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Summer 2014
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Florida Panther Update

The May 2014 Update is Now Available!

Read the Latest Florida Panther News from Field Biologists.




 Drive Carefully in Florida Panther Habitat!

Drive Carefully Photo by Tom Trotta

This Panther Survived But Vehicle Collisions Are The Leading Cause of Florida Panthers Deaths.
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The Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge
Needs Your Help!

Photo by Molly Duval
We Need Your Participation!
The Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCP) is open for public comment. Please help us plan the future of the FPNWR. Please visit the link below. There are several questions you can answer and include your comments.

The Florida Panther is an Umbrella Species
Many Lesser Known Species Survive Because of the Endangered Status of the Florida Panthers!
Everglades Mink (Neovison vison evergladensis)
Everglades Mink
photo by Tom Trotta
The Everglades mink is as secretive and elusive as the Florida panther, if not more so. This subspecies of the American mink inhabits some of the same forested swamps as the panther. Protecting these areas for panthers also protects these beautiful animals.

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