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  December 2014

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What's Going On With Ice Melt
Sometimes You Need to Laugh
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Ice Melt In The House
Happy Holidays
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What's Going On With Ice Melt

For those paying attention to the price of ice melt, you may be getting a touch of sticker shock.


Why the higher prices, as compared to last year? Well, that's a two part answer.


No one in the northeast will forget the winter we had last year.  The snow fell on so many occasions, the country ran out of ways to melt the ice.


Because of last year, the calcium industry was never able to replenish the pipeline with new product.  It also didn't help that most of the calcium used in ice melt is mined in North Michigan and last year's winter enjoyed a polar vortex, slowing the mining operation to a crawl.


Lastly, calcium is used in natural gas fracking and selling to that industry is bringing in much stronger profits.


Meanwhile, magnesium, which is mined in Israel, is also having trouble keeping up with demand. 


For those of you who prefer using rock salt, you're finding it even harder to keep the budget in check due to Morton and International Salt merging their operations.  


To add salt to the wound, Cargill, another salt producer, closed one of its facilities due to a problem, thus reducing production even more.


Our advice, stock up.  Calcium mix and rock salt have very long shelf lives and it's better to have too much than slippery sidewalks and parking lots.

Sometimes You Need To Laugh
Living on a Prayer

How many of us go to our favorite sports venue and are so excited we want to jump up and dance?

This young man did just that and after watching this video, so will you.
Employee News

One Pack Welcomes 

Richard Schaen

Richard has been an inside sales person in the packaging industry for over four years.
His product knowledge and ability to understand his customers' needs make Richard a perfect fit for our growing business.

We welcome Richard and his plethora of knowledge.

Sealed Air Instapak Simple

Instapak Simple
The Instapak family includes just about every product for every budget. Unfortunately, there are companies who ship too many products for InstaPak Quick, but not enough for a full blown bagging system.

To fill that void, Sealed Air recently launched Instapak Simple, a low cost machine with just enough foam to fill the needs of those who need a bit more 

Introducing Our

New Catalog

No Paper Needed

We set out to develop a catalog that truly represented One Pack, and who we are as a company.


Sadly, when we were done, the catalog would cost us $20.00 to print so, instead, we welcome you to visit our on-line catalog


Turn your volume up so you can hear the pages swishing by.


Featured Product
It's that time of the year again and Ice Melt is already in short demand.

Don't wait too long to order, this stuff is slipping out the door.
Experienced Equipment is Good Equipment

One Pack Has the Following Equipment Available or Available Soon

TallyGenicom 6306 Line Printer 600 lines per minute. 
Rated to Print 175,000 Pages 
per month
2 Available
$1,400.00 each

Bestronics T30-10 Shrink Tunnel. Well-Maintained and Ready to Serve Your needs $3,000.00

Assorted Scales for Every Need. Give Us a Call for Info.

Dynaric DAQ-7
Strapping Machine
31" tall x 33-1/2" wide arch

Priced to Move at
Very Clean
Shanklin Model
#928 Hot Knife L-Sealer with Power Unwind

3M Matic, 800R3 Random Case Sealer with 3" Tape Head.

Machine is in very nice condition but does not have a bottom tape head 

Better Pack, 3000CS Uniform Case Sealer
Uses Reinforced Gum Tape and Works Great.

This is only a taste of available stock. Contact us for a full list.
Wishing You and Your Family a Wonderful Holiday Season

Happy Holidays  

Price Increases 
* Stretch Wrap increased 4% on      
   December 1
Price Decreases
  *Polyester Strapping manufacturers 
   seems to be offering some very 
   aggressive pricing. Costs should drop 
   because of this
Job Lot Cartons Available

Now Available:

5,500 pcs   19"x 12"x 5-1/2" ECT 32  .50 each
3,000 pcs   19"x 12"x 10"     ECT 44   .60 each

Give us a Call for Samples or to make an offer
Come Join Us
Material Handling Society NJ

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