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February 25, 2015
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 A Road Runs
Through It
Dr. Tony Clevenger
speaks about wildlife crossings in the area.
February 25,  2015, 7 pm
Jackson, WY
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Top Story

Rocky Mountain Outlook - A long-term study of the effectiveness of overpasses and underpasses in Banff National Park has shown 152,154 crossings by 11 different species of wildlife over a 17-year period.

Also In The News.... 

Research proves grizzlies prefer overpasses
Rocky Mountain Outlook - Grizzly bears prefer to use overpasses. That's according to the findings of scientist Tony Clevenger, who is looking into the effectiveness of highway overpasses and underpasses for wildlife.

Accelerated logging plans in Ghost see opposition
Rocky Mountain Outlook - Trees growing in the upper Ghost River watershed are worth more to Albertans in the ground than if they are harvested to create plywood, paper or mulch.
Habitat loss blamed for caribou deaths

24 Hours Vancouver - While British Columbia is justifying the termination of 184 grey wolves to rectify what they say is the primary cause of the declining caribou population, it isn't consistent with decades of research.             


After nearly being wiped out, wolverines are coming back

Yakima Herald-Republic - After almost being eradicated, biologists say more wolverines are now making their way into Washington State from British Columbia.        


Bill would limit bison hazing
Bozeman Daily Chronicle - Landowners who enjoy having wild bison on or near their property near Yellowstone National Park don't want hazing but sometimes have to accept it with no recourse.

Scientists discover the two quietest places in America
Christian Science Monitor - Researchers from the National Park Service have found the top two quietest places in the contiguous United States: Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming and the Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado.

Employment Opportunities

Position - Donor Relations Coordinator (Maternity Leave)
- Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative
- Until filled
- U.S. Program Director
- Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative
- Until filled

Position - Regional Executive Director - Rocky Mountain Regional Center
Organization - National Wildlife Federation
Deadline - Until filled

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