Connecticut Parent Teacher Association
June 12, 2016

Happy Summer Days Ahead!
 Statewide Leadership Day
"The Essentials of PTA"
August 27th
Save 1 Summer Day for PTA!

Courtyard by Marriott
63 Grand Street
Waterbury, CT 06702

Breakfast and Lunch included
Training allows for the dissemination of the most current regulations, trends and standards in PTA and parent engagement.

ou are encouraged to attend.

      A day in PTA you will not want to miss! 
Presidents- take your entire board with you! 

Beneficial for all who attend.

CT PTA Standards of Affiliation
As you are getting busy ending our current school and fiscal year and beginning another, we ask you to refer to your Standards of Affiliation.

     Report your Officers to CT PTA

Its that time of year  again.  

Is it an election  year for your PTA?

Are your current office serving for another term?   Either way, Officers need to be reported to  CT PTA for the 2016-2017 school year. 
Officers information can be submitted                                           electronically  just by clicking the link below


As your fiscal year closes remember all 
PTA's must complete

IRS Form 990.
  All PTA's are mandated by the IRS to complete
IRS form 990 to maintain non-profit status.
Make 3 copies:  IRS, CT PTA and your PTA files.

Form 990 Due to the IRS by November 15th
Due to CT PTA by October 31st
(Filing on time will elevate the IRS tacking on late penalties)

 Be an advocate for your child's education.
 Join PTA Takes Action

Network today!

 Click here to receive National PTA "Call To Action Alerts " and be a part of the process of enhancing the

educational experience for all children. 

2016-2017 Membership Cards

Membership Cards will be provided by request.

Unit Presidents are asked to click the link below and fill out the "request for

Membership Cards" .

Quantity shipped will be determined by CT PTA.

 We are requesting that all membership cards be shipped to home addresses, 
NO schools please!

Cards will be  mailed  over the summer.

Please be very careful when handling membership cards to avoid needing replacement cards.  Due to the high cost of the cards, If replacement cards are needed, your PTA would have to absorb the cost  to reprint the cards.

 Thank You

Contact Us
Connecticut  PTA
203-691-9585 (o)
203-891-6462 (f)

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