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 September 2014

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Sometimes You Need to Wonder
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Where Did The Summer Go??

Back To Work

The first thing that may catch your attention about the photo below is that we inserted a One Pack logo onto my shirt because the 21" large mouth bass is covering the real logo, and no, the bass was not photo shopped. 

I know this is rhetorical but "what happened to the summer"? After the horrible winter we had last year, summer could not come fast enough and now it's becoming a thing of the past.  I guess it's time to go back to work.


The truth is, our summer was very busy.  Somehow, people managed to go on vacation or take a few days off without missing a beat with regards to ordering supplies and equipment.


Thirty years ago, when I entered this industry as a salesman, summers were very different. Companies thought nothing of shutting down for a few weeks so everyone could take a break. Today we don't know how to stop and even when we take a few days off we still answer emails and take calls on our cell phones. Heck, I think my phone was ringing when I was posing for the above photo.


In truth, I'm grateful that you are calling. There are so many others out there you can call instead of us. 


I hope you had a great summer and thank you for everything.



Sometimes You Need To Wonder
Forklift Accidents 

All of us struggle to keep our employees and facilities safe from accidents.  Sometimes, though, things don't go as planned.
Employee News

One Pack Welcomes 

Ed Nugent

As our new salesman, Ed will be focusing on inside sales and helping One Pack develop repeat internet customers.
Ed comes to One Pack with over ten years of sales experience in the packaging and shipping room industry  He is the perfect fit for our growing business.

We welcome Ed and his plethora of knowledge
Old Pack

Two Originals Visit One Pack

In celebration of the Labor 
Day Weekend, One Pack held a barbecue for its valued employees which also included
Tom and Joe.
two very old friends, Tom Kay and Joe Forlenza.

Tom was a business partner of Fred's for seventeen years, and friend for over thirty years.

Joe was our salesman for all our steel and plastic strapping products since 1985, selling first for Stanley Steel Strapping and for Acme Strapping Systems.

Although now retired, Joe still dabbles in the industry and remains a valued friend.

Both of these gentlemen helped mold a very young Fred into who he is today so they get to share the credit (or blame) for the creation of One Pack.
Used Equipment is Good Equipment

One Pack Has the Following Equipment Available or Available Soon

Very Nice 
Infra Pak Sidewinder 4 
High Profile with the 24" Extended Tower Option.

150% Power 


Bestronics T30-10 Shrink Tunnel. Well-Maintained and Ready to Serve Your needs $3,000.00

Heavy Duty Roller Conveyors, 47" over all width, 51" long. Rollers 6" Centers $100.00 for all 3 
Stra-Pak and Dynaric Table Top Strapping Machine. Prices Strarting at $700.00
Very Clean
Shanklin Model
#928 Hot Knife L-Sealer with Power Unwind

This is only a taste of available stock. Contact us for a full list.
Happy Holidays

rosh hashanah yom kippur 
Featured Product
Wulftec High Profile Wrap N Weigh

Wrap your skids and weigh them in one cost saving step

Delivered and Installed 
(in our delivery area) 

Price Increases 
* The price increase people came back 
   from vacation and announced a   
  Stretch Wrap and Plastic Bag Increase 
  of 6% effective September 22.  
Price Decreases
  *Nothing at this Time
Almost Available

One Pack just brought in a trailer load of cartons and is in the process of measuring and inventorying each bale .

Once a list is compiled, we will do an email blast with pricing and availability. 
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Fred Gerstler 
One Pack, LLC.