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Autumn Equinox Ritual & Celebration
September 21, 2013
"The seasons and all their changes are in me."

                        --Henry David Thoreau


The Wheel of the Year spins and we come together to honor the turning of the seasons and the Earth's never-ending cycles of life. We open our arms to welcome new beginnings and a year filled with wondrous possibilities. We gather at Autumn Equinox to give thanks for our blessings, claiming the spark of creativity and the fire of our inner wisdom from the Goddess, Sarasvati. We seek wisdom and creativity to discern the new direction of our divine path.  


September 21, 2013

Temple of the Goddess

Autumn Equinox 

Celebration & Ritual





Fall is the time of Thanksgiving, a time of gifts and blessings worldwide. Day and night are equal and the balance of giving and taking, of light and dark, summer and winter, life and death are the focus of this Sabbat. Though the year is waning and winter approaches, the emphasis is less on death than on the message of rebirth in the harvest seeds and the plenty of the season.



Newcomer's Meeting
Before the Ritual  


If this is your first Temple of the Goddess Ritual or you just have questions, meet with Rev. Xia in the lobby before the ritual. Bring your questions, fears, hopes, and desires. Newcomer's Meeting in Lobby at 6:45pm, before the ritual.



Ritual & Celebration

September 21, 2013
7:30 PM
Doors Open 7:00

Center for Awakening Consciousness 
690 E. Orange Grove Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91104

NOTE: Families with children, please come early for a seat down front so your children don't miss anything!



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Saraswati Pieter Welteverde The theme for our 2013 ritual productions is New Directions. Following our 2012 Year of Change, NEW DIRECTIONS inevitably follow. With each Turn of the Wheel we embrace the possibility of New Directions.

As Pagans, our teachings are found in nature, the seasons, cycles, and the cosmos . . . all of which are in a constant state of flux. We have no Bible, Torah, or Bhagavad Gita . . . but in nature we find the reflection/lessons for how to grow, live consciously, and create the life we deserve. To that end we don't need to emphasize the need, or desire, for change and the inevitable new beginnings, new directions that follow. For Pagans that's a given. We understand the clarion call of life for continual renewal.


What we are bringing to our ritual theatre celebrations in 2013 are mythic lessons about standing at the crossroads of new directions, and discerning through wise, contemplative choices which direction . . . which new path to take. This year we will explore the tools we need to move forward, with courage, in new directions, down paths we have not yet trod . . . consciously choosing the new directions life is offering us.    


New Directions is such a fertile subject and we are excited to be opening ourselves, artistically and spiritually, to this mythic theme and the possibilities within it.     

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nullThis year our mythic guide is Vasilisa The Brave who ushers us through our seasonal rituals and myths in 2013.   


Vasilisa The Brave, from the Slavic mythic tradition, is a young heroine who journeys in search of wisdom, knowledge, and a quest for truth and assistance. Before beginning her journey, Vasilisa is given a doll from her mother that represents her intuition. It is the intuition that we each carry that will guide us on our quest throughout the year.


Vasilisa's special doll offers wisdom and encourages her to trust her own intuition, her inner wisdom. She is told to seek the Wise Woman, the Shaman in the woods whose myths and stories will guide her in the search for New Directions.




Like Vasalisa we return every season to hear the stories. We call on the Wise Shaman for support in following our own unique path and process, for she is a guide, a teacher, a teller of tales.   


The Wise Woman's Autumn myth is a modern telling of the Goddess, Sarasvati, the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, arts, science and the free flow of wisdom, creativity, and consciousness. She is the Goddess of the River and one of the major goddesses of the Hindu pantheon, believed to be the Mother of the Vedas, the holy written texts of Hinduism.



Sarasvati is pictured as a beautiful goddess, luminous, shining bright as the moon. She is often depicted as having eight arms, each of her hands holds a symbol of her power . . . a trident,  conch, pestle, bow, arrow, bell, discus, and plow. Mounted on a white swan-symbol of purity and discrimination, she plays the music of love and life on a stringed instrument called the veena. A goddess of grace, filled with the abiding  confidence of deep wisdom, Sarasvati offers Her followers True Knowledge, symbolized by a beautiful white lotus.


Join us for Autumn Equinox as we open our hearts to this loving, wise Goddess and look within to re-claim our wisdom and creativity. Journey with us as we follow Vasalisa The Brave in her mythic quest for bold New Directions, steeped in the teaching of ancient and wise stories. As we witness these powerful myths and stories we remember our own power to create our lives in the directions we choose.


Our evening of ritual theatre opens with a song of gratitude and a harvest processional to open the mythic gates for an evening of song, dance, art, and storytelling. Our evening's myth is a contemporary retelling of this ageless story of Sarasvati who brings fire to the People.  


The People worked hard in the summer, planting and growing. In the fall they harvested their labors with joy and laughter, and gave thanks to the living waters of Sarasvati. But as winter approached bringing the dark and the cold, the People despaired. Two beautiful sisters, Satori and Bodhi, lost in their children's games wandered away and became lost. Touched by their plight, the Goddess Sarasvati, manifesting as a mighty river from snow-topped peaks all the way to the roaring ocean, is moved to care for the girls.  


Seeing their cold and despair, Sarasvati allows lightning to strike a nearby tree, thus giving them the gift of Fire. The sisters miss their family and wish to bring Fire back to the People. Assisted by the powerful Water Dakinis, the girls must learn the hard lesson of "going with the flow" in order to save the lives of their loved ones.


 In Her enduring wisdom Sarasvati graciously offers to each of us the spark of creativity and the abiding fire of wisdom.   


Temple of the Goddess and The Mythic Players invite you to share an evening of art and ritual theatre at our fall celebration and ignite your own creativity, connect with your inner wisdom.


Celebrating the Seasons: Autumn Equinox  

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Arrival: 6:30-6:45 PM, Doors Open: 7:00 PM, Ritual: 7:30-9:00 PM 




A Center for Awakening Consciousness
690 E. Orange Grove Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91104 
Temple of the Goddess: 626-765-7959
Website: www.TempleoftheGoddess.org 


Temple of the Goddess offers seasonal celebrations for families and community at the Church of Truth in Pasadena. Multi-media ritual theatre combining, music, myth, visual art, dance, liturgy, spoken word, and participatory theatre which fuses drum and dance with personal enactment to re-connect us to the seasons and the Earth. Click here to download flyer.    


Sarasvati Suktam


O Sarasvati!
Thou art the sweetest Goddess of Speech,
Who dwells in the ocean of Supreme light,
Flowing like a divine river undaunted
From the top of the Snow capped mountains
With dancing waves of joy!
Having entered the hearts of forests
With swirls of laughter and jingle of anklets,
Followed by the chatter of royal swans,
Thou hast created a Heavenly music of rhythms
To enlighten the minds of all!
O Goddess of Divine Speech!
Thou art the destroyer of demons and
The Savior of Heavens through Words divine,
Thou art the sole refuge to men
At the times of distress or danger!
O Mother of Scriptures Divine!
May we live in thy sweet melody
With no separation from Thy poetic bliss!
May Thou illumine our minds with wisdom divine!
May Thou protect the rivers of life from extinction
With Thy pure and sweet waters of light!
Thou art the wish yielding cow of Heaven!
I take refuge at thy lotus feet, O Mother,
Lift up me unto Thy lap and
Lay bare Thy golden breast!
Give me Thy milk of wisdom, and
Grant the poesy with divine melody!
O Goddess Sarasvati,
Sport as a Swan in the lake of my mind,
With lotuses of my thoughts, and
Sweetly dance upon my tongue with Rhythmic tunes!
Obeisance to Sarasvati, the Goddess of Divine Speech!


This Poem is based on Sarasvati Suktam of Rig-Veda-venkat

Copyright viswabrahma