JUNE 2014 | ISSUE 1


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Want to know more about what this new regional agency means for you? We'd love to come out and speak to your local community group. 

Email Alayna Curry or call her directly at 407-690-5345 to set up a presentation!
We recently spoke to the Lake Nona Area Council's Café Con Leche group. Thank you to Argelys Peña (left) from Spirit Technologies and Julio Aviles, Jr. (right) from Latin Impact Marketing for hosting! 

On May 21, we held an open house to let people know about the new 429/Schofield Road interchange that will be built. Work is scheduled to begin this summer and finish in late 2015. 
Click here for more detailed information about the project. 

Florida Governor Rick Scott recently signed a bill 

creating a regional transportation agency called the Central Florida Expressway Authority. This new agency takes over the existing Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority and will incorporate the City of Orlando, Lake, Orange, Osceola and Seminole Counties. 


Moving forward, you will see some changes on our website, social media and your monthly statement. However, your E-PASS account will remain the same and no action is required by you


Along with the new agency, we will also be in the process of revising the look of our newsletter, so stay tuned. Each month you'll receive news and information about our agency and system. Feel free to forward this newsletter on to anyone you think might be interested! 


CFX has a new and significantly larger board. We're awaiting the names of all appointees, however, the group will be made up of 9 members: 

  • Chair of the Lake County Commission* 
  • Chair of the Seminole County Commission*
  • Chair of the Osceola County Commission*
  • Orange County Commission member appointed by the Mayor
  • 3 Governor-appointed citizens**
  • Mayor of Orange County
  • Mayor of the City of Orlando    

*The Chair shall appoint one member, who may be a commission member or chair.

**Each member must be a citizen of Orange, Seminole, Lake or Osceola County.

***Executive Director of the Florida Turnpike Enterprise shall serve as a non-voting adviser.


All board meetings are broadcast on OrangeTV. Click here to watch them live.  


Although we're in a major time of transition, the day-to-day operations of the agency must continue. However, we often get this question: Who's running the place? 


Currently, we have three people leading our 58-member staff. Meet them here:


Joe Berenis, P.E. 
Deputy Executive Director
Engineering, Operations, Construction
& Maintenance
26 years of service

Laura Kelley
Deputy Executive Director
Finance & Administration 
8 years of service

Joe Passiatore
General Counsel
7 years of service


Why was CFX created?

Florida Legislators have pushed for a regional expressway system for several years, recognizing that roads do not stop at county borders. CFX includes a Board of Directors with a majority of local elected officials, strong ethics policies and the authority to consider other modes of transportation within the right-of-way of the expressway system.


What are the benefits of a regional transportation authority? 

With more local elected officials serving on the board, CFX customers can expect greater accountability and an expanded regional approach to implement transportation solutions to enhance the quality of life and contribute to the economic vitality of the four counties and the City of Orlando.


Will there be changes to my E-PASS account?

The name of the agency will change on your E-PASS statement and on Unpaid Toll Notices from OOCEA to CFX. As an E-PASS customer, no action is required. 

Click here to read more FAQs.