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Alberta's Headwaters
Site C Dam: Closer to Decision
Educating D.C. Decision Makers
Momentum in the Flathead
Permeable Fences
7 Tips to Play in Nature

Karsten Heuer,
President of Y2Y


Speak Now. Final decision on Alberta's Land Use Plan. 

With your help we can have a southern Alberta that is thriving for people and wildlife.


Wolverine Researcher, Dr. Tony Clevenger and Y2Y President, Karsten Heuer discuss new findings about Canada's wolverine population and the important role it plays in the survival of U.S. wolverines. LISTEN NOW.
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Help Influence the Final Decision on the Site C Dam. 

Site C
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In Honor of Farley 
June 2014

In a job like mine one has to think frequently about how change happens. Politics plays a factor, as does good science, but a lot of it revolves around the stories we tell and how we tell them. 
In honor of one of the greatest storytellers, I'd like to dedicate this edition of E-Connections to Farley Mowat who passed away just shy of his 93rd birthday a few weeks ago. 
Farley was one of Canada's greatest and most successful creative non-fiction writers (Never Cry Wolf, People of the Deer) and a passionate advocate for wild things. He spoke on behalf of the underdog and awakened millions of peoples' concern for wild places and animals - including my own.

My family and I were honored to meet Farley at the end of a five-month canoe / sailing trip we undertook from Canmore, Albera to Cap Breton, Nova Scotia several years ago. Our route flowed through the settings of many of Farley's books and re-examined the conservation issues he'd raised decades before. 
Powerful things happened throughout the trip but the highlight was meeting Farley at the end. Still writing at the age of 86, he inspired us by how simply, passionately and deliberately he lived. He retained those attributes right to the end: only two days before he died I heard Farley ranting on national radio about the introduction of WiFi in some of Canada's National Parks.   
For wildness to survive we all need to be change agents in our own way. Perhaps you'd like to speak out against the proposed Site C dam on British Columbia's Peace River; or have your say to protect southern Alberta's headwaters; or commune with nature more often (we have 7 tips to help you). Whatever you do, we hope you choose to be a voice for the wild.


For the wild,


Karsten First Name Signature  
Karsten Heuer, President 
Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative 
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Campaign Update  

Protecting Alberta's Headwaters

Backhoe's at work to save home on the banks of Cougar Creek
Backhoe working to save the homes along Canmore, AB's Cougar Creek. Photo: Stephen Legault

The anniversary of southern Alberta's June floods is only weeks away. There is no doubt that none of us wants to experience such floods again, but the question is, have policy makers maximized the opportunity this land-use plan presents to manage Alberta's headwaters and better deal with future floods? 


Get the details...

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Campaign Update  
Site C Dam: One Step Closer to a Final Decision
Photo: Joe Foy
When a proposed development is inconsistent with the Yellowstone to Yukon vision, Y2Y speaks out. On May 8th, the Join Review Panel revealed its recommendations on Site C and now we await a final decision from government. See how Y2Y and supporters like you are opposing construction of the dam. Learn how you can help!


Take Action...

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Campaign Update

Educating D.C. Decision Makers 

Susan A. Holmes
Public policy is one of the most important tools to advance conservation. This spring Y2Y added that voice hiring Susan H. Holmes as our new U.S. Connectivity Policy Coordinator. See how Susan will help fill the policy gap in the U.S. 


Learn more...

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Campaign Update
Momentum in the Flathead
More and more people are signing up to help protect the Flathead. Will you?

"What a difference a year can make! After more than a year of talking to everyday people about the value of the Flathead I (Krystal Northey, Y2Y Flathead Associate) have no doubt that there is the will necessary to make it into a national park." 



Learn from Krystal's work in the field...

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Partner Story
Permeable Fences
Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation volunteer lowers the top wire of this modified fence for wildlife. Photo: Renee Krysko

Permeable fences? It sounds like an oxymoron but the creative people at Jackson Hole Wildlife Foundation, one of Y2Y's partner grant recipients, have found a simple fencing solution that both keeps livestock in and gives wildlife the freedom they need to roam.


See how... 

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Seasonal Story
7 Tips to Play in Nature and Keep Wildlife Wild
Fishing in the Flathead River. Photo: Christina Mittermeier @iLCP

Warm sunny days and fresh spring air make us all want to get outside and play! But how do you hike, fly fish, camp or mountain bike, while keeping wildlife wild? Here are 7 tips from Y2Y partners, who work in the field and make coexistence with wildlife a daily practice. 


Get your tips...

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