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Greetings from NYC where I am on a five month sabbatical!!!


I simply want to highlight three important moments in this issue of THE FIRST.


First, the Passing of Enrico Chiavacci.  Enrico was an active participant in both Padua and Trento and a very active voice in the church and the world.  He was a friend to me and to many.  He was an inspiration.  Please see the photos and description of his life in this issue.


Second, we have a new style!  This is the first of a few steps we are taking to further develop our Network.  Special thanks to our Brilliant Jillian Maxey!


Third, we have a new Regional Committee, the European Regional Committee.  This was one result of our Berlin meeting.  Catch up on the reports from Berlin and meet the committee


In the next issue you can meet our European Forum.


I encourage you to read the forum.  WE are getting more and more comments on them, so I welcome your visits!


I wish you all well, let's pray and work for peace!





Top Stories
In Memory of Enrico Chiavacci (1926-August 25, 2013)

E.C. between Antonio Autiero and Marciano Vidal at Trent, 2010 He was born in 1926 in Siena.  Ordained a priest in Florence in 1950. Became pastor of San Silvestro in the diocese of Florence in 1961, where he remained all his life.  He taught since 1950 in Florence.  He was a Visiting Professor at l'Università degli studi di Firenze, l'Università cattolica di Milano, l'Università di Leida (Holand), l'Università di Vienna, l'Accademia teologica del Patriarcato di Mosca (Moscow). He was president of the Associazione Italiana per lo studio della teologia morale from 1979 to 1984; He was a member of European Society for Research in Ethics from 1981 to 1985 and a member of Pax Christi International; board member of Rivista di teologia morale and Rivista di sessuologia. More

Map of Europe
Meet the New European Regional Committee

As a result of the CTEWC meeting in Berlin in June 2013 (read the reports and news coverage), a new regional committee has been formed: the European Regional Committee.  Formerly the Eastern European Committee, this group brings together ethicists across Europe and adds an important dimensions the global network of Catholic theological ethics. Full Story

CTEWC Forum: Argentina, the Philippines and the USA
This month we have three new forum essays.  Check them out over on the website and be sure to post your comments.

Emilce Cuda (Argentina), Francisco: entre la Teología de la Liberación y la Teología del Pueblo

Eric Genilo (Philippines), "Saying No to Blood Ivory"

News from Africa
Theological Colloquium on Church, Religion and Society in Africa (TCCRSA) in Nairobi, 14 - 16 AUGUST, 2013.

The 8 African women recipients of the CTEWC scholarships recently attended the TCCRSA.  After the colloquium there was a professional development program for them led by major African theologians. On the website
News from Asia
Indian National Seminar on the "Emerging Issues in Moral Theology - Challenges for the 21st Century."

A national seminar was organized by the Redemptorists in Bangalore, India, from 8th-13th July 2013.  It was an opportunity offered to pastors, moral theologians, and lay faithful in India to equip themselves to deal with moral issues that challenge our Christian values and moral visions. It was conducted by an experienced international team of experts consisting of Rev. Dr. Raphael Gallagher C.Ss.R., Rev. Dr. Stephen Rehrauer C.Ss.R., Rev. Dr. Vimal Tirimanna C.Ss.R., Rev. Dr. Clement Campos C.Ss.R, and Rev. Dr. Assisi Saldanha C.Ss.R.


(L to R: Clement Campos, Vimal Tirimanna, Raphael Gallagher and Stephen Rehrauer)  Full Report 



Commemoration of John XXIII's Pacem in Terris (1963) held in Sydney, 4-9th July 2013    

This year's conference of the Australian Catholic Theological Association focused on the theme "Fifty Years After Pacem in Terris."   The Association Executive, led by Anne Hunt, who is also Dean of the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy at Australian Catholic University, invited Agnes Brazal (St Vincent School of Theology, Adamson University, Manila; picture at left) to participate in the conference.   We were very glad to welcome Agnes, who came to Australia immediately after the Berlin CTEWC meeting at the end of June. In 2012, we benefited from the participation of the Indian theologian Felix Wilfred.  Full Report

News from Latin America
Mexico: Sebastián Mier shares with us the release of his volume on the occasion of the year of faith: Cómo ilumina Jesús nuestra realidad actual, en Buena Prensa de México ( This 275 page volume includes 30 essays.

Brazil: The XXXVII Congress of Moral Theology will take place from September 2-5. Its theme is Moral Theology and Youth: reciprocal encounters. The Congress gathers moral theologians from all Brazil and will be characterized by the dialogue between moral theology and other sciences. The dialogue will be grounded on an interdisciplinary perspective.

The volume Ética Teológica y la Juventud: Interpelaciones recíprocas (diversidad sexual, drogas, violencia, redes sociales virtuales). Aparecida/São Paulo: Santuário/São Camilo, 2013, edited by Leo Pessini and Ronaldo Zacharias, will be released on September 2.

Peru: Twenty four students began the Masters in Bioethics at the University Antonio Ruiz de Montoya (Lima, Peru) on August 24. All the students are alumni from the Degree in Bioethics offered by the university during the past four years. They hope to begin a new cohort next year.
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