Special guest
Iaia Forte in the Great beauty
leading actress in Paolo Sorrentino's film 
The Great Beauty 
(Best Foreign Language Film, 2014 Academy Awards)
David Greco chef  
Buffet dinner by featured Food Network  Italian food Expert 
Chef David Greco
Never seen before (in the US) photos of Eduardo de Filippo
courtesy of the 
one of the most important photographers of the classic paparazzi era. 
Raffle of authentic Italian products as well as theatre tickets courtesy of
David Greco, Rugantino, Uomo Moderno and more.

Opening Night tickets are $75, all included. 
Buy the tickets before May 20 for a chance to win two tickets for the musical comedy Rugantino at City Center, Jun 12-14, 2014.  
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June 10, 8PM   
Hanno tutti ragione (Everybody's Right) 
Hanno tutti ragione
with IAIA FORTE, leading actress in The Great Beauty by Paolo Sorrentino (Academy Award, 2014, Best Foreign Language Film).  
The play is based on Sorrentino's 2010 novel, "Hanno tutti ragione," which tells the story of Tony Pagoda, a singer from the far suburbs of Naples. During his long career, he performed on stage across the world's most important venues, including Radio City Music Hall, where he met Frank Sinatra. A great ladies' man, cocaine addict and alcoholic, he emigrates to Brazil to start a new life, until he receives an offer he can't refuse.


DICAPO OPERA, 184 E 76th Street, NY 

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Told in a breathless, irreverent first person voice that is as original as any in contemporary literature, Everybody's Right is the debut novel from one of Italy's most compelling and singular creative minds. Paolo Sorrentino, known principally as the director of movies considered to be among the finest examples of cinematic art by any Italian filmmaker in recent decades, here proves himself to be an equally formidable novelist. - from Europa Editions website - The book Everybody's Right has been nominated for Italy's most prestigious literary award, The Strega.




Iaia Forte was born in Naples, graduated from the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia and made her theatrical debut with Toni Servillo, beginning a long collaboration with the theater company Teatri Uniti and some of Italy's most prominent theatre directors. She was awarded the critics' prize for best actress in "The Misanthrope" (directed by Toni Servillo) and the 'Florino Doro' award of the Societa' Dantesca. On film, she has worked with Pappi Corsicato ("Il Seme della Discordia"), Peter Greenaway ("The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover") and many others.  She has won two Nastri D'Argento awards, a David award (the 'Italian Oscar'), a Globo D'Oro award, a Ciak d'oro, as well as a Linea d'Ombra and a Sacher award for Best Actress in a Leading Role. Iaia played Trumeau in "The Great Beauty" by Paolo Sorrentino (Academy Award, 2013, Best Foreign Language Film).

Born in Naples, Paolo Sorrentino is one of today's most successful and active Italian directors and screenwriters. In 2001, he made his first  feature film, Man Up, starring actors Toni Servillo and Andrea Renzi,  which was selected by the Venice Film Festival and was nominated for  three David di Donatello. In 2004, his second film, The Consequences of  Love, was presented in competition in Cannes, winning several prizes,  including five David di Donatello, four Nastri D'Argento and five Ciak d'Oro. With Family Friend, Sorrentino was once again invited in competition in Cannes and participated in several international festivals. Il Divo, starring Toni Servillo once again, was also presented in competition in Cannes and won the Jury Prize, as well as seven David di Donatello, five Nastri D'Argento and an Oscar nomination for Best Make Up. In 2010, Sorrentino wrote his first novel, They're All Right, which was a finalist for the Premio Strega, followed by Tony Pagoda and his friends. Thanks to his successful career, Sorrentino scored his English-language debut in 2011 with This Must Be the Place starring Sean Penn. The film was presented at the Cannes Film Festival and won several awards including the David. Paolo Sorrentino's  'The Great Beauty' was the winner of the Best Foreign Language Film at the Golden Globe Awards, at the BAFTAs and the Oscars. 


June 11, 8PM - June 20, 7:30PM
L'Italia s'� desta (Italy has Arisen) 
L'Italia s'e' desta
Written and directed by Rosario Mastrota

with Dalila Desir�e Cozzolino. 


Winner of the Teatropia 2012 award (Mafia & Politics themes), the Restart Award at the Politically Incorrect Festival 2013, and Antimafie Dirittinscena Award 2013. 

Finalist for the prestigious Hystrio Stage Writing award 2012.   


The story of Carletta, a Shakespearean village fool, who witnesses the kidnapping by the Calabrese mafia - 'ndrangheta - of the Italian national soccer team. The army, politicians and journalists, too busy creating a media storm around the event, and blinded by the magnitude of the news, don't notice her. She's the only person who knows where the team is hidden - but nobody believes her.  



24 W 12 street, NY

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Please note: This event is FREE for Members of Casa Italiana.

Member-only RSVP: 212-502-7944 - RSVP deadline: 24 hours prior to event start. 

To become a member of Casa Italiana, please contribute a minimum of $50.


JUNE 20, 7:30 PM, BERNIE WOHL CENTER at Goddard Riverside,

647 Columbus Ave, NY - Buy Tickets

L'italia s'è desta - R. Mastrota, con Dalila Cozzo
L'italia s'e' desta Promo


June 15, 8PM - June 23, 9PM 


(an anti-romantic comedy)


Written and performed by Francesco Meola and Irene Turri, directed by Ilaria Ambrogi. 

Produced by OyesOverseas.


Neighbors is a journey into the absurd situations experienced by two Italian immigrants in New York City.  They have opposite personalities, but they are both products of a generation with no certainties. Through this anti-romantic comedy, you follow their brilliant and often funny exchanges on sex, relationships and work.


JUNE 15, 8 PM, THE SECRET THEATER, 4402 23rd Str, Long Island City, Queens - Buy Tickets

JUNE 23, 9 PM, THEATER FOR THE NEW CITY, 155 1st Avenue, NY

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Neighbors Theatre Trailer
IN SCENA! SHOWS (week 2) - In Italian and English or with English Supertitles


RaePWritten by Mauro Santopietro,
directed by and with Mauro Santopietro and Tiziano Panici.

Finalist for the 2011 Premio Scenario.


"RaeP" is an exploration of language: bodies and words, lights and sets, that become the language of the stage. The theme of the show is safety in the workplace, explored through the story of a blue-collar worker, a casualty of occupational fatality, and through that of a student, caught in the harness of a society that can never guarantee he'll be employed.


 JUNE 16, 8 PM, THEATERLAB, 357 W 36th St, NY - Buy Tickets

JUNE 18, 8 PM, TRISKELION ARTS, 118 N 11th St, Brooklyn 

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Mutu (Silence!) 


Written by Aldo Rap�, directed by Lauro Versari and performed by Aldo Rap� and Marco Carlino.


Winner of the Avignon Off Festival 2012 award for Best Foreign Show.


Saro and Salvuccio are brothers, one is a priest, one is a mafioso. They have been silent (mutu) for years because of necessity until one day one can no longer pretend not to know what he knows and needs to rebel.



24 W 12th street, NY - Buy Tickets

Please note: This event is FREE for Members of Casa Italiana.

Member-only RSVP: 212-502-7944 - RSVP deadline: 24 hours prior to event start. 

To become a member of Casa Italiana, please contribute a minimum of $50.


JUNE 22, 7:30 PM, BERNIE WOHL CENTER at Goddard Riverside, 

647 Columbus Ave, NY - Buy Tickets

I corteggiatori: amore a colpi di poesia 
(The Suitors: Love by Poetry)
I corteggiatori


Written and performed by Vito De Girolamo and Carlo Loiudice.


Two men come face to face in a poetry duel. Like two Commedia Dell'Arte actors, except without the masks, the two protagonists satirize the clich� of the "Italian Macho" through the words of some of the world's most beautiful love poetry.




77 Howard Ave, Staten Island - Buy Tickets

JUNE 21, 7:30 PM, BERNIE WOHL CENTER at Goddard Riverside, 

647 Columbus Ave, NY - Buy Tickets


Storia d'amore e di calcio 
(A Story of Love and Soccer)
Storia d'amore e di calcio

Written by Michele Santeramo

Translated by Peter Speedwell
In a village in the south of Italy, today's immigrants compete in the first-ever clandestine soccer world championship to determine who will have control over the city center for the following year. Italy, Libya, Morocco, Poland, Ukraine and Senegal are the impromptu national teams fighting to become the champions of their suburban world. In the middle of it all is the love story between an Italian midfield player and an Indian girl...

JUNE 11 - 6PM 
Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo' at NYU, 24 W 12 street, NY

Buy Tickets - Free with a ticket for the same day show

Please note: This event is FREE for Members of Casa Italiana.

Member-only RSVP: 212-502-7944 - RSVP deadline: 24 hours prior to event start. 

To become a member of Casa Italiana, please contribute a minimum of $50.


 Fallaci: a woman against
Fallaci una donna contro
Written by Emilia Costantini
Translated by Dave Johnson 
and Laura Caparrotti
in the role of Oriana Fallaci


Author Emilia Costantini imagines a post-mortem interview with the famous and controversial journalist Oriana Fallaci. The material is based on the writings by Oriana Fallaci. 


JUNE 16, 6 PM, TheatreLab, 357 W 36th St, NY

Buy TicketsFree with a ticket for the same day show





Written by Mario Gelardi and Giuseppe Miale di Mauro,

based on the short story Super Santos 

by Roberto Saviano, 

translated and adapted by Dave Johnson 

and Laura Caparrotti

Based on true events, The story revolves around four youths who are recruited by the Camorra as look-outs: their job is to play soccer in a village square and let the Camorra know when the police, or anyone else suspicious, arrives. Saviano's story focuses on the 'careers' of the youths, among them a rising Camorra Boss, each of whom has to choose between soccer and crime.
JUNE 17 - 6PM

Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimo' at NYU, 24 W 12 street, NY 

Buy Tickets - Free with a ticket for the same day show

Please note: This event is FREE for Members of Casa Italiana.

Member-only RSVP: 212-502-7944 - RSVP deadline: 24 hours prior to event start. 

To become a member of Casa Italiana, please contribute a minimum of $50.


Rugantino in NY!
After 50 years, the famous Italian musical comedy, Rugantino, is back in NY June 12-14, 2014. 
Join us in welcoming a great piece of Italian theater history. 

To celebrate this production,
In Scena! has not scheduled conflicting events for those three days. 

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