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How Does Tutoring Over the Phone Work?


Many students and educators ask us, "How does tutoring over the phone work?" Tutoring over the phone is not a traditional method of tutoring, yet it reinforces learning through problem-solving methods and reviewing concepts studied earlier in the day or week. Homework Hotline tutors guide students by asking a lot of questions and by using available resources so that the student can arrive at his/her own solution.


Tutor Graham summarizes this process: "The student and tutor work in a parallel fashion, with the tutor checking in with the student to observe progress and to help guide in the right direction."


Mentor Tutor Madison says, "Tutoring over the phone is equally helpful as tutoring face-to-face. You might think it's a barrier when the tutor can't see your paper, but it's not a barrier at all! Tutoring over the phone means that the tutors, will be extra careful to speak clearly and outline all the steps to solving a problem because we rely solely on our voice to explain math and science. And just like any other tutoring, students will understand the concepts better after talking about their homework with us."


If a student, family member or teacher would like to see Homework Hotline in action, please visit us between 6 and 9 p.m., Sunday-Thursday. For directions, please contact us.


February Statistics      


420 successful calls


84.7% of calls were for mathematics tutoring. Algebra 1 made up 20.1% of all math calls.


14.2% of calls were for science tutoring. Chemistry made up 55.2% of all science calls.


25.6% of callers were 10th graders; 19.8% were 7th graders; and 16.6% were 11th graders. 


45% of our student callers were working out of a textbook.


80% of our student callers had called the Homework Hotline before.


91.7% of our student callers heard about Homework Hotline via their school.


Monday and Thursday evenings had the highest call volume.


Most callers were from Claremont High School, El Roble Intermediate and Gary High School.

Student-Caller Feedback


"I really appreciate the program. Thanks for all the help." 

(Returning college student)


"Thank you! Patience!! I am kind of slow, but you all had so so much patience." 

(Returning caller, 8th grade)


"I am very glad that you guys are there and I am able to call you to get help." 

(Returning caller, 7th grade)

"The tutor really helped me solve the problem and was able to spend a lot of time helping me."
(Returning caller, 7th grade)
Homework Hotline

Important Dates for Homework Hotline    


HWHL will be closed for Harvey Mudd College's spring break during the week of March 17-23 and will re-open on Sunday, March 24 at 6 p.m.  


For more information, email a program administrator or call 909.607.4015.

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