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Video can be intimidating, but  when done well, it can be a source of new business.
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Our New Demo
Our New Demo
2014 Innovator Award Recipient
2014 Innovator Award Recipient
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MediaCOM is proud to unveil our newly designed website. Our sleek new look will make it easier than ever to access our full-service digital media video production. 

See how MediaCOM helps preserve your precious family memories; check out the ultimate family room with an unbelievable entertainment center; and visit our brand-new blog for great tips and important news.
Stay tuned -- we will have more updates in the near future. In the meantime, we know what's missing on your website: video! 
Why Add Video?
The short answer: everyone's doing it.
For years, video has been the feature added to more websites than any other. Consider these advantages:

1. Video Speaks to Your Customers

Your potential customers could spend hours reading through page after page of information about the services you offer, history of your company, etc. Or they can get it all in a fun, attention-grabbing video that's just a few minutes long.

Video saves time and delivers your company's message succinctly and powerfully.

2. People Like to Watch

A recent survey by the e-commerce company Invodo found that:
  • 57% of consumers say that online videos make them feel safer about purchasing a product or service online
  • 41% are more likely to share product videos than other content about that product
  • 55% say they have watched videos on a product page or company website 
And there's no technological curve to alienate different age groups: people young and old can watch a video and receive your message with equal clarity.

3. Fast and Easy Access

With internet speeds improving all the time, it's never been simpler or more efficient to download or stream video straight to your new customers -- even on mobile devices.

Plus, adding video to your site will improve your search engine rankings, which means more clients can find your company in the first place.
The Future of Video Is So Bright
Upcoming innovations featured at the 2014 National Association of Broadcasters trade show hint at a bold and exciting future for online video. In the next few years you'll see eye-popping 8K footage, an abundance of lower-price 4K cameras with variable DSLR lenses, and much more.

What does all of that mean for you and your company? Higher-quality video at lower cost. And it means video is here to stay, with an ever-expanding presence throughout the internet.
We'll Make Your Site Video-Friendly
MediaCOM is a full-service digital media video production company that provides innovative ways for our clients to communicate their vision. We enable you to focus on your message while our creative talents and technical expertise convey your message clearly and creatively.

Don't be the last company to hop on board the wave of online video. Contact MediaCOM right now and we'll get you started!
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MediaCOM is a full-service digital media video production company providing superior quality and service. We provide innovative ways for our clients to communicate their vision. MediaCOM enables its clients to focus on the message while our creative talents and technical expertise ensure that their message is conveyed clearly and creatively.

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