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Homework Hotline Educator Survey 


We are very excited to report that Harvey Mudd College students tutored 3,892 students during the 2012-2013 academic year. Mathematics tutoring made up 84.6% of calls (Algebra 1 was the top subject), and 12.3% of the calls were for science tutoring, with chemistry as the top subject. Returning callers made up 70.9% of student callers.

Our call volume and high percentage of returning callers provide one piece of evidence to the success of Homework Hotline. The numerous testimonials of student callers provide another piece of evidence. Please take a moment to read some of our student-caller feedback.

Besides student feedback, we also encourage our educators who work directly with our students to provide feedback. In the next two weeks, Homework Hotline will mail educator surveys to our Pomona Unified School District and Claremont School District schools. Please take a minute to complete the educator survey and mail it back. Completing the survey is voluntary, and the survey feedback is anonymous. All educators (counselors, teachers, principals) are encouraged to provide feedback. If you prefer, you can complete the online survey.

Contingent upon funding, our opening evening for fall 2013 is Sunday, Sept. 8, at 6 p.m.

We wish you a wonderful summer break. 


April Statistics      


424 successful calls


93.8% of calls were for mathematics tutoring. Algebra 1 made up 27.3% and 6th grade math tutoring made up 11.8%.


5.9% of calls were for science tutoring. Chemistry made up 76.5% and biology 11.8% of all science calls.


20.8% of callers were 7th graders, 16.3% were 10th graders and 15.6% were 8th graders. 


32% of our student callers were working out of a textbook.


73.5% of our student callers had called the Homework Hotline before.


Monday and Tuesday evenings had the highest call volume.


Most callers were from Ramona Middle School, Claremont High School, Upland High School and El Roble intermediate.

Student-Caller Feedback


"I understand the homework so much more after the tutoring.

(returning caller, 11th grade)


"It's very helpful, and they are very good at explaining concepts when you get stuck and don't understand something." 

(returning caller, 10th grade)

 "I really love the hotline. It's really good. I usually call about twice a week when I have problems with my homework.

(returning caller, 10th grade)

Homework Hotline

Important Dates for Homework Hotline    


HWHL will be closed for Harvey Mudd College's summer break beginning Friday, May 10. Contingent upon funding, HWHL is scheduled to reopen for fall 2013 on Sunday, Sept. 8, at 6 p.m.


For more information, email a program administrator or call 909.607.4015.

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