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College Preparatory Programs at The Claremont Colleges    


Many college preparatory programs recruit new participants during the months of January-March. If you have students and/or families who are looking for local, free college preparatory programs, please consider the following programs hosted by The Claremont Colleges:

  1. Pomona College Academy for Youth Success (PAYS) offers a multi-faceted approach to prepare and support 90 high-achieving high school students for admission to--and success in--college. Rising high school sophomores, juniors and seniors participate in a yearlong array of programs geared to affect their perceptions of the college experience, to challenge them academically and to develop a peer group striving for success in four-year institutions. Pomona College covers all costs for participants during three consecutive summers in the course-based mainstay of PAYS: an academically rigorous monthlong program on Pomona's Campus. PAYS participants live in Pomona's residence halls from Sunday night through Friday evening. Students are required to bring basic school supplies such as pencils and paper. For more information, application and deadline, please visit the PAYS website.  
  2. Scripps College Academy Scholars Program is an intensive, multi-year, pre-college program for high-achieving young women with limited resources who are seeking to become the first generation in their families to attend college. Through a rigorous summer residential experience followed by monthly programming throughout high school, SCA Scholars develop the confidence and skills to be well-prepared college applicants, successful college students and professionals who create positive, lasting change. There is no cost to students or families. For more information, application and deadline, please visit the SCA Scholars Program website


Please share this information with your students and their families. Have a wonderful winter break and happy holidays!


November Statistics      



560 successful calls


88% of student callers heard about Homework Hotline through their school. 


81.6% of calls were for mathematics tutoring. Of all math calls received, most were for Algebra 2 tutoring (26.6%) and Algebra 1 (17.1%).


16.8% of calls were for science tutoring. Chemistry made up 59% of all science calls. 


47.7% of our student callers were working out of a textbook.


83.9% of our student callers had called the Homework Hotline before.


Wednesday and Thursday evenings had the highest call volume.


Most callers were from Claremont High School, Garey High School and El Roble Intermediate School. 

Student-Caller Feedback


"The tutor was really helpful and tutored me at my own pace." 

(Returning caller, 7th grader)


"Every time I call, the tutors do everything in their power to help me. Even if they don't know the answer, they try to work through the problem with me and get help from other tutors, if necessary. They never abandon me and tell me that I can solve it. It's really great." 

(Returning caller, 11th grader)

"Your program is awesome. When Dad and I had reached our limit helping our son with algebra, I went online and found you. I thought maybe we'd have to be on hold for a long time, but no. You are part of the solution! A win-win! Thank you so much."
(Parent of a first-time caller)

Website Highlights    


math-play.com - Are you looking for algebraic math games? Eighth grade and high school students can practice their math skills by playing a variety of fun mathematical games provided on this website.


  Math-Play.com Math-Play.com Math-Play.com Math-Play.com


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Important Dates for Homework Hotline    


HWHL will be closed the following days in December and January:


HMC Finals Week and Winter Break, Friday, Dec. 14, 2012 - Monday, Jan. 21, 2013. HWHL will reopen on Tuesday, Jan. 22, 2013, at 6 p.m.


For more information, email a program administrator or call 909.607.4015.

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