End of Year Giving

As Christmas approaches, we ask that you remember the DFF in your holiday plans. While preparing for your holiday celebrations with friends and family, it's important to stop and reflect on the blessings in your own life while also being aware that not everyone is so fortunate. While shopping for gifts, please consider setting aside part of your budget to support the work of the DFF with a charitable donation.

OKRA Charity Saloon 2nd chance tournament!
The second chance tournament started at the beginning of the month with 33 charities competing to win the next months procedes. Charities are eliminated each week based on votes. The DFF has made it through 2 elimination rounds, thanks to all of our supporters! There are currently 8 charities competing. At the end of this week, 4 charities will be eliminated. 

Please help us make it to the next round by going to OKRA buying a drink and voting for the DFF. Throw a happy hour or host a Christmas get-together and bring as many people as you can! 



OKRA Charity Saloon

940 Congress

Houston, TX 77002




Open daily 4:00pm - 2:00am

Join Team DFF for any race you choose!

Upcoming Races 
If you are interested in any of the following races contact Shannon Harlan on how to join Team DFF: 

Run Houston! Race Series 

5k Fun Run - Kemah Triathlon 

Cypress Triathlon 

Click Here to see more event options 

Make the Discover Fitness Foundation your reason to race! 




"Aliyah is a part of the Discover Fitness Foundation special needs class. This program has given her a chance at a normal life. As a single parent of a special needs child finances are slim after medical expenses are taken care of, which leaves no room for activities. I found out about the Discover Fitness program and came to visit with my child and fell in love with the spirit of the coaches and signed on that day. We travel a little over an hour 2 nights a week so that Aliyah has the chance to be accepted and to do what she loves. This program not only accepts these children it gives them friends and therapy all in one. And to see the smile that this program brings my child brings happy tears to my eyes. Thank you Discover Fitness Foundation."


Aliyah's Mother

 December 2014
Who We Are
Discover Fitness Foundation (DFF) is a nonprofit corporation that centers in awarding athletic scholarships to children with special needs, fighting obesity, and talented athletes with financial struggles.
Change a Child's Life
If you are interested in giving a gift of physical fitness to a less fortunate child please consider making a donation. 

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