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January Newsletter

Upcoming Program Modifications     


We are pleased to announce that Harvey Mudd College students successfully tutored 2,478 students from our local communities in fall 2012. With great joy, we look forward to tutoring more students in the spring 2013 semester.


During this past semester, we evaluated, modified and prepared to implement new systems to improve our existing program. Our upcoming modifications include: 

  1. Restructuring our tutor training program by using the National Tutoring Association's
    basic-level tutor training curriculum for our tutors. 
  2. Motivating student callers to collaborate in solving one homework question or problem and then encouraging them to solve similar problems on their own, inviting them to call back if needed.

  3. Having more tutors on Sunday evenings to meet the increased call volume.

Fall 2012 Statistics      


2,478 successful calls


82.4% of calls were for mathematics tutoring. Of all math calls received, most were for Algebra 2 tutoring (23.4%) and Algebra 1 (18.6%).


14.9% of calls were for science tutoring. Chemistry made up 54.3% of all science calls and biology made up 16.9%.


21.1% of callers were 10th graders; 15.7% were 11th graders; and 14.2% were 7th graders. 


50.2% of our student callers were working out of a textbook.


79.2% of our student callers had called the Homework Hotline before.


Wednesday and Thursday evenings had the highest call volume.


Most callers were from Claremont, Mountain View and Garey high schools.  

Student-Caller Feedback


"I like that the tutors can explain things to me without telling me the answer." 

(Returning caller from Pomona Catholic High School, 11th grade)


"I learned stuff about greatest common factor problems during the tutoring that I did not learn in class. The tutor helped me understand how to find the main question instead of getting confused by all the extra details." 

(Returning caller from Diamond Point Elementary, 5th grade)

"They were really great, and I appreciate their help."
(First-time caller from Kingsley Elementary, 5th grade)
Homework Hotline

Important Dates for Homework Hotline    


HWHL is closed for winter break and will re-open on Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2013. 


For more information, email a program administrator or call 909.607.4015.

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