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February, 2015  
In the Eddy: Planning Items Not In the Articles
Feb 3 IRR Legislative Reception-You're Invited!
Feb 6-8 Paddle & Pedal Expo Indianola (And Breakfast!)
Feb 8-11 Stream Restoration Symposium at Dubuque
Feb 17 REAP & IEC Lobby Day at Capitol
What IWTA Readers Are Reading & Writing
For Your Use--Complete Results of IWTA Newsletter Survey
Chickadee Check-off Needs Your Support
Canoe & Kayak School Classes Filling Fast
Mar 21 NE Iowa PaddleFest in Cedar Falls
Focus on Photography
Mar 13-15 Canoecopia in Madison, WI
Mar 21 NE Iowa PaddleFest in Cedar Falls
2015 Iowa Legislative Session
Answer to Where Is It? Quiz
Answer to What Is It? Quiz
Thanks to IWTA Readers

We're all in this together.

Strength in numbers, many hands make light work, safety in numbers, citizen support, river cleanups . . .


It's always a good idea to have a sufficient number of folks available for the task at hand.  Keep that in mind as you consider cold-weather paddling, pending legislation, or organizing your WT support group.


It was great to visit with some of you at the recent (excellent) ICNC Paddle Day.  Hope to see more of you at upcoming events in Indianola, Des Moines, and Cedar Falls.


Please note the "Quick Links" to the finalized IWTA 2015 Planning Calendar (over 100 events, holidays, & full moon times) and full results of the IWTA Newsletter Survey, along with a direct link to the IWTA website.


This issue offers a sizable amount of info & events, including an invitation to participate in an important new IWTA survey, so let's get to it!


Where Is It? Quiz
Whitewater Creek Overlook

Where Is It?
Make your best guess, then click on:

What Is It? Quiz
Breath of Wilderness Book Cover

What Is It?
Make your best guess, then click on: 

IWTA's Future Relies on Your Ideas, Suggestions, & Concerns--Speak Up!


We are all aware of websites created with admirable intentions, but then not maintained.  Or energized groups which surmounted the challenges of incorporating and securing federal nonprofit tax status, only to lose their momentum, leaders, volunteers, funding, and legal status.


IWTA's public presence is currently a newsletter "to facilitate the exchange of information, ideas, and encouragement among Iowans working to create, enhance, or utilize our water trails," augmented by a website with information links and an events calendar.  Moving beyond the current level would require serious consideration of organization purpose, and determining whether working toward that purpose could attract sufficient commitment and resources to create and sustain the effort. 


A brief survey has been created as a first step toward assessing those issues and considering the appropriate future for the Iowa Water Trails Association.  Your investment of a few minutes to complete this survey would be greatly appreciated:


Future of IWTA Survey


The survey allows more than one response per email address, and all members of your household are encouraged to respond, but please limit yourselves to one response per person.


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In the Eddy:  Quick Summary of Planning Items


(Dates & Events Not in Newsletter Articles.)

Feb: Search for shed deer antlers.

Feb 1; NFL Super Bowl 49, Arizona.

Feb 2; Groundhog Day.

Feb 3; Full Moon.

Feb 6; Jupiter at closest point to earth; view 4 largest moons with binoculars.

Feb 14; Valentine's Day.

Feb 21; Iowa Games Indoor Paddling Venue in Charles City, 

Mar 5; Full Moon.

Mar 8; Daylight Savings Time Begins, set clocks ahead 1 hr.

Mar 18; St. Patrick's Day.

Mar 20; Vernal Equinox, First Day of Spring.


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Feb 3; IRR Legislative Reception in Des Moines; You Are Invited!

IRR Logo

Iowa Rivers Revival invites IWTA readers to the IRR Legislative Reception, 5-7 pm, Tuesday, Feb. 3, in Des Moines. The reception is a casual opportunity to develop legislative relationships on behalf of the health of our 70,000 miles of rivers and streams.  


The event will be held at the Noodle Zoo Café at E 6th & Locust in Des Moines, is open to the public, & light appetizers & beverages will be provided. 

Contact Rosalyn Lehman, Executive Director, Iowa Rivers Revival, 515-724-4093    More info at   


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Feb 6-8; Paddle & Pedal Expo in Indianola.

Feb 7; Nick's Pre-Expo Buffet Breakfast in Altoona.

Feb 7; IWC Annual Meeting in Indianola. 

Dave Hillman & Piper Wall discuss & demonstrate  bracing
during the 2014 Paddle & Pedal Expo.   G.Stark photo.

February fun is where you find it, and the annual Paddle & Pedal Expo will be a good place to look. And what could start your Saturday morning better than meeting up with paddling friends for a big buffet breakfast enroute to the Expo? Mark your calendars, and plan to join your fellow paddlers to learn more about skills, destinations, and equipment.  


February 6-8; Paddle and Pedal Expo at CanoeSport Outdoors in Indianola.

Grand-Daddy of the Iowa paddler gatherings, with presentations on trips, outdoor skills, equipment & safety, plus opportunities to see new boats & gear, and trade Q&A with factory reps.  

CSO has posted a printable schedule of 60+ presentations & pool sessions on its website 


This event is considered an "Iowa Homecoming" for supporters of paddling and river stewardship in our state. A $5 admission fee will be donated to the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation.  More info at 

Feb 7; Nick's Pre-Expo Buffet Breakfast at Prairie Meadows in Altoona, 7:00 am, annual gathering of old and new paddling friends on the way to the Iowa Paddle & Pedal Expo. Email 


Feb 7; Iowa Whitewater Coalition Annual Meeting at Paddle Expo in Indianola, 5:00 pm. Election of officers, discussion of issues & IWC plans for coming year.  Meeting open to visitors, but only IWC dues-paying members may vote. 


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February 8-11; PRRSUM 6th Annual Upper Midwest Stream Restoration Symposium in Dubuque


The Partnership for River Restoration and Science in the Upper Midwest will host its 6th annual Upper Midwest Stream Restoration Symposium (UMSRS) on February 8-11, 2015 in Dubuque. With stream restoration gaining traction in the Iowa legislature, this will be a unique and convenient opportunity to network with practitioners in our "neighborhood." 


The UMSRS will bring together regional stream restoration practitioners to share experiences and expertise with colleagues working within similar environmental and land-use areas.  Attendees from multi-disciplinary backgrounds will hear about innovative restoration designs and approaches as well as have the opportunity to network with the region's leading stream restoration practitioners. The symposium will include both oral and poster presentations related to stream restoration, including design and related analyses, alternatives analysis, implementation, and monitoring, as well as the planning, regulation, and funding. 


Presentations and presenters for the single-track symposium are being finalized, and all event details will be available shortly at  

Learn more about PRRSUM at 


Feb 17; REAP & Environmental Lobby Day at Capitol; IWTA Readers Are Invited!

Iowa Env & REAP Day 2014
Rotunda gathering during the 
2014 REAP & Environmental Lobby Day 
at the Iowa Capitol.    G.Stark photo.

The Iowa Environmental Council invites IWTA readers to participate in the 

2015 REAP & Environmental Lobby Day
Tuesday, February 17, from 9 am - 1 pm
Iowa State Capitol, 1007 E Grand Ave., Des Moines

Each year, organizations and individuals from across the state come together at the Iowa State Capitol to speak with legislators about the importance of protecting Iowa's natural resources at Environmental Lobby Day and REAP Day at the Capitol.


Speaking face-to-face with legislators and showing that there is a broad base of support for a healthy environment is one of the most important ways to help advance programs and policies that protect Iowa's air, water and land.


The main event will be held from 9 am-1 pm, but training sessions and exhibitor setup are scheduled earlier in the morning.  Find more about the event's purpose, schedule, exhibitors, speakers, & RSVP at:


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What IWTA Newsletter Readers Are Reading & Writing

Manchester WW In Process
Work continues on Manchester WW Park.  Hannah Child photo.

IWTA does not advocate for positions on issues.  Readers occasionally share articles about issues which may be of interest or concern to other readers & WT supporters.  To balance IWTA neutrality, reader participation, and the exchange of potentially useful information, while minimizing the impact on newsletter space, following are links to items that your fellow readers find interesting:

Raccoon River Phenology Calendar tells you what Mother Nature is doing and when she is doing it in the Raccoon Basin, and is fairly accurate across the state.  The 2015 edition includes more info and photos than ever before.  Calendars are $20, with $1 donated to the RRWA/INHF research fund. Contact Dr. Lee Searles at 515-979-6457 or


Wilderness Adventure Crew headed to Cochrane/Thlewiaza Rivers, Saskatchewan to Manitoba, in summer 2015 is seeking a third (or fourth) member.  Organizer Vern Fish will be presenting on a previous adventure to the Blood River during the CSO Paddle & Pedal Expo in Indianola, or contact him at, 319-215-7830.


Progress on Dams Across Iowa.  Several of you recommended this broad overview of progress on dam safety, WW park development, & fishery improvement written by Des Moines Register writer Mike Kilen:


Des Moines Dams Op Ed.  Two of you indicated that this op ed by David Hurd was interesting and important reading, particularly for people in the Polk County area:


"Life in the Raccoon River: Water Quality" Conference, Saturday, March 7, 8:30 am to 3:00 pm at Drake University, was announced in a recent Raccoon River Watershed Association newsletter.  Sessions will include Water Chemistry (by Des Moines Water Works), Survey of Aquatic Life & Chemistry, Benthic Macro Invertebrates, Iowa's Nutrient Reduction Strategy, Best Management Practices in the Raccoon, and a Life in the Raccoon Watershed photo presentation.


Or contact Mike Delaney


Coggon Dam Update.  Several of you have inquired about the status of the long-discussed mitigation of the small dam on the Buffalo Creek at Coggon.  On October 27, 2014 the Linn County Conservation Board chose the option of a partial dam removal of 5 - 7 feet together with the installation of rock arch rapids to allow fish passage.  Project progress updates will be posted at:

A KCRG-TV9 report and video can be viewed at:


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Results of the IWTA NEWSLETTER Satisfaction Survey May Benefit You

Belted Kingfisher Nick Chill

Readers who publish a newsletter on behalf of their organization or WT, those considering adding a newsletter to their marketing effort, or those considering performing their own survey may gain some ideas and insight from the recent IWTA Newsletter Survey.  Review the complete results of the IWTA survey question answers, responses, and comments at  

IWTA Newsletter Survey


What IWTA learned and can apply:

  • You care about the newsletter--survey response rate (9%), readership rate (90% always or frequently) and share rate (63% Yes).
  • You like the 2x per month delivery rate (97% about right).
  • You actually read the newsletter (55% almost always, 35% frequently). 
  • You share the newsletter (63% yes).
  • You are "overall" satisfied with the newsletter 62% very, 38% mostly).
  • Your satisfaction with format, relevancy, and length were similar, but you were least satisfied with the photos.
  • You are satisfied with the "overall range" of newsletter features (77% yes, 3% somewhat).
  • Among the specific features, most posted 90% in combined very and somewhat liked; the lowest scores went to the Where & What Quizzes, with 10% & 6% not liked, respectively.
  • Your personal interests, relating to WTs, ranged from Paddling (91% very, 3% not) down to Fishing (41% very, 22% not), but many options had a strong % of "somewhat."
  • Your preference for newsletter delivery ranged from current email (82% most preferred) down to Facebook notice with newsletter on website (76% least preferred).

Where & What Quizzes: Some of you questioned the allocation of space to these items, & they are admittedly time-intensive to prepare.  Originally created as a way for readers to become more involved and to promote their interests or local WT, they will be increasingly self-regulated by your submissions. Emphasis will be placed on shorter articles, and more links to access additional information.


Sharing Via Social Media: In response to your requests, please note the addition of several social media icons (facebook, tweet, etc.) at the top of this newsletter, which should allow you to share the newsletter to an even broader audience of WT supporters.


Keep It Short, Keep the Format Simple, But More, More, More:  You would like more photos of paddlers & WTs, articles & videos for beginners, articles about specific WTs, info about fisheries, articles about river restoration, where to buy paddling gear, more articles about your county or area of the state, river cleanups & water quality efforts, articles about people & places, items & activities for children, maps, theme trips. The good news is that your interest in subjects for newsletter articles is both wide and deep.   


Newsletter Delivery:  The vast majority of you are comfortable with the current email delivery, citing its familiarity and ease of reading, forwarding, and copying items for your own use.  While 61-64% found that a short email with links to a website would be "acceptable," some of you indicated that if it is just links, you won't take the time to read it.  Some would like a larger font, other find it difficult to view on handheld devices.  All of this will have to be reviewed in terms of technology, current trends, and attracting new readers, probably resulting in future delivery by more than one method.


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Chickadee Checkoff (Fish/Wildlife Fund) Needs Your Support

Chickadee Checkoff Logo The "Chickadee Check-off" was enacted in 1981, offering Iowans the option of voluntarily donating part of their tax refund when they file.  It was created to provide funding to aid all Iowa wildlife, but especially the state's nongame species. This funding source led to creation of the Wildlife Diversity Program.


While Iowans still refer to it as the Chickadee Check-off, it is now identified as the "Fish/Wildlife" fund on a line near the end of the tax form.  Simply fill out the amount you would like to donate in the space next to the fish/wildlife fund.  Your entire donation goes to the Wildlife Diversity program.  There are no administration fees, and your donation is tax deductible on the next year's filing.


Annual Chickadee Check-off funding peaked at over $200,000 in the late 1980's, diminished to just above $100,000 by 2009, and has slowly recovered through last spring, when 8,000 Iowa taxpayers (1/2 of 1%) donated $136,000.  Taxpayer participation has probably been negatively impacted by the use of tax preparers and electronic filing, which diminish taxpayer visibility to, and awareness of, this valuable option.


Learn more about the Iowa DNR Wildlife Diversity Program, & access the 2015 Bald Eagle Watch events schedule: 

Subscribe to the Wildlife Diversity Program Newsletter:

Contact Pat Schlarbaum by e-mail, or phone (515-432-2823 ext. 104).

Consider becoming one of the volunteers essential to monitoring over 1,000 species of Iowa wildlife: 


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IDNR Expanded Canoe & Kayak School Sessions Announced; Filling Fast

Canoe School Boone River by Todd Robertson
Canoe School on the Boone River.
Photo by Todd Robertson

From Todd Robertson, IDNR River Programs Outreach Coordinator:


"The Iowa DNR 2-day Canoe/Kayak School courses (including a one-day flat-water class) are a great way to improve skills for people who help get others out on the water. You are expected to have some previous experience, but not expertise. The intent is to increase safety, lower stress, have fun, and pay knowledge forward, based on American Canoe Association instructional foundations. Time is divided between some classroom and hands-on experience on a lake environment and then a river.


"Participants from past schools rated the training extremely helpful. They were also surprised by how much there was to learn and how intensive this course is. The one-day flat-water class will be held at Gray's Lake in Des Moines. All of the two-day classes will be held along the Boone River at Briggs Woods, in Hamilton County. By popular demand, we have added a second kayak school for this year. Class size is limited, and these classes will fill up fast."


Details about course content, accommodations, gear to bring, & registration forms for all classes: 

For any questions, contact Todd Robertson at 515-979-9538 or 515-725-2960 or email:


May 21; "Flat-Water Essentials" IDNR Canoe School for Naturalists, Scout Leaders, Youth Group Instructors.  Gray's Lake, Des Moines. Focus on skills, hazard ID, teaching & learning styles.  One day, canoes & equip provided, ACA instructors, $25, limited space, preregistration required. 

May 27-28; IDNR Canoe School for Naturalists & Trip Leaders.  Briggs Woods Park, Boone River. Focus on skills, hazard ID, teaching & learning styles, risk management.  Two days, for canoes only, ACA instructors, $25, limited space, preregistration required. 

Jun 9-10; IDNR Kayak School for Naturalists & Trip Leaders.  Briggs Woods Park, Boone River. Focus on skills, hazard ID, teaching & learning styles, risk management.  Two days, for kayaks only, ACA instructors, $25, limited space, preregistration required. 

Jun 24-25; IDNR Canoe School for Naturalists & Trip Leaders.  Briggs Woods Park, Boone River. Focus on skills, hazard ID, teaching & learning styles, risk management.  Two days, for canoes only, ACA instructors, $25, limited space, preregistration required. 

Aug 5-6; IDNR Kayak School for Naturalists & Trip Leaders.  Briggs Woods Park, Boone River. Focus on skills, hazard ID, teaching & learning styles, risk management.  Two days, for kayaks only, ACA instructors, $25, limited space, preregistration required. 

Aug 25-26; IDNR Canoe School for Naturalists & Trip Leaders.  Briggs Woods Park, Boone River. Focus on skills, hazard ID, teaching & learning styles, risk management.  Two days, for canoes only, ACA instructors, $25, limited space, preregistration required. 

Sep 15-16; IDNR Canoe School for Naturalists & Trip Leaders.  Briggs Woods Park, Boone River. Focus on skills, hazard ID, teaching & learning styles, risk management.  Two days, for canoes only, ACA instructors, $25, limited space, preregistration required. 


IOWATER Introductory Training Dates Announced, Volunteers Needed


Facing similar budget pressures as most areas of state government, Iowa's citizen volunteer water monitoring program, IOWATER, relies even more heavily on those trained citizens to conduct basic water chemical, physical and biological measurements.  Volunteers are provided with the tools, equipment, and training to understand and help protect Iowa's valuable water resources.  You are encouraged to register and participate in any of the training session dates listed below. If you are already a trained volunteer, but possibly discouraged by recent problems reporting your data, a new website is now up and running.


IOWATER Introductory Training dates for 2015, so far. 

April 30, 8:30 am-4:30 pm; Osceola, location TBD

May 9, 8:30 am-4:30 pm; Indian Creek Nature Center, 6665 Otis Road SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52403

June 19, 8:30 am-4:30 pm; Upper Iowa University, Baker-Hebron Bldg, Rm 106; 605 Washington St., Fayette, IA 52142

June 26, 8:30 am-4:30 pm; Des Moines, 11730 SE 6th, Runnells, IA 50237 (ELC facility)


IOWATER also reminds us of the Mar 2-3 Iowa Water Conference at Iowa State Center in Ames. Attendees will explore current trends across water resource management in both urban and rural landscapes, with a particular emphasis on the interconnected nature of our water resources, and the opportunities this offers for collaboration.

More info at

Or email


Focus on Photography Learning Opportunities This Spring

Camera Line Art Image

While neither of these photography learning opportunities is focused solely on outdoor photography, they include excellent presenters and content at minimal cost. 


Mar 7; Photographer's Feast, Photography Workshop, 

WIU Quad Cities, 9:00am-2:00pm, tips for shooting around our region-architecture, landscape, nature, people, events, documentary, plus walk-around poster session/Q&A  with equipment suppliers.  $5 fee, preregistration required.   


Apr 25; Linn Area Photo Club, Canon "Explorers of Light" Seminar, Award-Winning Photographer Eddie Tapp, Cedar Rapids.  9:30am-4:30pm.  Learn about Tapp and his work at  Event is free, but preregistration is required.

Seminar preregistration info at 


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Mar 13-15; Canoecopia in Madison, WI

Charles City Exhibit
Charles City WhiteWater, Cedar Falls Tourism,
& Dubuque's River Museum were among
Iowa exhibitors at 2014 Canoecopia.
G.Stark photo.

It may seem a bit odd to plug an event not held in Iowa, but Iowa tourism groups, special events, and unique attractions continue to expand their promotional presence to the thousands of folks attending the world's largest paddling sports show.  


The 3-day "Canoecopia," sponsored by retailer Rutabaga, has grown over 25 years to include 100 presenters, 200 exhibitors, and 250,000 sq.ft. of display area at the Alliant Center in Madison, WI.

Whether or not you choose to part with any of your Iowa dollars, it's a lot of fun and a great source for information and ideas.  More info at:


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Mar 21; NE Iowa PaddleFest in Cedar Falls

Chris Anderson NE Iowa PFest 2014 GStark
Chris Anderson shares ideas for
low-cost outfitting gear at 2014 NE
 Iowa PaddleFest.    G.Stark photo.

Black Hawk County Conservation invites you to join them at River Hills School in Cedar Falls, IA for the Second Annual Northeast Iowa PaddleFest!  The inaugural PaddleFest event was so successful, and so much fun, they just had to do it again.


There will be multiple concurrent sessions and a  keynote speaker. Some of the concurrent sessions will take place in the HEATED therapy pool! Please check the weblink below regularly as they add sessions and speakers.


Lunch will be served for those who pre-register. 
$15 per person (pre-registered); $20 walk ins   


More info & preregistration at NE Iowa PaddleFest


2015 Iowa Legislative Session In Progress

Iowa Capitol Bldg Reflect Wallace G.Stark
Iowa Capitol Building reflected in the windows of the Wallace Building.     Photo by G.Stark.

How to Contact Your Legislator

Find updated contact info for your legislators, committee assignments, lists of all representatives or senators, bills in play, lobbyists, and more at 


Key Dates & Special Days for 2015 Session of the 86th Iowa General Assembly
Feb 3; IRR Legislative Reception, 5-7 pm, Noodle Zoo    Cafe.

Feb 17; REAP Day/IEC Environmental Lobby Day at  Iowa Capitol.

Mar 4; Tree Day at Iowa Capitol.

May 1; 110th calendar day of the session [Per diem expenses end].


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WhereIsItWhere Is It? Quiz ANSWER
Whitewater Creek Overlook
View of Whitewater Creek through old cedars atop a bluff at Whitewater Canyon

Taken in early spring, with only traces of snow remaining, this photo provides a view of Whitewater Creek from an overlook, well above the floor of Whitewater Canyon.  The 562 acre Whitewater Canyon and Hidden Canyon wildlife management area of forest, upland, and riparian habitats is located just 5 miles east of Cascade at the intersection of Dubuque, Jackson, and Jones counties.  Watch for and follow the familiar brown arrowhead directional signs as you travel east on Hwy 151.  


Hikers enjoy the trails, overlooks, and other interesting features as they watch for a variety of wildlife.  Anglers often find success in Whitewater Creek, which, during periods of sufficient water, also provides a unique float through geologic history for those who favor canoes and kayaks.


More info from Dubuque County Conservation:

More info from Jones County Conservation:

Hiking trails map:

Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation article explains the evolution of Whitewater Canyon, a unique feature among the landforms of Iowa:

Iowa DNR Expedition & Fishing Map for Maquoketa River, N Fork Maquoketa & Whitewater Creek:


Photo by G.Stark 

WhatIsItWhat Is It? Quiz ANSWER
Breath of Wilderness Book Cover
New book about Sigurd Olson
could attract young readers
to the wonder & challenge
of the outdoors.

Awareness is becoming acquainted with the environments, no matter where one happens to be. Man does not suddenly become aware or infused with wonder; it is something we are born with. No child need be told its secrets; he keeps it until the influence of gadgetry and the indifference of teen-age satiation extinguish its intuitive joy.

--Sigurd F. Olson


The rich legacy of Iowa's respect for wilderness areas owes much to two famous sons of our state--Aldo Leopold, born 1887 in Burlington, IA, and Arthur Carhart, born 1892 in Mapleton, IA.  Both were pioneering leaders in efforts of the early 1920's to recognize and protect areas of recreational wilderness.  Their efforts, combined with those of many others, led to a 1926 plan to protect the Boundary Waters, and eventually the 1964 dedication of the Boundary Water Canoe Area, enactment of the 1964 Wilderness Act, and finally, recognition of BWCA as a wilderness in 1978.


A new book, "Breath of Wilderness: The Life of Sigurd Olson" (Conservation Pioneers) Paperback, published in 2014, provides another interesting perspective on the creation of the BWCA.  "Breath of Wilderness" tells how Sigurd Olson's love for wild places inspired him to play a key role in the movement to preserve wilderness throughout North America, including the BWCA. Through his writing, Olson shared his beliefs worldwide, often facing strong opposition, even in his home base of Ely, MN.


Author, and Iowa native, Kristin Eggerling incorporates her passions for preserving wild places, encouraging reading, and exposing kids to the outdoors. The book was written for young adults, ages 9-12, or levels 3-7, but older reviewers have found it equally entertaining.  Those of you who work to inspire your children or students to embrace the outdoors, stand up for their beliefs, or find the joy in reading should consider acquiring this book.


Note: Sigurd Olson was born in 1899 in Chicago.  

Just a little farther west, and Iowa would have hit the trifecta.


Ames Tribune interview with Kristin Eggerling:

More info on Amazon:

Interesting Sigurd Olson website:


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We Hope That You Are Enjoying the IWTA Newsletter
IDNR Blue Trash Bag
Reusable blue trash bags help remove trash,
deliver the "Keep It Fun, Keep It Clean" message.
Be sure to have some available to
distribute during your spring WT events.  
Contact Water Trails Outreach Coordinator Todd Robertson at

Special thanks to readers who shared:
  • Corrections and additions to the IWTA 2015 Planning Calendar.
  • Event info for February-March.
  • Items they are reading, or otherwise find of interest to those involved with WTs.
The mission of the IWTA is to facilitate the exchange of information, ideas and encouragement among Iowans working to create, enhance, or utilize our water trails. That is only possible with your support and participation. 


Please continue to share your events, reports, ideas, quiz topics, and suggestions with us at  Thank you for your continuing support and encouragement.


If you are not one of the over 1,100 Iowans who 

currently subscribe to this free, monthly email IWTA Newsletter, please click on the convenient "Join Our Mailing List" button to get on board.


And, please share the IWTA Newsletter with your friends via the "Forward this email" or "Share on Social Media" buttons. 

Gregg Stark
Editor, Iowa Water Trails Association Newsletter