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Dear Colleagues,


As you can see on our home page, we are featuring more writings by Myroslav Marynovych.  Let us remember him and all those in the struggles in the Ukraine.


This issue of the FIRST is basically about the Forum.  We have essays from Mexico, Italy, Japan, US and South Africa.


Besides these great essays, I want to get you thinking about a new project we will launch in the next issue of the FIRST.


On April 1st we will launch the Pilot of the THE VISTING PROFESSORS Program.


We want to start simple so as to gain experience.  The modest terms of the Pilot program would be:


1. A Visiting Professor would offer to teach at least for one month in a host institution without remuneration.

2. The host institution (we are starting with Dharmaram in Bangalore, Hekima College in Nairobi, and St. Vincent's and Loyola School of Theology in Manila) would provide the Visiting Professor with room and board.

3. We would cover the airfare.


If you are at all interested, let me know.  Over the next month we are working out the details.


The committee members of the Program are: Antonio Autiero, Agnes Brazal, Elias Omondi Opongo, Shaji George Kochuthara, and I.


I hope this finds you well.


Let us pray for one another.



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CTEWC Forum: Japan, US, Mexico, Italy, and South Africa
The Situation In Ukraine
News from Latin America

Mexico: Gabriela Juarez tells us about the recent National Meeting of Women Theologians and Feminist Activists of Mexico. This meeting held during the month of February included approximately 100 women and some men from Mexico who met with the purpose of sharing expectations for a world free of violence and new hope for fairness, justice, solidarity and a dignified life. The meeting was held on 6 and 7 February after months of work to create a safe and welcoming space for contextualized reflection, growth and strengthening networks of hope.


The meeting included the presence of Elsa Tamez from Colombia, and many participants from all over Mexico. Discussions included issues of importance to women on social, political, economic, ecclesial, cultural, and intellectual matters. At the end of the meeting there was a commitment to  continued work around eight themes: networking, training, exercise of rights, leadership, actions organized with a political position, organization and retrieval of memories, experiences and history, creating new theologies. 


During the meeting, symbolic acts, workshops, and panel discussions were held. All information and reports from the meeting will soon be available at



Argentina: The Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina awarded Pablo Blanco (member of the planning committee Latin America CTEWC) the "stimulus Research Award 2013". This award aims to recognize those teachers whose publications and research gain a level of recognition in academia.


The byline that accompanied the award states that "his academic production contributes to inspire in our students an embodiment of a social, ethical and citizen dimensions to the Christian life,giving meaning to the exercise of our profession as a loving response to a vocation inspired by God. " Congratulations, Pablo!


Argentina: Emilce Cuda shares her latest publication - "Migration and Mission: A Perspective from Aparecida", Revista Teología 112, Volume L, December 2013, 145-168, ISSN 0328-1396 Theology Faculty, Catholic University of  Argentina. BuenosAires (Indexed in: e-Dialnet and Latindex)


Brazil. Pessini Leo's newest publication comes out in March from Loyola University Press and Saint Camillus Center:


Pessini, L. & BERTACHINI, L. & Barchifontaine, C. P.


(Three volumes)

Vol I:     Bioethics: From the Beginnings to the Contemporary Issues

Vol II:   About the Respectful Care

Vol III:  Humanization in health care and some tributes of

Honor (Ed. Pellegrino, Larry Librach, William Saad Hossne,

Cecily Saunders, Camillus de Lellis)


With 48 authors in three volumes (48 Chapters, 715 pages) This series will be a sound reference in the field of ethics in health care. The series includes many international authors: James Keenan and Andrea Vicini (About the future of bioethics),Andrea Vicini (Ethics and the brain),Hans Martin Sass (Fritz Jahr's - 1926 - in the origins o f bioethics);Leo Pessini (Ethics and humanization of the health care field),Christian P. de Barchifontaine(Ethics at the end of life).


 MT Davila  



News from Asia

Book on Feminist Cyberethics in Asia released:


The anthology Feminist Cyberethics in Asia: Religious Discourses on Human Connectivity, edited by Agnes M. Brazal and Kochurani Abraham (NY: Palgrave Macmillan 2014), is off the press this first week of March. Three essays in this collection of essays were presented via Skype in five colleges/universities in the United States in 2011, in a collaborative effort of the Ecclesia of Women in Asia and the Development Committee of the CTEWC.





For further information:




Lucas Chan



News from Africa

"Ethical Examination of overcrowding in the city of Kinshasa and its related problems."

Created capital of DR Congo in 1929, Kinshasa was still up to the country's independence in 1960, a small town, with a mere 500,000 inhabitants. This year 2014, the population of Kinshasa is estimated at about 10 million inhabitants, making it the third largest city in Africa.The main reasons for this overcrowding are the high birth rate ( an average of 6 children per couple ) , internal migration of populations after several wars of rebellion, and of course the permanent exodus in Africa.

Such a situation unfortunately creates many issues for which successive governments have sought solutions. First is the ecological health problems . For a long time many dumps have simply been created in the streets. Today , co-operative organizations such as PAUK have established intermediate disposal sites in some neighborhoods, from where household waste is transported to the final disposal site. But this effort has not yet won over all municipalities.

Secondly , the provisioin of housing has not kept pace with the population. Old avenues are now overcrowded and annexes reduce sidewalks to a couple of feet. Many people are under- housed and cannot maintain a dignified marriage and family life.

A third problem is the insufficient public transport. Public transport companies have gone bankrupt one after the other (STK , SOTRAZ , City Train, STUC and today TRANSCO ) . A remarkable effort , however, is slated to expand the former colonial roads.

Finally, we can not keep silent on the general problem of crime and safety . Recent years have been marked by sad experiences. "Kuluna" or unemployed youths do not hesitate to hurt their victims with machetes to extract money, phones or other property. Fortunately the Congolese National Police is today in the process of cracking down against these groups with its operation "LIKOFI."
While commending these efforts, our ethical view calls for action on the upstream causes of overpopulation. Efforts should be made to educate the population on family planing and to avoid wars that impede development in the provinces of the DRC. Read More. French Version.


Sister Marie-Rose Ndimbo


New Publication by John Chathanatt, S.J.

"Unto The Margins: Pope Francis and His Challenges," by John Chathanatt, S.J., includes contributions by James Keenan, S.J., Emilce Cuda, Mathew Illathuparampil.
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New Theology Review is now accepting manuscripts for its September 2014 issue.  The Deadline for manuscript submission is June 1, 2014. 




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