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Two Launchings:


Ten Years ago this week, ten moral theologians met in Leuven and launched CTEWC. I tell the story below immediately after this set of announcements.


To celebrate that launching, we are launching our Map.


Take a look at the map. 


Sign up HERE to put YOURSELF on THE MAP.


This MAP was made possible by a couple who have been supporting the African woman's PhD candidates in many ways. It was also ENVISIONED, CREATED, and REALIZED by Jillian MAXEY, our Brilliant Web-Designer!!! You can thank her as you fill out the form and put yourself on the MAP. BUT ALSO CONGRATULATE her for her new book, WOMEN AND INTERRELIGIOUS DIALOGUE! See the advertisement below.


This MAP will help us INDIVIDUALLY and COLLECTIVELY to Connect with one another.


For instance, in the Spring Antonio Autiero and I will launch the VISITING PROFESSORS Program, by setting up a network between available faculty and available schools for Faculty looking to teach overseas for a limited time, from one month to one year.


Finally, as you look in this issue, TAKE a LOOK at the FORUM. Three LICENTIATE students of Shaji George Kochuthara write up a remarkable study on the tragic impact that the DOWRY has on family life in India. Sr. Solange Ngah has a great essay on the ethics of COMMUNICATION. Petr Stica reports from Muenster on a conference on HUMAN RIGHTS. Alexandre Martins writes about YOUTH. And Mary Jo Iozzio writes about THANKSGIVING.










Top Stories
CTEWC Celebrates 10 Years

Paul Schotsman, our founding host
Take a look at the pictures we found.  


From November 6-9, 2003, Paul Schotsmans hosted us at Holy Ghost College, Leuven. The Conference Planning Group was the late Soosai Arokiasamy (India), Benezet Bujo (Congo, Switzerland), Margaret Farley (US), Linda Hogan (Ireland), Rogue Junges (Brazil), Jose Rojas (Philippines), Paul Schotsmans  

(Belgium), Toni Ross (Administrator), and  James Keenan (US), Chair.


Margaret Farley, Rogue Junges, and Hans Wennink

We came up with our name CTEWC, developed our Mission Statement, and Planned to meet in PADUA in 2006.  


Planning committee for Padua
Toni Ross, administrator, with Guests, Lisa Sowle Cahill and Tom Reese, at Padua opening Reception
Today we are 1000 moralists getting this newsletter in over eighty countries. We have come a long way... and we have a long way to go. MORE
Explore the New CTEWC Map

This is an interactive feature that shows where different members of the community are around the globe. 

We have a growing number of people participating.  Visit the map, click on a particular location to see a person's profile or sort by research interest or country and the map changes, as does the list of people just under the map.  The list is also a great way to go right to a person's profile if you know who you are looking for.  

And, of course, add yourself to the map by visiting:  

(Note: you'll receive confirmation that your profile is submitted, but Jillian has to actually add it to the map, so it won't appear instantaneously.)  Contact Jillian ( with any questions.

Let us know what you think!

CTEWC Forum: India, Cameroon, Germany and the US
This month we have five new forum essays.  Check them out over on the website and be sure to post your comments.

A. Vimal Kumar, MMI, Bala Kiran Vannekuty and Joseph Thambi Gone(India), The Impact of the Dowry System in Christian Communities 

Petr Stica (Germany), Human rights in the Catholic Church: Report of the international expert meeting "Benchmark Human Rights. Ambition and Implementation in the Catholic Church" in Münster   


Alexandre Martins, MI (Brazil),  Moral Theology and Youth  

Solange Ngah (Cameroon), On Communication and the Media: Reflections of a Theological Ethicist 


Mary Jo Iozzio (USA), Thanksgiving at 150  


Thanks to Vimal, Bala, Joseph, Petr, Alex, Solange and Mary Jo for these thoughtful pieces. 



Other News


Full abstracts of the papers and biographical information on the presenters can be found here or on the EWA website at


For further information contact Andrea Vicini, Agnes Brazal, or Gina Wolfe


More information.

Jillian Maxey
has co-edited a new volume, Women and Interreligious Dialogue (Cascade 2013), with Catherine Cornille. 

The volume includes essays by Rosemary Radford Ruether, Jeannine Hill Fletcher, Nancy Fuchs Kreimer, Aysha Hidayatullah, Wai Ching Angela Wong and others.  Essays from the Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim perspectives reflect on women's experiences in dialogue, paying particular attention to the grassroots and margins of these religious traditions.



News from Asia


A special report on the earthquake by Aloysius Cartagenas

Dear Jim and Colleagues in the CTEWC,


Perhaps you have learned by now about the earthquake that devastated my country.  It occurred in my home island-province of Bohol and my hometown of Loon is most devastated.

More than fifty have died in my place and the count is expected to rise. Hundreds of homes and public buildings destroyed, including our town market and hospital. Relief and rescue are ongoing, and our resiliency, solidarity and faith in God are again put to the test.

To add more pain to the suffering, our huge and beautiful church is gone, reduced to rubble...

I am writing you to ask you and our academic community to kindly include my town folks and province mates in your community prayers and masses. If you feel like passing on this message to your circle of friends, please feel free.

I am attaching a few photos to give you an idea of the church devastation. For the rest you may access the internet.

Thank you and God bless!




National Conference on the impacts of Vatican II on women


Streevani Pune, in collaboration with NBCLC, ISI (Bangalore), CBCI Office for Women, and Montfort Social Institute, Hyderabad, are organizing a National Conference on "Paradigm Shift in Vatican II and its Impact on Women" at NBCLC, Bangalore, from 8th to 11th January 2014.


The Second Vatican Council had a great positive impact on women's position and participation in the Church by opening up new paths for women's collaborative role in the mission of the Church. The aim of the conference is to look at what brought women into the hallowed space of the Council, what new spaces were opened up, and what are the possibilities the future holds for women in the Church.


Moreover, while there has been a bit of a setback in the progress for women in the Church, the era of Pope Francis renews our hope in putting the implementation of the Conciliar documents back on track. The organizers hope that this conference will help participants to plan and work together on strategies to promote the active participation of women in the mission of the Church.



For further information please email or 


To view the program and concept paper of the Conference (prepared by Ms. Virginia Saldanha).:  


News from Africa


Democratic Republic of Congo


The 28th Theological Week conference took place in Kinshasa at Catholic University between 22-26 April 2013, on the theme "Profound Evangelization 50 years after Vatican II: Celebration and Experience of the Christian faith in DR Congo." Participants learned the concept of inculturation as announced in the Vatican II decree Ad Gentes, 22. Some more concrete issues were discussed: future Congolese rite of the Mass, avenues for pastoral and inculturated funeral ritual, tensions between different pastoral agents within the Church.


New Publications

  1. Azétsop, J., Alioune, DB. "Access to antiretroviral treatment, issues of well-being and public health governance in Chad: how can we justify the limited success of the universal access policy?" Philosophy, Ethics and Humanities in Medicine 2013, 8:8.

Book Chapters:


2. Elias O. Opongo (2013), " The African Union and a liberal peace agenda to conflict." In Murithi, T. (ed), Handbook of Africa's international relations. New York: Routledge, pp. 62-73.


3. Elias O. Opongo (2013), "Historical Dynamics of the Northern Uganda Conflict: A Longitudinal Struggle for Nation Building." In Kenneth Omeje and Tricia R. Hepner (ed), Conflict and Peacebuilding in Africa's Great Lakes Region. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, pp.85-106.  






Hekima Institute of Peace Studies and International Relations (HIPSIR)


Hekima Institute of Peace Studies and International Relations (HIPSIR) held a first student-led conference 8-9 October 2013 bringing together close to 100 students from different universities to discuss Transitional Justice, Diplomacy and Post-Conflict Reconstruction in Africa. Discussions centered on accountable leadership and institution of the diverse mechanisms of justice and reconciliation.


Other news from around the CTEWC

Several essays that have appeared in Asian Horizons are now available on the web:

Download them at:  


The Call for Papers for the March 2014 edition of Asian Horizons is now available. 

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