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MAKE a New Year's Resolution to get on the CTEWC MAP!
January 2016

Dear Friends,

Make a New Year's Resolution to get on the CTEWC Map!

First, We Have A Letter from Down Under from Dan Fleming

Hi Jim, 

Hope this note finds you well. In Bangalore you showed us the CTEWC website, and mentioned that it had a map of the world with people all over it so that we could find people in different places. I had a trip to Brazil planned for The Association for Moral Education and did just that - I found Ronaldo and got in touch. I am now here with him in Sao Paulo - I have never experienced such great hospitality, and we have been sharing some wonderful stories and insights about moral theology. He is a great man, and a leading thinker. I thought you'd enjoy hearing of the connection! I will get a photo of us and send it through.

Ronaldo Zacharias and Dan Fleming

For the first time, the annual meeting of the Association for Moral Education was held in a Latin American country (Brazil). Considering the context of poverty, social and economic inequality and historical non-democratic regimens in most of its countries, this Conference created an exceptional opportunity for scholars, students and practitioners to debate the role that moral education, psychology, philosophy, theology and sociology can play in the struggle for justice, citizenship development, inclusion and democracy.

CTEWC members Ronaldo Zacharias and Dan Fleming met in São Paulo and attended the conference in Santos, Brazil. Dan also presented a paper entitled "Is Something Missing? The Catholic Understanding of Conscience - A Critical Appraisal". 

So What's the lesson from Dan FLEMING???  GET ON THE MAP.  Click here and YOU can do it.  YOU CAN Get on the Map and the chances of a fellow ethicist visiting you increases RADICALLY.  So for this NEW YEAR's, make a RESOLUTION.  Take the Daring Step to get on the MAP.  Ronaldo did! and Dan is a better ethicist because of it!!!!

At the same time, KUDOS! to Sister Veronica Rop after successfully defending her PhD thesis.   This is another African Woman PhD, but also one who became a Mother General of her order AND STILL FINISHED and DEFENDED her DISSERTATION.  She is A SIGN OF GREAT HOPE FOR THE CHURCH and FOR US ETHICISTS.  WELCOME DR. Sr. VERONICA ROP!

Then for the Forum we have articles from Jaroslav Lorman, Mary Yuen, and Mary Doyle Roche. 


Finally a wonderful announcement about the work of another African woman ethicist, Sr. Annah Nyadombo who, after having defended her dissertation, today defends others in Africa.   

Best Wishes, 


Sister Veronica Rop successfully defends her PhD thesis
Report By: Peter Knox, S.J.
Sister Veronica Rop successfully defended her PhD thesis at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA), in Nairobi, Kenya. 

Veronica's thesis is entitled "Human Dignity: A Study on the Participation of Women in Integral Human Development among the Kalenjin in the Catholic Diocese of Eldoret - Kenya."

Veronica was interrogated by her first supervisor, Rev. Dr. Richard Rwiza, then her second supervisor, Rev. Prof. Constance Bansikiza, and then by external reader Rev. Dr. Paschal Mwakio from Mombasa Archdiocese. She gave a strong defence of the dignity of ALL human persons.
Sister Veronica was effusive in her thanks to Frs. James Keenan and Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator for their assistance and support during her years of research and writing. She paticularly mentioned her thanks to the entire CTEWC Committee for Scholarship Programme for African Women.

Featured Forum Articles:

Jaroslav Lorman, Saying yes to the sin?

The International Fellowship Initiative 

The International Fellowship Initiative (IFI) 
is seeking applications for September 2016

About IFI 
The International Fellowship Program (IFI) is a collaboration between the two Jesuit theology centers in the United States of America: the Boston College School of Theology and Ministry (BC STM) and the Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University in Berkeley (JST-SCU).

The IFI hosts post-doctoral international scholars for a six to nine month period of research at either JST-SCU or BC STM (applicants will indicate their preference of research site as part of the application process). The IFI provides scholars with space, time, and resources to complete the research set forth in their fellowship proposal.

Applications are due March 1, 2016.

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About the program and application process

Application Form for 2016

About the Boston College School of Theology and Ministry

About the Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University in Berkeley

Jennifer Bader, Ph.D.
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Associate Dean 
Jesuit School of Theology at Santa Clara University 

An Announcement From Sr. Annah Nyadombo

Annah Nyadombo is working in the department of education for the Bishops' Conference in Zimbabwe, and is also 
facilitating a programme for Child protection in the country for all the Dioceses. 

She offers many thanks for the publications, support and material which
 she has made reference to during these different workshops. 

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