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The Friends support and enhance the Library's role in Chatham by allowing the library to offer services beyond it's operating budget and help ensure the EPL's continued excellence.

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March 13 @ 7:00 pmDonald Brown   The Morphine Dream
April 9 @ 10:30 am  - Priscilla Laubenstein   Tales of Linda: an AIDS pioneer is remembered by patients, colleagues, friends and family
April 17 @ 3:00 pm - Elliott Carr   Herring Run: Life and Death at Stony Brook
May 2 @ 2:00 pm - Tor Hansen  Butterflies Across Cape Cod: A Guide to Finding, Attracting, and Observing Butterflies on Cape Cod


May 31 @ 2:00 pm - Maxim D. Shrayer   Leaving Russia: A Jewish Story


June 19 @ 2:00 pm - Nancy Thayer     Nantucket Sisters
A Monomoy Shark in Queen Elizabeth's Court
March 18 @ 4:00 pm

Richard Houston from Harwich High School will describe his trip to Amsterdam, Cambridge and London last summer and how the experience is being incorporated into the history classes in the Monomoy Regional School District.  During his trip, which was partly funded by the Westgate Foundation, Mr. Houston participated in a weeklong Gilder Lehman Institute sponsored seminar at Cambridge University on the American civil rights movement.
Poetry Workshop
  April 19 @ 10:30 am
Cape Cod Poetry Review editor John Bonanni will be hosting a poetry workshop, with a focus on contemporary poetry.  At the end of the workshop, further emphasis will be placed on the process of submitting to literary journals for the prospect of publication.  Participants should bring one or two original poems to discuss and critique, as well as their own eye for detail.
Chatham Reads Poetry
  April 27 @ 3:00 pm
Refreshments served @ 2:30
Peter Saunders and Gerry McDowell at last year's Event
This sixteenth annual Friends' event is back once again!  Each reader is limited to 5 minutes and must read a poem by a recognized, published poet!  If you would like to be a reader, please register at the Front Desk.  Otherwise, come and enjoy listening to the wonderful selections!
Protect Your Privacy
  May 7 @ 3:30 pm

Amy Schram from the Better Business Bureau will share with the audience the most common scams currently circulating the community, the major Red Flags to watch out for and precautionary tactics we can use to protect ourselves and our identity.  This program is part of "Choose Privacy Week" sponsored by the American Library Association. 
Boston Harbor Islands
  May 17 @ 2:00 pm
Kevin Rogers, Friends of Boston Harbor Community Outreach Coordinator, will present the history, both geological and political, of the Boston Harbor Islands National Park.  The talk will explore the islands' history and focus on groups who have called the islands home starting with the Native Americans and fur traders, continuing on through soldiers, hospital patients, hotel guests, shipwreck survivors, summer residents and park visitors. 
Retirement's Four Important Questions and the Answers  
  June 3 @ 7:00 pm
Bill Roiter
 is an experienced corporate executive, entrepreneur, professional consultant, researcher, teacher and Psychologist and has more than thirty years of experience in the field of executive coaching, human factor consultation and managment and business psychology. His most recent book, Beyond Work: How Accomplished People Retire Successfully explores how accomplished people prepare and live well as they retire.
Life at Chatham
c. 1914: A Local Perspective
  June 17 @ 7:00 pm
Join Chatham native Todd Kelley for a perspective into life on Cape Cod in general and Chatham specifically during the year 1914.  He will explore the nature of community and communal fabric that sustained a year round economoy.  He will also consider the role that seasonal tourism started to play as well as how Chatham maintained its local identity up into the late 20th century in the face of weathering change.  This program is part of Chatham History Weekend, June 20-22, which is sponsored by Historic Chatham.  Look for more activities and visit local museums throughout the weekend.   
FEPL Winter Series ended Feb 23 with "Petticoats at Sea"
Actress Joan Gatturna, as Johanna Sears Burgess in "period costume," discusses her voyage with two women who attended the program.
  This very successful presentation, which represented the girls and women who experienced life at sea, was made possible by the Eileen Dunn memorial fund.
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A Letter from our President 
by Sharon Oudemool, Friends President

Dear Friends,   

With an extra cold January and February behind us we can only hope that the lengthening hours of daylight will bring moderate temperatures and  more sunshine into our lives. Business as usual goes on at the Library regardless of the temperature outside. Eldredge Public Library continues  to supply the books, movies, magazines, reference help and programs that our patrons have come to expect from a five star library. Although the  Library is staffed by super competent librarians and clerks, there is  also a large core of dedicated volunteers who add a great deal to the offerings at the Library.   

The Trustees of the Library and the Friends Board of the Library are both managed by volunteers. Many front desk work shifts are supplemented by one of the many volunteers who have been trained to use the computers that are so much a part of modern library life. Those of you who enjoy searching through the used book sale for reading treasures can thank Penny Keith and her team of dedicated workers who get those materials onto the shelves in the Forgeron Room. If you eagerly await each new edition of Tidings you can thank Rosanne Geylin who took over from Holly Whiting who served in that position for many years. After many years of able leadership with the Learning Series, the late Eileen Dunn gave the
responsibility to Sheila Marx and Barbara Fouhy who have modernized many of the practices involved with bringing such complex programming to our eager life long learners. Dan McPhee has served as membership chair for the Friends for several years and is now also on the Library Development Committee where his expertise and knowledge from his former life in
business serve the entire committee. 
The list goes on and on. Liz VanWye has served for years as communications liaison between the Friends and the Library staff, Joan Creedon has found interesting and engaging speakers for the winter
lecture series for years. Many of these individuals will be retiring from the Friends Board at the end of their term in June of this year. When you see them out and about please take a minute to thank them for all their efforts and good work on behalf of the patrons who rely on the Eldredge Public Library's ability to enhance their lives through reading and the programs we have all come to expect from the Library. 
Four Star Library
by Phyllis Freeman, President, Board of Trustees 


It's worth mentioning that the Eldredge Public Library has again been designated a four star Library! What does that entail, you ask? Our Director, Irene Gillies will tell you that it means we are judged by our many programs, circulation of library items, attendance at events, how many computers we have available for the public, and the number of visits by our patrons. Last year we had over 10,000 visits!


Another way of looking at the four stars is to cite our very own TEAMWORK. Our helpful, friendly STAFF greet the public and assist them when they need it. Many VOLUNTEERS help with shelving, book repair, and assorted needs. The FRIENDS enhance the Library with their fundraising, year round book sale, programs, and much needed support of many things not included in the operating budget such as computers and youth programs. The TRUSTEES oversee the operations of the Library, although the building itself is owned by the Town of Chatham. The Town covers about 60% of the operating budget, and we rely on the rest from our Library endowment fund and gifts to the Annual Fund from folks like you.


What makes the Library, in my mind, a Five star gem, is a fifth component, YOU. In this changing economy we must rely even more on achieving our Annual Fund goal. We all get many appeals in the mail these days, and we hope you will continue to put the Eldredge at the top of your priority list. What would we do without the Library, especially during these bleak wintry months? Often referred to as the Beacon of Chatham, the warmth and welcome we receive from the Library, the books and programs, computer use and tech support, keep us occupied and interested in our community and world beyond. We need You. We thank you for your past donations, and we are grateful for your help and consideration of our needs. We hope you will be an active member of our Team: Staff, Volunteers, Friends, Trustees, You.


Happy Spring if it ever gets here, and see you at the Eldredge!


It's Tax Time
by Irene Gillies, Library Director

When it's time to crunch the numbers, there's nothing more frustrating than to find you're missing a crucial form or schedule! Luckily, Eldredge Library has multiple copies of the most-asked-for forms. If your form is not here ready and waiting, we are happy to find and print almost all Federal and Massachusetts forms from the official websites for you, or show you how to find them on our public computers. Or, you can do it from home at and 


Spring Learning Series @ the EPL
by Sheila Marx and Barbara Fouhy, Learning Series co-chairs

April, May and June will be busy and exciting months for THE LEARNING SERIES. We are thrilled to welcome back so many of our presenters from this fall and last spring as well. Please click on the link below to read about all we are offering. Be sure not to miss any of these great courses!!!


Please note: NAPA or SONOMA...LOVE and HATE and GEOGRAPHY with HARM de BLIJ are both filled. We are taking names on waiting lists.

Download the
Youth Services Welcomes Spring with a StoryWalk™
by Tammy DePasquale, Youth Services Librarian

The EPL will offer its second StoryWalk™ on Saturday, April 26th beginning at 10:30. Our featured title is Julie Fogliano's And Then It's Spring. Illustrated by the 2011 Caldecott Medal winner Erin E. Stead, And Then It's Spring introduces a young boy and his dog as they plant a garden after a long, snow-filled winter. Sound familiar?


Created by Anne Ferguson of Montpelier, VT and developed in collaboration with the Vermont Bicycle & Pedestrian Coalition and the Kellogg Hubbard Library, the StoryWalk™ fashions pages of a book into signs that are then laid out on a "trail," inviting children, parents, and caregivers to follow the path of pages.  


Combining physical activity with literacy may seem like an odd mix, but it's an innovative way to get people of all ages out walking and reading children's picture books. Join much-loved and respected educator and Co-chair of the Lower Cape Early Childhood Council Lucy Gilmore as she leads children and families on this unique storytime experience that celebrates outdoor activity, reading and the arrival of spring.


Volunteer Showcase: Stephanie Bartlett  
by Beth Holden, Volunteer Coordinator


Stephanie Bartlett has had a number of leadership jobs at the Library. She was President of the Friends, and currently serves on the Board of Trustees. She is working on the new committee to renovate the staff room and is also directing the Trustees' annual appeal. (Like a true fund raiser, she asks for everyone's support!) Steph also serves on the Board of the Chatham Historical Society.

Before Steph and husband Chuck retired to Chatham, she worked as the administrative director of the Pastoral Center at Grace Church in Madison, NJ. Prior to her marriage, she worked at the State Department and at the White House during the Johnson administration.

Thanks Steph for all you do for EPL and our community.  

Results are in for the Change Challenge
by Libby Mottur and Carol Geary, Friends Ways and Means co-chairs
The Friends of the Eldredge Public Library have concluded their first Change Challenge in conjunction with the Orpheum Theater and Monomoy Community Services. In this Challenge, people put change in the jar of the organization they want to win and paper money in the other jars. This is a version of Penny Wars that has been done in schools around the country. We just stepped it up. The winner is the one with the most change since the paper money counts against the coins.

Seven sets of 3 jars were placed around town and we thank the Corner Store, Liquor Locker, Chatham Light

Liquors, the Chatham Clothing Bar, the Mayflower, the Orpheum Theater, and the Eldredge Public Library

for supporting this challenge and allowing the jars to be placed in their businesses.


We also thank Cape Cod Five Bank for displaying three large jars where the coins and bills were deposited during the month. The Bank counted the money and we are happy to announce the results. This time the FEPL collected the most change after the value of the paper money was deducted and therefore received half of the total amount of coins and bills in all of the jars.


The total was $428.67 so FEPL received $214.38. The Orpheum Theater and Monomoy Community Services each received one-quarter of the total amount collected. Everybody was most cooperative and had fun with this so we plan to do this Challenge again in the spring with two other local non-profit organizations. This is a Challenge where everybody wins.

Visit Our Great Book Sale!
by Penny Keith, Book Sale Chairman                                                       
Anne Marie Kornetsky, Barbara Schweizer, Penny Keith, Chris Lupuc.


Come visit the Friend's Book Sale located in the lower level of the library! Most books are priced at $1 to $2 a book, and there is a huge selection priced at a buck a bag as well. The children's book shelves are overflowing! New books are arriving daily, including a new selection of large print books. Open on each day that the library is open, the Friends' Book Sale room is even more inviting with a fresh coat of paint and new carpeting.  

Friends Support Matters
by Sherry Hesch and Dan McPhee, Friends Membership Commitee


As in years past, the success of the 2013-2014 Friends of the Eldredge Public Library Membership Drive relies on the support of both ongoing and new members. If you have not yet done so, please renew your Friends membership or join us as a new Friend. You help provide the financial support so essential to sustaining the excellence of our Eldredge Library.

Your participation helps maintain and expand our FEPL supported programs, reaching all ages and aimed at both seasonal and year-round patrons of the library. Please log on to select "Donate" and then "Friends Membership" and complete the on-line form.

Thanks for reading our Tidings e-newsletter.  We hope you find this e-version colorful, informative and full of the same great articles you enjoyed in our past Tidings newsletters.  This is a monumental step forward as we help the environment and also help the Library in our cost saving measures.  We would like to hear your comments about this issue and suggestions for future issues.  Please send them to
Eldredge Public Library | (508) 945-5170 | 564 Main Street| Chatham, MA 02633
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