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Beltane Celebration & Water Blessing for the Earth

Sunday, May 3rd, Arrival 10:30, Beltane 11:00 a.m.

Center for Awakening Consciousness- Church of Truth
690 E. Orange Grove Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91104

Beltane marks the end to winter's journey and the beginning of Summer. A festival of joy and gaiety, Beltane announces that winter's difficult journey is coming to an end. It is the beginning of the great growing season, the final awakening of the Earth from her long winter's sleep. Just as the Earth needs the longer days of the summer sun, our spirits long for the returning sun and the renewal of summer's joy. It is a promise that the bounty of the Earth will, once again, come into the fullness of life. More information and a downloadable flyer can be found at Temple of the Goddess.

Our 2015 Beltane Sabbat will be a celebration of the Earth's renewed life, a faith that the seeds planted in  the ground, though unseen, are growing and pushing their way towards the growing light of the sun. This 2015 Beltane will be dedicated to Sandi Duncan and Kamala Raven in celebration of their lives.  These two beautiful souls both transitioned a short while ago. Kamala, priestess of Temple of the Goddess, and Sandi Duncan, beloved member of Center for Awakening Consciousness, transitioned to the Spirit Realm within the last two months. Both of these amazing women lived lives filled with love and joy and Beltane will be a celebration and remembrance of how they touched so many lives.

With the coming of May, trees green, flowers awaken in a burst of color, and the promise of life is affirmed with the hope of a bountiful harvest at the end of the planting season. Celebration of Beltane with a Maypole dance is a magical experience. As celebrants dance with joy around the Maypole holding the vibrant ribbons, they are weaving the energies in an affirmation of life. Whether we actually dance or not, we can weave these powerful energies into our own dream seeds, goals, and intentions and keep them growing.

Beltane is the celebration and honoring of the Earth at Her most fertile time as She receives the seeds that will grow into the fall harvest. It signifies mystical union and harmony with the environment. The traditional Beltane fire symbolized the central hearth of the community and represented the mystic divine fire at the center of all things, whose spark of life is carried by each of us.

Please join with Temple of the Goddess and the Center for Awakening Consciousness for a celebration of the Earth, our own conscious growth, the never-ending circle of life, and a time for community.

There will be a pot-luck luncheon afterward, with conversation, to satisfy your body and your brain.

A PAGAN Statement
On the

A Pagan Community Statement on the Environment has been created by a global group of Pagan leaders. Please click here to read the statement and if you are in agreement please go to this page to sign your name or your group's name. It's a beautiful piece of work and an act of love.

Please add your voice to our call to protect all life in this historic moment by signing the statement.
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Born of Water
A Chant by Lindie Lila


Born of Water

Cleansing, Powerful

Healing, Changing

I Am


Without the life-giving Element of Water,  California and so much of the Earth are suffering a potentially-devastating drought.

After the Maypole dance, participants at Beltane will have the opportunity to take part in a healing water blessing to the Earth.


We will bless Mother Earth with an offering of water poured on the ground . . . to symbolically water and nourish the Earth, welcome and honor the rain during this difficult time of drought. This part of the rite will be done individually, in the context of the larger group, while everyone chants Lindie-Lila's water chant, Born of Water. It will also be symbolic of the natural cycle of giving and receiving. Everyone will GIVE the gift of water to the Earth with a blessing, then go to the main altar under the arbor and RECEIVE a gift of blessed water to take with them. 


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Blessings of Beltane

by Cernunnos Rising 

First sunlight dancing upon a stream,

A web with pearls of dew,

Blessings of color from flower and thorn,

Above me only blue.

First bird song from the meadow land,

An inspirational sound,

Carried along by the morning breeze,

Waking all around.

Bringer of summer Dancer of green

Keeper of cauldron Diviner of dream

Maiden of flowers Lifter of veils

Friend of my heart Teller of tales


Winter will teach the beauty of change,

I smile now that summer is here,

She's back again, with a fragrant embrace,

Brought on the wheel of the year.

So light up the fires of Beltane,

The promise of May-time once more,

And witness the dance of the maiden,

Just as the year before.

Bringer of summer Dancer of green

Keeper of cauldron Diviner of dream

Maiden of flowers Lifter of veils

Friend of my heart Teller of tales