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April, 2013  

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Announcing: ThinkLite will be 2013 SBN Summit Presenting Sponsor!
Sustainability Leadership Summit 2013
Buy Local Trade Show
B2B Networking Group
Ag Day
BeCause Water Event Review
SBN Member Announcement
SBLP Updates
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Hyper Local Craft Brewfest
SBN On Tour: Deer Island
Annual BALLE Business Conference
SBN Green Tip of the Month
Dear SBN Members and Friends, 
I hope you're recovering from the tragic and upsetting events of the Boston Marathon week.  Many people in my immediate community were forever impacted by the bombings and I know I am still in a healing phase and processing what this all means to the victims and our community.      

Even in the face of this terror and pain, the people of Boston and neighboring towns came together through thousands of beautiful and inspiring individual and collective actions.  People everywhere are offering support for the 
victims and their families.  One small example of this generosity is a program at The Longfellow Clubs where over 400 members are working out for 26 days to raise money for the One Fund Boston that raises needed funds for the victims of the Marathon bombing. 

It is my belief that another way to honor the victims, the heroes who came to their aid, and the first-responders who worked tirelessly to protect us, is to live our lives in ways that strengthen our communities. 

The SBN Sustainability Leadership Summit on Friday, May 10th provides an important opportunity for those of us who are working to change our world for the better. It's a time to come together in a space filled with heart and aimed toward actions that will deepen our connections with one another--the Summit is more than changing our world it's about building community and healing our hearts.  By participating in this gathering we can:
  • Connect, support, and inspire one another
  • Celebrate the great work that our local economy movement is doing every day
  • Listen and engage with instructive and energizing stories from many dynamic speakers such as local economy icon and breakthrough entrepreneur Judy Wicks of the White Dog Cafe and BALLE.
  • Discover ways to strengthen our various organizations, projects, and programs
  • Make plans to take collaborative action that will make our communities more local, green, fair, and kind.  
Please join me and over 100 other sustainable leaders on May 10th to grow our movement and create a more vibrant, prosperous, and compassionate Massachusetts community. Now more than ever it's time to come together--let's be Boston Strong and Community Strong.

Locally yours, 

Executive Director, SBN
Announcing ThinkLite, LLC as SBN's 2013 Sustainability Leadership Summit Presenting Sponsor! 
"ThinkLite believes in challenging the wasteful practices of today."

SBN is thrilled to announce our 2013 Sustainability Leadership Summit Presenting Sponsor: ThinkLite, LLC!

ThinkLite LLC, based in Watertown, MA, is a global lighting efficiency company dedicated to helping businesses and governments go green without having to incur the upfront costs and difficulties associated with the change.

"We use our expertise in lighting to craft solutions that solve any issues or concerns that our valued customers have with their traditional lighting," said Dinesh Wadhwani, CEO of ThinkLite. 

The company is on the forefront of research in efficient lighting technologies allowing them to deliver a "next generational solution." By using different efficient lighting technologies depending on the application, ThinkLite tailors its design to adapt to the current lighting fixtures and infrastructure already in place; thereby, making an effective and efficient retrofit possible for any type of facility.

In 2009, SBN Executive Director Laury Hammel approached ThinkLite to design an efficient lighting solution for his tennis courts.


With Laury's ideas, feedback and suggestions, the engineering team at ThinkLite launched the appropriately named HammeLite Pro Solution, which is the first ever direct/indirect court light solution without glare. The HammeLite Tennis Fixture has been specifically designed for indoor tennis facilities, with indirect metal halide fixtures, to reduce total energy consumption by at least 40%. 


ThinkLite continues to develop efficient technologies that are inexpensive and easy to implement, while maximizing energy consumption reduction. 

The company is currently launching its T8 and T5 HO LED Tube. The ThinkLite T8 and T5 HO LED Tube is specially designed to fit into existing fluorescent fixtures, just like any regular fluorescent tube. This new innovation from ThinkLite promises over 60% in energy consumption reduction and a seamless transition from fluorescent to LED without anyone realizing any change in fixture or infrastructure. As a bonus, local utility companies have just agreed to start offering cash rebates to clients to cover up to 70% of the entire cost of the solution, including the labor!


SBN is proud to collaborate with such an innovative new company, so join us in welcoming ThinkLite as our 2013 Sustainability Leadership Summit Presenting Sponsor! 


To learn more about ThinkLite, visit their website:

             2nd Annual SBN Sustainability Leadership Summit             
Join SBN on May 10, 2013 for a day of inspiration and action!
SBN Leadership Summit

Business Partnerships: The Building Blocks of the New Relationship Economy


Registration is still open!  


On Friday, May 10, 2013, join us for SBN's 2nd Annual Sustainability Leadership Summit. This year marks SBN's 24th Annual Conference on Sustainable Business-- the longest running sustainable business conference in the region!


SBN's Sustainability Leadership Summit is not your average conference. Rather it is a dynamic and interactive one-day gathering where you'll connect with other entrepreneurs, learn from pioneers and visionaries in the local and sustainable economy movement, and develop concrete actions for change.


Here's what you can expect:


Keynote Speakers: New Announcements! 
  • Judy Wicks, Co-Founder of BALLE, Founder of SBN Philadelphia, Founder of White Dog Cafe (a sustainable Philadelphia eatery) and author of the new book Good Morning, Beautiful Business!
  • David Levine, Co-Founder and CEO of the American Sustainable Business Council, former Director of Sustainable Economies at the Environmental Health Fund, Founding Director of Continuing Education & Public Programs at The Graduate Center, and Founder and executive director of the Learning Alliance.
  • Gilda Nogueira, President and CFO at East Cambridge Savings Bank, member of the East Cambridge Savings Bank Board of Trustees and Clerk of the Board of Investment, Clerk of the East Cambridge Savings Charitable Foundation, Massachusetts Bankers Association, Legal & Regulatory Committee Member and Federal Liaison Committee Member.
  • Senator Jamie Eldridge, State Senator for Middlesex and Worcester Districts, Vice Chair of the Environment Committee and leader in the Senate on environmental issues.  Key environmental legislation include: passing of the Water Infrastructure Finance Commission, sponsorship of the E-Waste Bill, Expanded Bottle Bill,  Safer Alternatives Bill, Sustainable Water Resources Act and more. 
Pillar Speakers: New Announcements! 
  • Senator Bryan Joyce, Representing Norfolk, Bristol and Plymouth Districts, Senate Chair of the Committee on Bonding, Capital Expenditures and State Assets, as well as the Senate Vice Chair of the Health Care Financing Committee and Vice Chair of the Financial Services Committee. He is a member of the Senate Committee on Ways and Means, and sits on the Economic Development & Emerging Technologies, Elder Affairs and Transportation Committees. He was also appointed to the Probation Reform Working Group. 
  • Tom Willits, Trustee of the Lydia B. Stokes Foundation (a major supporter of local and sustainable food initiatives), Co-Founder and President of MRW Connected, Inc., a web design and communications company, Co-Owner and Operator of Broadbeard Productions, an NYC-based music artist management company and South Hadley's Tower Theaters, and Executive Director of MAPS (Music and Poetry Synchronized). 
  • Eric Hudson, CEO of Preserve Products, a sustainable consumer products company based in Waltham, Massachusetts
  • Joe Grafton, Director of Development and Community Engagement at American Independent Business Alliance, Founder Somerville Local First
  • Ed Goldman, Vice President of Sales and Business Development for Roxbury Technology Corporation, a minority and woman-owned toner cartridge remanufacturer located in Boston.
  • Richard Rossi, Cambridge Deputy City Manager.  The City of Cambridge has published a 60-page guide on doing business with women and minority-owned businesses in Cambridge, and has worked for many years to make it easier for local businesses to work with the City of Cambridge.
  • Tanya Pope, Executive Director of Construction Business Services at Columbia University. Tanya works with small businesses to improve their capacity to meet the needs of institutional buyers.
  • Colin A. Coleman, Lawyer and Tax Specialist, Innovative Business Law Group, PC
  • Frank Carpenito, President & CEO at Dancing Deer Baking Company
  • Virginia Berman, Co-Owner and Community Sales Manager at Equal Exchange
  • Stacey Cordeiro, Co-op Organizer for the Boston Center for Community Ownership (Moderator)
  • Rebekah Hanlon, Marketing at Valley Green Feast. Member representative to the Valley Alliance of Worker Co-operatives, Board Memeber of the Co-operative Fund of New England, and former Co-manager of People's Market at UMass Amherst. 
  • Karen Gould, Farmer and Coop Board Member, Pioneer Valley Milk Marketing Cooperative (Our Family Farms) 
  • Chris Durkin, Director of Membership and Community Relations, Harvest Coop   
Breakout Sessions:
  • Transforming the Local Food System: How the Pioneer Valley Leverages Capital to Grow the Local Food Economy--with Tom Willits
  • Shifting Markets and Policy: Business leaders Creating Change-- Led by David Levine
  • Building the Local Economy Movement: One Community at a Time-- with Joe Grafton
  • The Power of Local Procurement to Transform the Local Economy-- with Rich Rossi, Susan Labandibar, Ed Goldman and Tanya Pope.
  • Building Self-Reliant Local Economies: What Steps Can We Take?-- with Judy Wicks
  • Building a Successful Green Business: Recycling and Manufacturing for Profit-- with Eric Hudson
  • Food Cooperatives and the New Food Economy-- with Virginia Berman, Rebekah Hanlon, Chris Durkin, Karen Gould, and Stacey Cordeiro (Moderator)
  • The Many Benefits of Becoming a Massachusetts Benefit Corporation--with Senator Bryan Joyce, Frank Carpenito, Colin Coleman and Katrina Kazda (Moderator)
Action Plan Development 

The core of the Summit is the spirit, knowledge, and know-how of participating local economy leaders and the Summit format leverages interactivity and conversation with a focus on measurable results. The Open Space for Local Economy Actions sessions will galvanize the energy in the room as folks gather around Calls to Action that Summit participants are passionate about.


Last year's Summit generated over 20 diverse "Calls to Action," many of which were actualized throughout the year including the creation of SBN's new B2B Business Networking Group, and the development of an in-depth Community Capital Workshop in partnership with Slow Money Boston and featuring Michael Shuman, exploring actionable tools for growing local capital.


The remarkable growth of the sustainable business movement has opened up new opportunities for strengthening existing networks, building partnerships, and discovering new solutions to the economic challenges of our time.  The intention of the Summit is to strengthen and connect local business networks to result in concrete actions that build our local economy.



SBN's Sustainability Leadership Summit is invitation only, but we are always looking for new leaders to engage in our work. If you are or know of other business, non-profit, government, academic or community leaders that would benefit from attending the summit, please encourage them to apply by emailing us the following information to

  • Name
  • Name of the business/organization/community group they represent
  • Title/relationship
  • Products or services provided by the business/organization/community group
  • Why they are interested in attending the SBN Sustainability Summit/what they hope to accomplish by attending.
Event Details
Friday, May 10, 2013, 8:30am-5pm



Ryan Hall at UMass Boston




SBN Member

$100 Early Bird Rate (before May 3rd) 

$125 Regular Rate (after May 3rd)


$125 Early Bird Rate (before Mat 3rd) 

$150 Regular Rate (after May 3rd)

Buy Local Trade Show was a success, despite the storm!


On March 19, 2013, SBN successfully hosted its 2nd Buy Local Trade Show and Seminar at the Seaport Hotel and World Trade Center in Boston, despite being hit by a fierce New England snow storm!


The theme for this year's Buy Local Trade Show was "Overcoming Barriers to Greater Specialty Crop Integration," and was attended by:

  • Massachusetts and New England-based wholesale specialty and non-specialty crop growers, fishermen and value-added producers who were looking to connect to buyers
  • Massachusetts and New England-based wholesale buyers, including college and healthcare institutions, restaurants, retail grocers and more.
  • Exhibitors that support or do business with food growers, producers or buyers
This event was designed to facilitate connections and stimulate trade between local buyers and sellers of specialty crop food products, and included expert panel discussions and open floor trading. The Buyer and Seller Seminars generated interest from more than 100 people and they were extremely well-received. Buyers came as far as Maine Public Schools and NH Dining Services. 
SBN registered 48 Sellers and 86 buyers in advance of the Trade Show.    

Of those who attended:
  • 100% of Trade Show participants, both Buyers and Sellers, rated their experience as good, very good or excellent. 
  • 100% of Trade Show participants rated the Buyer and Seller Seminars as good, very good or excellent.
  • On the day of the trade show, each specialty crop seller met an average of 7-8 potential buyers
  • 36% of sellers left the trade show with at least one new trade agreement established. The remaining 64% were confident that their networking and information exchange would result in a sales transaction in the weeks and months following the event 
  • 100% of participants (both buyers and sellers) expressed an interest in attending a Trade Show in the future.
The high enrollment rates, positive feedback, and pre-event surveys indicating current vs. desired wholesale buying/selling practices proved that the Buy Local Trade Show fills an important need within both the local seller and buyer community and SBN looks forward to continuing to provide this important venue for local buyers and sellers. 


Thank you to everyone who participated in transforming our local food system; and a
special thank you to the Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center and our partners, Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR), Northwest Marine Alliance and Health Care Without Harm. We could not have done this work without your generous and continuous support!

SBN's 4th B2B Networking Group Meeting at Blue Glass Café

B2B banner

On April 23rd, SBN hosted the 4th installment of our newest program, the SBN B2B Networking Group, at Blue Glass Café in the John Hancock Tower, Downtown Boston. 
Our latest B2B was not a typical B2B networking event. This month's meeting was full of support for the local business that hosted the event-- Blue Glass Café, located in Copley Square. Despite the rain, cold weather and traffic difficulties around the Copley Square area, more than 20 business leaders attended the meeting on April 23rd. 


The group welcomed new businesses Bootstrap Compost, SH Construction, and Blue Glass Café,. It was a great networking meeting that reminded everyone what the group is all about-- supporting each other businesses to build a more fair local economy. Once again, these business leaders had the opportunity to network and learn about their businesses challenges and successes and ways to collaborate with each other. 


This type of collaboration is what sets SBN's B2B Group Meetings apart from your "typical" networking event. As Mordie Weintraub of Tel-Affinity puts it "it is all about helping each other succeed".



Mark your calendars for our next B2B meeting (location TBD) on June 25th,
and please join us on May 10th at our Sustainability Leadership Summit 
for a day of inspiration, networking and action!  
For more information contact Taryn Johnson at
Agriculture Day! 
From left: Jackie Slocombe (SBN), Nicola Williams (SBN Board Member), Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, Jacqueline Conese and Sara Rebecchi (The Williams Agency) 
As part of the Boston Local Food Program, SBN represents one of eight "Buy Local" groups in Massachusetts. As a Buy Local Group, we participated in Ag Day at the State House in Boston, MA on April 2nd to advocate for local agriculture and food support from our local officials here in Massachusetts. 
It was a great day where we got to connect with partners and see familiar faces like Shy Brother Farms and Carlson Orchids, who sampled delicious treats. The highlight of the day was getting to meet Governor Patrick!  

BeCause Water: Tap into Boston's Water Sustainability Network



SBN and BeCause Watera Boston-based social enterprise that empowers water activism, co-hosted, "Tap Into Boston's Water Sustainability Network," at Boston University on April 9, 2013.


The objective of the event was to encourage discussion about the repercussions of bottled water (Environmental, Health, Financial), and provide options for solutions in the form of activism.


The event featured a screening of the film Tapped and a guest-speaker panel that included respected water professionals from various fields.


Tapped is a behind-the-scenes documentary about "the unregulated and unseen world of an industry that aims to privatize and sell back the one resource that ought never to be a commodity: our water," ( 


Guest Speakers included:

  • Jill AppelConcord Conserves- Jill is currently a member of Concord's Sustainable Energy Committee. In 2011 and 2012, she ran the campaign to bring Concord's historic single-serve bottled water bylaw to Town Meeting. The bylaw passed in April 2012, and went into effect on January 1, 2013.  
  • Russ CohenDepartment of Ecological Restoration- Russ works with the The Massachusetts DER which serves to restore and protect the rivers, wetlands, and watersheds of the state. They conduct projects to revitalize environmental sites and protect public water resources. 
  • Kim McCabe-  An educator, Kim McCabe is dedicated to raising awareness about the ecological impacts of our daily actions and inspiring people to live healthier, greener lives. Last fall through the New England Aquarium she volunteered as a researcher on the Plastics at SEA expedition in the North Pacific Gyre.  For 5 weeks she was able to experience the Giant Pacific Garbage Patch first hand and help evaluate the impact it is having on marine life.  She is also the Rise Above Plastics coordinator for Surfrider Foundation's Massachusetts chapter and writes a blog about her personal plastic footprint and sharing ways to reduce our waste (
Jill Appel (left) speaking with an attendee and Kim McCabe, educator at the New England Aquarium and the Rise Above Plastics coordinator for the Surfrider Foundation of Massachusetts.
Photo credit: BeCause Water

SBN New & Returning Member Announcement   

SBN Proud Member Seal


SBN's network is growing in leaps and bounds! A big welcome to our newest SBN Members:


Bootstrap CompostGreater Boston's only year-round residential and commercial food scrap pickup service. Partnering with local farms, Bootstrap diverts hundreds of pounds of organic material from landfills every week. 

Cape Cod Salt Works: Proud producers of a pure sea salt (all natural, no additives or preservatives), harvested from the waters of Cape Cod in a way that recaptures tradition and delights the tastebuds. 

Cuisine en Locale: Dedicated to assisting in the creation of sustainble food systems by putting your dollars directly into the hands of local farmers. Their ONCE a Week is a CSA share style distribution of cooked food, prepared in one day by a team of chefs, from locally grown ingredients, to be picked up or delivered to you to support your meal needs throughout the week.

The Fresh TruckFresh Truck operates a retrofitted school bus as a mobile healthy food market, serving up fresh produce, whole grains and other healthy food options to communities with the least access. 

Gente Giant Moving Company:  Award winning Boston moving company built on more than 30 years of experience, offering the best quality local and national moving, storage, and packing services. Certified by SBN as a Sustainable Business Leader! 

Granary Tavern: Located at the end of Milk Street, this restaurant puts an 
emphasis on Slow Food principles, fresh seafood, farmer's market produce and dynamic presentations. Chef Langlois puts a focus on healthy preparations and locally sourced ingredients; simple comfort food concepts enhanced by contemporary accompaniments.

Manchester Essex Green Team
An environmentally sustainable program at Manchester Essex Regional School District that identifies and implements environmentally sustainable initiatives in conjunction with the state-of-the-art "green" school building. 

Mystic Coffee RoasterA small batch coffee roaster and café in Medford Square, Massachusetts, located just north of Boston that roasts right in their shop to get the freshest coffee possible! 

OMR Architects
OMR is dedicated to finding holistic sustainable design solutions in all of their work. Their projects are varied and include independent and public schools, municipal, religious and residential projects.


Welcome back to renewing SBN Members:


Cambridge NaturalsA local, family-owned store selling nutritional supplements for health and wellness, pure, clean body care products and organic foods.  


Felice Kincannon ConsultingFelice Kincannon is a seasoned consultant, specializing in helping organizations develop, implement and measure economic, environmental and social sustainability strategies.


Just Works Consulting: Just Works Consulting provides insights, tools, and guidance to help hundreds of groups, ethical businesses, nonprofits, networks, and schools create and build a more just and sustainable world. 


Natural AwakeningsNatural Awakenings Magazine is Boston's healthy living magazine. We're your guide to a healthier, more balanced life. Our mission is to provide insights and information to improve the quality of life physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  


Nitsch EngineeringNitsch provides quality site development and infrastructure-related services with integrity, close personal attention to the needs and goals of our clients, commitment to professional standards, and a pleasant demeanor and caring attitude. 



Thank you all for your partnership and commitment to building a Massachusetts economy that is Local, Green and Fair! 


Remember: Think Members First!

What better way to support the local economy and each other than to support SBN members who share your values and commitment to the principals of Local, Green and Fair.  SBN is working on new programs to encourage and support greater B2B exchange within the network.  Stay tuned for ways to get engaged!   
Announcing our newest Sustainable Business & Community Leader Program Partnerships & Participants

The Sustainable Business and Community Leader Programs SBLP/SCLP continue to expand their reach and impact.  As mentioned in the March newsletter, SBN has been connecting with several community groups to bring these two sustainability certification programs to more businesses and community organizations across the state. 
We are proud to announce the first partnership of it's kind with the Town of Dedham's Sustainability Advisory CommitteeIn the next few months SBN will work with this group to bring the SBLP to local and independent businesses in Dedham. The businesses that participate and graduate from this joint program will receive the SBLP certification as well as a Green Business certification given by the Town of Dedham.  Dedham is working to re-envision Dedham as a sustainable community and destination outside of Boston, and engaging businesses in this process is an important next step.  Stay tuned for more details as we roll out this exciting new partnership! 

SBN would like to welcome our newest SBLP participant, Patch Realty Group, a local company based in Roslindale, Boston offering residential realtor and broker services since 2000. 

We also welcome back Nitsch Engineering as they continue their commitment to sound environmental and social business practices by participating in the SBLP re-certification process.  

Eastern Bank, Lynn Certified as a Sustainable Business Leader! 

 On Friday, April 5th, Eastern Bank's Corporate office located at One Eastern Place, Lynn was certified as a "Sustainable Business Leader" by SBN having successfully completed SBN's comprehensive Sustainable Business Leader Program (SBLP)-a hands-on technical assistance and certification program. 
In order to earn Sustainable Business Leader certification, Eastern Bank completed the rigorous six-step SBLP process reducing their environmental impact and carbon footprint. Measurable and significant changes were identified and implemented in the areas of Energy Efficiency, Water Conservation, Waste Reduction, Transportation Management, Pollution Prevention, Local Purchasing and Local Food, and Sustainability Management.  
Eastern Bank saw numerous benefits from participation in the program including financial savings as a result of lowering energy and water consumption and diverting valuable materials from waste into recycling and compost. "Through the SBLP program we have defined a baseline of previous and current successes as well as a detailed road map of Eastern Banks future Initiatives" said Tom Dunn, Director of General Services and Facilities. "While Eastern Bank and our associates have been involved in many green initiatives, we now have the tools to measure and track sustained improvement. We are proud to earn this recognition from the Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts." 
We are thrilled with the great work of Eastern Bank's General Services Team and Green Team.  Congratulations! 
Eastern Bank Grad Photo  
About Eastern Bank: Founded in 1818 and based in Boston, Eastern Bank is the largest independent and mutually owned bank in New England, with $8 billion in assets and more than 90 branches serving communities from the Merrimack Valley to Cape Cod. Eastern Bank offers banking, investments and insurance all under one roof, and prides itself on working harder to understand its customers' needs so it can deliver these services in a committed and personal way. Eastern Bank includes Eastern Wealth Management and Eastern Insurance. For more information, visit, or


Announcing 2nd Annual Hyper-Local Craft Brewfest--June, 2013










Tickets are on sale for SBN's 2nd Hyper-Local Craft Brewfest!


Hyper-Local Craft Brewfest is a major annual fundraiser for SBN that highlights and promotes local brewers of beer, cider & mead, artisan beverage makers, home brewers, and food vendors. What's more, Hyper-Local Craft Brewfest is a unique event that not only showcases local beverage producers, but also showcases local brews incorporating local ingredients! While having unlimited 2oz tastings from local brewers, you can also sample and purchase delicious food from vendors like Valicenti OrganicoVermont Smoke and Cure and more!


New this year for the Friday evening session, SBN will launch our first Hyper-Local Homebrew Showcase Night- brought to you with help from the Modern Homebrew Emporium- highlighting home-brews and home-brewing with local ingredients. The Showcase, featuring a Homebrew Club Jamboree, will provide a chance for aspiring brewers, brew fans and the curious minded to experiment and learn what is available in the New England region for making their products. Attendees will have an opportunity to learn more about homebrewing, interact with other aspiring brewers, hear from experts, as well as taste a selection of the brews that will be showcased during the Saturday Sessions! 


Check more details and see our most up-to date list of vendors at

Tickets are already on sale! For more information or to get involved, check out our Hyper-Local webpage HERE, email Mi Li at, or call the Craft Brewfest Team at 617-395-7680.
Join us for our next SBN On Tour @ Deer Island Sewage Treatment Plant

Have you ever wondered what happen with the water you flush or drain down the pipes? If so, you won't want to miss our next SBN on Tour to Deer Island on June 18th from 8:30 to 10:30 am. 

MWRA's Deer Island Sewage Treatment Plant is the centerpiece of MWRA' $3.8 billion program to protect Boston Harbor against pollution from Metropolitan Boston's sewer systems. The plant removes human, household, business and industrial pollutants from wastewater that originates in homes and businesses in 43 greater Boston communities. 

If you're interested in taking the tour with fellow SBN members to learn more about water conservation, pollution prevention and other exciting sustainability initiatives at Deer Island sign-up today!  Limited spaces available. 

E-mail Taryn Johnson with questions: 

SBN Partner Organizations BALLE and American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) Host Annual Gatherings in Mid-June

Be A Localist

June 11-14, 2013, Buffalo, New York


The Annual BALLE Business Conference is a unique immersion experience that provides an insiders view of what it's like to live in a thriving local economy. In addition to attracting hundreds of local leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners, economic and community development professionals, investors, funders and philanthropists, as well as pioneering policymakers - you will be given an all access pass to Localists who are redefining economic success, businesses that are thriving thanks to values-based principles, and funders who are dedicated to scaling this movement.


Each year, they host interactive sessions, tours of local thriving communities, and collaboration opportunities with peers and national leaders to elevate emerging innovations, share strategies for local investing, and learn proven, practical tools to be more successful.


Read all about the 2012 Leadership Conference here


ASBC Banner


Save the Date for ASBC's 2nd annual 'Business Summit for a Sustainable Economy' Washington, D.C., June 11-13 2013! 

Join ASBC leaders and Members from across the nation for an informative and dynamic Policy Summit at the White House. Be one of the select business leaders to meet and interact with senior Administration and Congressional officials!  


As an ASBC Summit participant you will participate in making the business case for a sustainable economy to our country's decision-makers. Together we will help map out a sustainable, long-term policy agenda and discuss strategies to create good jobs to rebuild America. Space is limited so please register as soon as possible. 


For more information and to register visit:

SBN's Green Tip of the Month: In Response to the Responsible Consumer! 


Purchasing your clothing at thrift stores is definitely a green way to shop, and donating your hand-me-down apparel to Goodwill or the Salvation Army not only helps people in need, but also helps the environment... 


But did you know that not only clothing in good condition is accepted by these organizations?


Both the Goodwill and the Salvation Army will gladly take textiles that are not suited for resale, as these can be recycled into new products. Today, 30% of recovered textiles in the US are remanufactured into wiping and polishing cloths, and 20% are processed into fibers for furniture stuffing, insulation, sound proofing, carpet padding and other materials. In fact, selling donated textiles to producers of these materials is a major source of income for these charities.

Only wet, moldy, or textiles that are contaminated with toxic substances are unfit for recycling, which accounts for only 5% of all clothing and household textiles. 

Nevertheless, in 2010, 230,000 tons of reusable textiles were sent to landfills and incinerators in Massachusetts alone. 


So, don't throw your worn-out clothes into the trash! Instead, donate them to your closest Goodwill or Salvation Army. 


Your textiles won't even have to travel that far. Wiping cloths from donated textiles are produced by ERC Wiping Products in Lynn, MA, and Millbury Textile Recycling in Millbury, MA processes fibers for insulation and other purposes! 

Smart tip: You can do the same with other old textiles like tablecloths, bedcovers, towels, etc. 



Did you miss last month's article on thrift shops? 

Check it out at SBN's Newsletter Archives.



Mass DEP


Goodwill locations in MA

Salvation Army locations in MA
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