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Making Connections, Naturally
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A Y2Y Holiday Tale
December 2012
'Twas a week before Christmas and all through the region,
the Y2Y staff were coming together for the holiday season.

Putting pen to paper, we reflected on the year,
and jotted down all the things for which to cheer!

Our vision is big, bold and grounded in science,
But its success is due to our strong alliance.

From the bottom of our hearts we send our warm wishes to you,
And above all else, we say, 'thank you for all that you do'.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!
From the Y2Y Team!
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We are thankful.... 
1. To be part of a community...  
2. For Grizzlies.Grizzly  
For the ones that are making their way into territory they have not roamed for many years, for the ones who still live in Alberta, and for the lessons they teach us. (Phtoto: Kent Nelson)
3. For you... 

the dedicated supporters who read this newsletter and to all those who respond to our calls for action! (pst....it's never too late to sign-up to Take Action for conservation.) 

and for the partners - scientists, land trusts and donors - who made it possible. Santa came early for the threatened grizzly population and the endangered Northern Leopard Frogs that depend on it. (Photo: Renee Krysko)   

who see the value in our work. This year we had a record year of campaigns and your steadfast support made sure we had the resources to move them forward.      
It's wild. It's diverse. And our new study will help keep it that way in the face of climate change.  (Photo Credit: Dav Martinson) 
We couldn't do this work without you. Thanks to the common conservation vision we create together, we are able to protect land used by wildlife, change legislation to protect key habitat, and find solutions that make a difference.

The Flathead team (Canada and US) joined two tables at the Canada/US border. They celebrated the success to date including a ban on mining and energy development on provincial land in the area, and called for permanent protection of the trans-boundary Flathead.   
Passion, creativity and perseverance characterize our Board and staff team, and we are especially proud that one of them, Wendy Francis, was recognized for her outstanding contributions. 
Y2Y is involved or leading a multitude of highway improvement projects affecting five different routes crossing Alberta, British Columbia, Montana and Idaho! (Photo Credit: Kent Nelson) 
 11. For research that is breaking new ground.
Road Restoration
Y2Y's expertise in forest road and wetland restoration is making us a valued partner in several U.S. National Forest and tribal restoration projects. (Photo: Rebecca Lloyd)
12. For living, working and playing in the Y2Y region.  
There is simply no place like it! Anyone who has experienced the beauty of Yellowstone National Park, the tranquility of hiking in the Rockies or the awesomeness of seeing wildlife in their natural habitat knows its a place worthy of protection. (Photo by Claire Dibble)

Winter scene
If you wish to make a special gift to nature this holiday season, CLICK HERE.   
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