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I first want to Welcome Claudio Quintana on board as our new web designer.  I invite you to welcome him by signing on to the map below.  We are now over 80 on the map, let's get to 100!


Second, there is an urgent letter from the Ukraine by Myroslav Marynovych, Prisoner of Conscience during the Brezhnev era and currently Vice-Rector of the Ukrainian Catholic University in Lviv, Ukraine.   Please feel free to share it.


Third, from Austria and Germany A Preparatory document for the extraordinary synod of bishops in 2014: the questions by 17 professors of moral theology and pastoral theology.


Fourth, America Magazine did a 15 minute Podcast with me on CTEWC.  Please share it with others, a great way to introduce people to CTEWC!


Fifth, In the FORUM, there are five great essays: by Eric Genilo on Typhoon Haiyan, Emilce Cuda on theology in Argentina, Ellen Van Stichel on the "Birth Day" project,  Peter Knox on water and oil in Turkana, and Nichole Flores on the upcoming Synod.


Sixth, Günter Virt sent us his essay on the synod.  Does anyone else want to post their reflections on the upcoming synod???  Send them to me and Claudio.


Finally there's news from Argentina, Brazil, India, and the U.S. and newly posted calls for papers, publications, and jobs.






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An urgent letter from the Ukraine

"In what way is today's regime in Ukraine any different than the Bolshevik regime? The Communists committed crimes driven by ideology while Yanukovych's regime is doing the same, only basing its actions on criminal logic.


The government has usurped authority in the country in virtually an undisguised manner..." Read More.

Preparatory Document
James Keenan talks with America
James Keenan, S.J., recently discussed "Catholic Theological Ethics in the World Church (CTEWC)" with America in a 15 minute Podcast for America. 
CTEWC Forum: The Philippines, Argentina, Kenya, Belgium, and US.

Eric Genilo (Philippines), Aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan


Emilce Cuda (Argentina), La teologi­a en Argentina despues de Francisco 


Peter Knox (Kenya), Water and oil in Turkana: How will they play out?


Ellen Van Stichel (Belgium), Happy Birth Day?


Nichole Flores (US), Synod of Bishops on the Family: Critical Questions from the US


News from Latin America

From Argentina:

Gustavo Irrazabal shares his most recent publication: "Entre paternalismo y libertad. Qué es y qué no es la opción preferencial por los pobres" [Between paternalism and freedom: What is and what isn't the preferential option for the poor], Criterio2398 (nov 2013) 21-25 (http://www.revistacriterio.com.ar/iglesia/entre-paternalismo-y-libertad/)


Emilce Cuda was one of the co-organizers of the Seminar on Religion and Politics of IPSA, which took place at the Metropolitan University in London, January 15-16. Through this seminar she introduced the topic of theology and politics in relation, as opposed to its usual treatment at these meetings as religion and politics. The latter emphasizes the sociological dimensions as a field of study among other fields. The former tries to address fundamental concepts that propel the political and ethical. She convened a panel on theology and politics in Latin America with specialists on the topic from Berguen, Stockholm, and Mexico.

These sessions were well attended and interest was high. But, she notes, Francis' attitude changes everything. Even the most liberal secularists are now interested in the theological. As a result, CLACSO, the most important social sciences organization in Latin America has asked Cuda to present a virtual seminar on theological ethics and aesthetics in 2014. She notes that this represents a Kairos for Catholics at this time due to the political and media legitimacy effected by Francis, and the support of North American cardinals and bishops.  


From Brazil:


Ronaldo Zacharias and Leo Pessini invite the CTEWC community to this year's Congress of Moral Theology, September 1-4, 2014. The theme of this year's meeting in Sao Paulo is Theological Ethics and Social Transformation. For more information.

In Addition: 

Leo Pessini shares the news of the recent thesis defense by Ricardo Hoepers, doctoral thesis on Moral theology at the Academia Alfonsiana/ Universidade lateranense (Rome). Our colleague RICARDO HOEPERS, from the Archidiocese ofCuritiba (PR) just presented at the Academia Alfonsiana (Rome) his Doctoral Thesis  on the History of the Sociedade Brasileira de Teologia Moral ( SBTM)  -  Brazilian Society of Moral Theology (SBTM). The title: "Moral Theology in Brasil in the light of the Brazilian Society of Moral Theology from 1977 to 2011". Pessini writes: "It´s an excellent research that enriches our journey mainly for the new generation of Moral Theologians that are entering the field in terms of knowing better our history. This work must for sure be published very soon in order to be available to all those interested in Moral Theology in our country." 


MT Davila


News from the United States

The North Americans attending the annual meeting of the Society of Christian Ethics (SCE) were pleased to welcome (CTEWC planning committee member) Agnes Brazal from St. Vincent School of Theology in the Philippines, who delivered two papers at the conference in Seattle, WA.  After the conference, Agnes traveled to present on "Solidarity in the (Cyber-)Body of Christ" at Seattle University, Gonzaga University, and the Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University via partnerships between the SCE's international speakers' fund and the sponsoring universities in California and Washington. Her engaging work on technology and ethics reached many more students, colleagues and community members in the region via this global scholar program of the SCE. 


Kristin Heyer:


News from Asia

National Conference on Vatican II and Women in India


A national conference on 'Paradigm Shift in Vatican II and its impact on women' was jointly organized by Streevani, Pune, CBCI Commission for Women, Montfort Social Institute,  Hyderabad, National Biblical Catechetical and Liturgical Centre (NBCLC),  and Indian Social Institute (ISI), Bangalore to mark the golden jubilee of the Second Vatican Council.  The conference was held in NBCLC, Bangalore, on January 8-11, 2014, and was attended by 113 Religious and Lay women leaders from across the country, and seven men holding responsibilities at the national level or from academics.


The Conference challenged religious women/men to live their consecrated life fully dedicated to God and to God's people and to stand with people especially the Tribals and Dalits and to help them overcome exploitation and oppression.

Some of the topics dealt with and presented included 'Gender Justice and Catholic Church', 'The Role of Women in pre and during Vatican II', 'Faith journeys and struggles of women to bring in change', and 'Emergence and Assertion of Subaltern Groups'.


There was also a unified voice among the participants regarding the need of concrete action plans for the future. Subsequently, the Indian Christian Women's Movement (ICWM) was launched. It is aimed to be "a voice of Christian women for the poor and the marginalized at the national level".


At the end of the conference, the organizers issued a statement. Part of it is reprinted below for your reference.  


"At the Golden Jubilee of the start of Vatican II we felt the need to look back and take stock of the impact of this path breaking Council on women in the Church...


The Conference looked at the impact of Vatican II on women from various perspectives...


The conference traced the development of feminist theology in India, the socio-cultural changes and the impact of the Council on women religious in particular...


The conference also brought to the fore the ground realities of women on the periphery...


A critical look at the situation of women in families brought an increased awareness that much has to be done to make our families a safe place for women and girls to grow with dignity and equal rights befitting a person created in the image and likeness of God...


The Conference motivated us to get in touch with the Divine within and use our feminine wisdom to live life more prophetically and be witnesses to the values of the gospel...


We realized the importance of empowering women in Church and the wider country and the need to work towards genuine sisterhood/brotherhood especially with the poor and those on the margins...


We were challenged, to change our patriarchal mindset, to develop a feminist way of thinking, to create gender sensitivity, promote the use of inclusive language, break boundaries and move into a new way of being and doing...


We committed to move out of our comfort zones; to study the documents of the Church and share it with others; to listen and respond to people with compassion and justice; to uphold the dignity of women; to network with other congregations, like -minded people and organizations and to make a shift from institution-centered to people centered activities."



 Lucas Chan,  Asia region


Call for Submission

New Theology Review is now accepting manuscripts for its September 2014 issue.  The Deadline for manuscript submission is June 1, 2014. 




Job Announcement


Ruhr-Universität Bochum - Faculty of Catholic Theology invites applications for the position of a Junior Professor (W 1 with tenure track option W 2) in Theological Ethics to start on March 1st, 2014.

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